Senior "activism"

What should a criminal do when he gets too old for normal criminal activities?  A career of crime does not usually include a 401K plan.  On a related note, when I came across a short blurb recently, in the “metro” section of the Oregonian, that read:

Man, 81, sentenced to jail in election fraud
An 81-year-old man who used the names of his deceased son and brother to vote was sentenced last week…
The jail time will run concurrently with a previous six-month sentence in federal court for collecting Social Security benefits in his brother’s name.

Salem, like most of Oregon, is a very white city.  So why did I suspect, when I came across this article, that the perpetrator was black?  That was a rhetorical question.  A simple Google search yielded his photo:

Is there any doubt as to which party he voted for and which candidates?  This is a perfect example of how some black criminals view their activities as more than just the pursuit of personal gain.  They probably see themselves as “freedom fighters” against the (white) Man.  With an aging white population, perhaps it’s time whites start thinking along the same lines.  After all, three months in jail is not too heavy a price to pay for such “activism”.

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  1. Smokedust says:

    It could have to do with the fact that he’s 81, but his sunken cheekbones look to me like someone who has AIDS.

  2. laficur says:

    yea note that since it is awhiter nigger he waited this long to become a criminal..

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