If I were a rich man…

… I would donate some money to a trustworthy Japanese charity and travel there myself to help with the recovery.  No doubt I speak for many in the pro-white movement when I say that the catastrophe in Japan causes us grief and that we give our moral support.
Actually, rich or not, I will be donating to Japan – through my taxes.  This is one cause I don’t mind my tax dollars supporting (since they’re being taken from me anyway).  Hopefully, they’ll be put to good use.

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2 Responses to If I were a rich man…

  1. Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

    Its good to know that charity will be going to people who will not become dependent on it.

  2. Insouciant Penguin says:

    What? You’re not rich? Well, according to certain people at certain blogs and the certain people that like to leave comments there, (I won’t mention anything about cess pools), you ARE rich and you ARE by definition and evil conspirator just because, well, you know.

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