White privilege?

Andrei commented on one of my recent posts as follows:

Could you please comment on this?  http://camajo.tumblr.com/post/3555932358/sexgenderbody-this-is-white-privilege

I really enjoyed that video and I find it encouraging.  Thank you Andrei.  It shows that many whites, who we would assume to be non-race-realists, are actually well aware of the higher criminality of blacks.  What they were practicing, in the video, was a form of racial profiling based on real patterns  The experimenters assume that a young white man is just as likely to be a thief as a young white man.  Another experiment they could have done would be to have a crying child be carried away by a woman.  People would assume that the woman is the child’s mother and my guess is that few would intervene.  Replace that woman with a man and see what happens.  There is a stereotype that sexual predators/kidnappers are much more likely to be men.  This stereotype has a strong basis in reality.
The experimenters in the video are putting the cart before the horse.  The overall criminal behavior of blacks has conditioned people to expect criminality from them.  The overall honest behavior of whites has conditioned people to expect honest behavior from them.  The stereotype follows reality, not the other way around.
Videos such as the one above turn otherwise rational people into ready victims.  Women see them and intentionally drop their guard when around black men.  Many of them then become rape victims.

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4 Responses to White privilege?

  1. pretty amazing.
    Political correctness makes the researchers be totally silent about different criminality rates among races.
    So all this is called prejudice. I have found, while overcoming my politically correct education, that most prejudices have a very true basis to them.
    So, it is true, of course, to analyze if the prejudice is too strong. If people should be more suspicious of a white guy, or give the black guy a bit more slack.
    It also would be interesting to replicate this is a racially homogeneous white, and a racially homogeneous black community.
    I think in a white community people would be more suspicious of the white guy. And in the black community people would be really suspicious of the black guy. Not sure about the white guy.
    Interestingly, in the case of suspicion of sexual crimes, there is no such presumption of innocence for men.

  2. Olive says:

    I agree with Human-Stupidity. This little experiment is interesting, but doesn’t consider a multitude of factors. For instance, the neighborhood. Is this a well-to-do neighborhood (mostly “white”) that borders a project or slum (“black”)? I think what happens depends on the dynamics of the neighborhood. I’d be curious to see what would happen in a solidly white or solidly black neighborhood. This “experiment” is a little superficial for me, although I thought it was fascinating, the way whites swarmed down on the black kid like a bunch of angry hornets whereas the white kid had plenty of leeway from them. Then again, neighborhood dynamics, and … like the black woman said. Who is more likely to be jacking a bike. Sad but true.
    And I think this does guilt white people into letting their guard down and becoming a victim.

  3. ski says:

    The thing is, an early twenties white guy, decently dressed, responsible looking, cutting a bike chain in broad daylight (with a power saw even!) and admitting openly that he’s stealing it is just plain surreal. When people see this, their brain sort of just goes “DOES NOT COMPUTE!” I think people thought he was being sarcastic when he told them it wasn’t his bike.
    On the other hand, when a young 14-16 year old black kid with baggy pants almost falling off his behind and his hat worn in an absurd manner, also giving the appearance that it’s about to fall off (the videos said they were dressed similarly, but that’s not really the case), is seen cutting a bike chain and then admits he’s stealing it; well that’s not so surreal. And the reason it’s not surreal is that young black kids do these kinds of things quite often.
    Race is a factor, possibly the most important one, but another factor is age, dress and demeanor. I think it’s likely people wouldn’t have stopped a black man with a priest’s collar as most of them probably assume priests don’t steal regardless of race. Should that be construed as religious discrimination?
    In the end this video is truly evil since it’s goal is to punish people for believing in reality.

  4. Sagat says:

    That was a dangerous experiment. At one point the old man grabs the Black kid’s tools and then the kid points a hacksaw at the man. What was to stop the old man from busting that kid’s face open with the bolt cutters at that point?
    I’m sure the experiment would’ve played out much differently if it was a hulking Black guy instead of a little pygmy. I’d like to see how many people would’ve gotten in his face then.

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