Desmond Moore: arrested for kissing a white woman?

The far-left Oregon rag, called “Willamette Week”, ran an article a while back implying that a black man was subject to harassment for sharing a “mutual, consensual kiss” with white women.  The article, published in October, states in part:

Now McCall says another of her worst nightmares has come true­. Her 21-year-old son, Desmond Moore, has spent more than a week in Washington County Jail facing a Measure 11 sex-abuse charge she believes is the result of simply sharing a kiss with a white woman.
She says a grand jury is set to decide Wednesday, Oct. 27, whether to indict Moore for first-degree sex abuse, which carries a mandatory six years in prison.
“I have to say, I wonder how much race plays in this. My son is African-American. She’s a white female,” McCall says. “I have no idea why this charge was brought upon him.”
Rob Bletko, the Washington County chief deputy district attorney prosecuting the case, declined to comment. Sgt. Dave Thompson, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, says race had nothing to do with the arrest but declined further comment…
Just 2.1 percent of Washington County residents are African-American, according to the U.S. Census.
State Rep. Lew Frederick (D-North/Northeast Portland) says he hasn’t heard complaints about Washington County specifically. But he says African-Americans like himself have learned to suspect unfair treatment anywhere they go.
“If you fail to expect that, you could get hurt even more,” Frederick says. “It’s something that you learn to understand early on.”
McCall says she’s prepared to hire a lawyer and call the national NAACP if Moore is indicted.
“We’re not going to just sit back and hope the system will do the right thing,” McCall says. “I fight all the time [as an educator] to make sure kids are not scarred by this system, and I am not going to let it happen to my son.”

But of course; the system is perfectly fair for white people – who never suffer injustice at the hands of government goons.  The authorities did state that the indictment had nothing to do with race.  Is it not possible they are telling the truth?  Must every injustice (assuming that’s what it is) perpetrated against a black, by the system, be on account of his race?

The Willamette followed up, more recently, telling us that “a grand jury… declined to indict Moore on charges of first-degree sex abuse, and Moore was released from jail after eight days.”  While the original article portrays Moore as an upstanding citizen, we can certainly be justified in having our doubts considering the worship of black males in the media.  Also, I do wonder how much a role the “black victim” argument had in convincing the jury to acquit.  Until leftist organs, such as The Willamette, start giving us honest and balanced racial news, we must always consider their accounts to be half-truths and lies.

I would like to believe that our “justice system” is disturbed enough about miscegenation to act in the way The Willamette accuses them of.  I would like to think that whites would have enough pride in their own heritage to make the lives of such couples as miserable as possible.  Practically every other race and ethnic group on Earth reacts negatively when their women are snatched up by foreign men.  It is whites who are abnormal in this regard.

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14 Responses to Desmond Moore: arrested for kissing a white woman?

  1. countenance says:

    What is that county’s political climate? I can ill imagine an elected DA from a liberal county even wanting to file such charges.
    BTW, I doubt that Emmett Till was murdered for a simple wolf whistle.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I live in Washington County myself – and it is very left-leaning. This reminds me of all the times they accuse, of all people, school-teachers, of bigotry against blacks. They clearly suffer from some sort of mental defect.

  2. Harpo Marx says:

    It’s the “To Kill A Mocking Bird” syndrome.
    Claim to be an innocent victim of racism.
    This accomplishes a few things, including .. .
    1. Sends a message to blacks who will, in time, sit on juries. Always presume the accused is really a victim of White privilege.
    2. Play on the gullibility of Whites who have been brainwashed by Hollywood to believe black criminals are frequently the victims of White privilege.

  3. So what do you say about white men snatching black women?
    Would this justify blacks making the white man’s life miserable? How miserable? Or would it justify black vigilanteism?
    Or is it just the same? Offense to the white race?
    I see your politically incorrect point about keeping Oregon unattractive for “immigration” of other races ….

    • jewamongyou says:

      My objection to miscegenation is not that it happens at all; it’s going to happen now and then wherever multiple races are in contact. My objection is that it has become an agenda and a tool to destroy the white race. How many times have you heard them say, “some day we will all be… and race won’t matter”? When they say “we will all be”, they are not referring to blacks. They are referring to whites – whom they wish to be extinct.
      Since miscegenation is a tool against whites, black men are encouraged to take white women and this happens a lot. It is far less common for white men to take black women so, even though this should not be encouraged, it is not an act of aggression as it is the other way around.

      • Ryan says:

        Oh you’d be surprised by how upset some black males are about me and my wife. Trust me Jewamongyou in their eyes I am assaulting their race. This is much more typical in the US than it is here in Vancouver because it seems every black man under 40 is with a white or asian. Though keep in mind we only have black immigrants and not former slaves like you guys have.

  4. nonserviam says:

    Jared Taylor: ” As a believer in complete freedom of association, I never condemn anyone who exercises that freedom, and in return I don’t expect to be condemned for the way I exercise it.” I completely share this sentiment.
    In addition, I believe (perhaps overly optimistically) that black/white miscegenation is a marginal issue. We generally prefer the company of people like ourselves; even though we whites (alone among races) have tried to redefine “people like ourselves” in non-racial terms, race is a powerful reality that keeps reaserting itself. The racial gap between blacks and whites is simply too big for miscegenation to occur on any meaningful scale. And if/when it does occur, it usually involves either far-left-of-the-bell-curve whites or upscale civilized blacks. I don’t have a problem with either scenario.

  5. LBD says:

    Nowhere in the article or in your post does it say exactly what happened, or what the young woman says happened. It is impossible to have an opinion about the case without a few more facts.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Because we don’t know what happened exactly. All we know is that the guy was arrested for sexual assault shortly after kissing a white woman. He, and his family, believe he is a victim of racial injustice due to the above kiss. That is what this post is about – not trying to determine what, exactly transpired.

  6. Nietzschean says:

    Something has been intentionally ommitted here. Not by you, the blogger, but by the paper and certain involved parties. Maybe what they’re leaving out is irrelevent little detail like the white girl was 14 years old.

  7. Nero says:

    Just found it interesting that he was re-arrested in 2012, this time for child pornography and sexual abuse.

  8. Someonewhoknows says:

    He is currently on probation and isn’t allowed to be around minors until 2025.
    HMU for details.

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