Libya and blacks as a destructive tool of government

Steve Sailer writes, in his VDare column:

Kaddafi’s PR offensive in Africa over the last couple of decades was quite a hit with sub-Saharan Africa’s naïve. Trevor Johnson wrote in back in 2000:

“…his Pan-African speeches were taken at face value by the thousands of desperately poor Africans who flocked to work in Libya.”

The population of Libya today is about 6.5 million. By one estimate, there are 1.0 to 1.5 million black African immigrants in Libya.

The natives of Libya have not, on the whole been happy about the influx. Margaret Bald observed in 2000 after urban clashes between Libyan natives and West Africans:

“’Libyans resent the money the immigrants make…and perceive these outsiders as beneficiaries of Gaddafi’s support for African union,’ wrote Cameron Duodu for London’s Gemini News Service (Oct. 6). Gaddafi has been touring the continent to promote the formation of a United States of Africa.”

Still, why would African immigrants want to stay permanently in horrible Libya, when lovely Europe is just a Mediterranean boat ride away?

And this provided Kaddafi with yet another way to benefit from immigration: by blackmailing the Italians into paying him to take back the African illegal immigrants who had set out from his shores. Libya formerly refused to accept them until after each illegal immigrant’s lengthy European Union refugee status hearings had been exhausted—during which, of course, many aliens simply vanished.

I have long held that, if current trends remain unchanged, the entire world will eventually be black.  The reason is that blacks tend to form the most dysfunctional societies and to have the most babies.  Those excess  babies (a heartless term, I know) grow up and move to more desirable parts of the world if they can.  This is nature taking its course when local populations let down their guard.

But Libya is an example of another dynamic: rulers actively importing large numbers of blacks to dissolve the national identity of their own people – thus allowing said rulers to seize even more power due to more racial conflict on the street.  Why do politicians like blacks?  Their lower average I.Q. makes them more easily manipulated.  Their higher crime, disease and social pathology rates give those in power more excuses to expand government in law enforcement and social programs.  They serve to balkanize society, thus creating a greater need for government moderators to tame the resultant rivalries.  Qadhafi likes them because they (the mercenaries, that is) have few qualms about shooting innocent women and children.

Many pro-white activists care nothing about Libya.  It doesn’t bother them that a formerly Caucasian nation is now almost a quarter black.  It should bother them; as Sailor has pointed out, the tide will not magically stop at the borders of Africa.  Furthermore, Libya was an ancient home of whites.  There are still remnants of this white population among them.  As for me, my own personal opinion is that what Qadhafi has done is an inexcusable crime.  It is genocide against his own people and I hope, when he is toppled, that Libyans expel every one of those Africans back to the South.  As a person of mixed Middle-Eastern ancestry myself (being Jewish and all), I see ethnic Libyans as distant cousins and this attack on their national integrity bothers me immensely.  Thanks to Qadhafi, we can no longer claim that diversity is imposed exclusively upon white nations.  On the bright side, we may some day count Algerians among promoters of HBD.

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  1. Harpo Marx says:

    Let’s talk about your assessment of black folk. Historical records indicate that black violence and baby-making are not a modern phenomena.
    Back in 1862 the federal gov’t launched the American Freedmen’s Inquiry Commission to survey the condition of former slaves.
    One particular interview with a former slave captured my attention:
    “Q. Colored women have a good deal of sexual passion, have they not–they all go with men?
    “A. Yes, sir; there is a great deal of that; I do not think you will find five out of a hundred that do not; they begin at 15 and 16.”
    “Q. How many children have you known one woman to have?
    “A. I know one woman who had 20 children. I know too a woman named Jenny, the wife of Dagos, a slave of John Pope, who has had 23 children. In general the women have a great many children–they often have a child once a year.”
    So it seems that black girls making babies isn’t a contemporary phenomenon after all.
    Regarding black violence, I thought it interesting that 19-year-old Abraham Lincoln and a companion were assaulted by a gang of seven blacks. From Lincoln’s autobiography:
    “When he [Lincoln] was nineteen, still residing in Indiana, he made his first trip upon a flatboat to New Orleans. He was a hired hand merely, and he and a son of the owner, without other assistance, made the trip. The nature of part of the ‘cargo-load,’ as it was called, made it necessary for them to linger and trade along the sugar-coast; and one night they were attacked by seven negroes with intent to kill and rob them. They were hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the negroes from the boat, and then ‘cut cable,’ ‘weighed anchor,’ and left.”

  2. Harpo Marx says:

    Here’s another interesting bit of history.
    In 1873 intellectual Francis Galton (cousin of Charles Darwin) authored a letter to a newspaper editor in which he advocated colonizing Africa with Chinese.
    “My proposal is to make the encouragement of the Chinese settlements at one or more suitable places on the East Coast of Africa . . . they would multiply and their descendants supplant the inferior Negro race.”
    Galton called blacks, “lazy, palavering savages” and Chinese “industrious” and “order loving.”

    • jewamongyou says:

      Leftist dogma says that the behavior of blacks is, at worst, a self-fulfilling prophesy and that the stereotypes have built off themselves. But it would appear that every people that has come in contact with blacks has come away with similar impressions from ancient times to the present.

  3. John McNeill says:

    I’ve read about theories regarding the demographics of North Africa and the Middle East, and how those lands are much darker because of racial mixing due to the Arab slave trade.
    The Middle East: I am uncertain as to how light the original Arabs were, allegedly Muhammad had a red beard. And of course it would explain why pockets of light features can be found among isolated populations in the Middle East, as well as amongst Jews.
    Now I am personally uncomfortable venturing into this territory, as this can parallel black attempts at identifying Negroid traits in European populations. However, I do agree with JewAmongYou’s assessment that Berbers of North Africa were once very close to Europeans. Portraits of Berbers from Roman times indicate a solidly Caucasian population that could have easily blended into Greco-Roman society. And yes, there are tribes in North Africa with light hair and eyes that look like they could blend into Europe today, minus the tribal garb. 😉
    Regardless, the gradual demographic change in North Africa parallels the withering away of Caucasoid populations in Central Asia, such as the gradual extinction of the Scythians and Tocharians. Isn’t it curious how this pattern of decline seems to epidemic amongst Caucasoids throughout the ages?

  4. John McNeill says:

    Also I agree that what Gaddafi is doing the present Libyan population is inexcusable; it doesn’t matter if the modern Libyan population is more mixed today than in 1 AD. The Libyans exist as a people and do not deserve to be displaced by sub-Saharan Africans who no doubt have a superior birth rate to native Libyans.
    And here I was thinking Gaddafi was a decent fellow when he warned Europe about turning black. He’s no different from Bush, Cameron, Merkel, Sarkozy, or Medvedev, and deserves what’s coming to him.

  5. Harpo Marx says:

    Consider the ethnic change in Europia (N. America, Europe, Australia) in the past 50 years.
    Imagine Europe 100 years from today.
    The future belongs to the Chinese.

  6. nonserviam says:

    “Qaddafi” and “decent” do not belong in the same sentence. Whatever he said or didn’t say, he’s a terrorist murderer an enemy of the white West.

  7. nonserviam says:

    On the bright side, we may some day count Algerians among promoters of HBD.

    Let them abandon Islam first. More Arab fascism is the last thing we need.

  8. fred says:

    I strongly agree with this article.
    I suspect that with Qadhafi’s foot off their necks that the Libyans will correct the situation fairly quickly. I also think that without the federales imposing it from on high that the US situation would have been straightened out a long time ago as well. It reminds me of Yugoslavia. It was all well and good as long as Tito was in power. But once he died all hell broke loose.

  9. Insouciant Penguin says:

    You know what’s sad about this story? It’s obvious that Qadhafi is damaging Libya, but certain people at certain websites (won’t mention any names) can’t understand how evil he is simply because he once made a statement or three against Jews and Israel.

  10. Ikpo Mbagu says:

    There comes a time when it is important to educate a fool for the good of humanity. I’m BLACK AFRICAN!!!, the last time I checked my I.Q it was 152, which is well above average. From your write up you claimed you are Jewish, that suggest you are neither a Jew nor Hebrew, I’m not sure you are an Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Mizrahim or Yemenite. You are a ‘WANA BE’. One thing is certain you are an enemy of Israel and of the Jewish People. If by any inclination you are a Jew, you’re truely a Jew with very low I.Q. It is clear that you are not doing the world Jewry a favour.
    Your write up truely expressed your level of reasoning, but still I have to response to it because of reasons best known to me, I would advise you to search very well on the history of Africa and ask yourself the following questions
    1. When did Africa, north to south becomes a White continent?
    2. How do you know you are Jewish, by socio-political association, by mitochondrial DNA or through Cohn marking?
    3.Is it true that only white Europeans are Jews, if so is it a good development?.
    4. Can your short sighted writeup buy you friends from Arabs, if you are not Arab yourself?
    5. Do you know that there is DNA evidence of Jews in Blacks, Christians, Moslems, Hindius, Chinese etc.
    You consider all blacks as people with low I.Q based on whose measurement and test? what variables did you use to measure this. You are measuring black I.Q based on political, militray and social suppressions African are going through today. How long will this last?, I’m sure you are seeing China today as an emerging superpower in all perspective.
    As your master I’m going to do few things to you right now to correct your poor reasoning.
    1. I will report your site to google.
    2. I will report you to world Jewry
    3. I will track your I.P, you cannot hide
    4. I will report you to Israeli government
    If all these do not do it, I will evaluate what else can be done from a black I.Q.
    Mercenary is an is an English word, blacks did not invent it, many nations hire mercenaries to fight or wage wars, is it because this time blacks are hired, because they are cheaper, effecetive and stronger. As far as there are blacks like me born on earth, blacks can no longer behave like a corned mouse, that is one of the reasons why I have to respond to an idiot like you.

  11. john says:

    Some facts –
    Jews are often hated by many groups of people – including Non-Jewish Whites, Arabs and others for a reason. Jews are smart. Jews are often manipulative aswell, which ties into being smart. Israel would not be around today if it was not for smart Jews pulling strings with the US. Dont be offended by the above though, it really is a compliment.
    Benefits of Jews – Smart. They have contributed immensely to the Sciences [Math, Science and more]. The White Jews have atleast [sorry Sephardic Jews].
    On the other hand we have Blacks…They are often not liked because they have a LOW IQ. They are also known to be lazy, violent, and breed like rabbits. All those combined eventually lead to killing civilizations by way of dumbing down the gene pool.
    Benefits of Blacks – Easy to control. VERY easy to control. Give a nigga some “of dim chickn wingz” and he is your slave for life. Easy to manipulate aswell. Look at Obama and his 99% votes from Black people…”hey im Obama! Im black vote for me!”. Instant votes from the Black population. There you go, the benefit of blacks is they are cattle, and they breed fast.

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