More than 45 countries send aid to Japan

So far, I have not been able to find a list of all the countries that have sent (or intend to send) aid to Japan.  We can glean a partial list from here and there.  The  partial list would include:
South Korea
Sri Lanka
New Zealand
We can safely assume that most European countries are sending aid.  Glaringly absent, as usual, are any sub-Saharan African countries.  South Africa might, perhaps, be sending aid; it still has some residual resources and infrastructure from when it was run by whites.  What about the rest of Africa?
We saw photos of Abuja, Nigeria in a recent post on this blog.  Abuja showcases what we are supposed to believe Africa is really about.  We are told, time and time again, how Africa is not really as bad as the media portrays it to be.  For example, in his photo project “The Other Africa“, Philippe Sibelly tells us that…

There is no denying that Africa faces many issues, but all the positives coming from the Continent are never reported on. This Afro-pessimism hides many encouraging news stories. African economies grow at rates far higher than in the West, boosted by high commodity prices. Many countries (France and the UK, the two main former colonial powers, the United States, but more importantly India and China) have a renewed interest in these lands…
My Senegalese friends (definitely not malnourished) insisted I visit them in Dakar and my vision of Africa has been changed forever since. I discovered Africans living in a very similar way as mine: getting up early in the morning, defying rush hour traffic on their way to work and planning their weekend over dinner with their family…
Having had the chance to travel to many other African countries after that, I realised they were not alone; they were not exceptional. All across the continent, African professionals live very similar lives to the Western middle classes. I decided to document this emerging African middle class and other aspects of this African ‘normality’ as the story of Africa I learnt from the Western media was not complete.

If so, why is it so rare to find black African nations contributing to humanitarian causes such as the plight of Japan?  Even when their black brethren, in Haiti, were suffering and dying, Africans appear to have been among the last to join in the effort and their contributions were dwarfed by those of white and Asian nations.  If Senegal is as “similar” to Western nations as Sibelly claims, then I want to know if it is among the scores of nations contributing aid to Japan.  Either Africa is, indeed, poor and backward* or they don’t give a damn about anybody else in the international community.  Another possibility (and I predict somebody will claim this) is that Africans are contributing mightily but the media is keeping this fact a secret from the rest of us.  Not likely.
Of course some Africans will volunteer to travel to Japan to participate in rescue efforts.  Some out of genuine goodwill.  Others as a means to hook up with Japanese women.
For the record, I am not in favor of governments sending aid to either foreigners or domestics.  Charity should be left to private individuals and organizations.  Each dollar sent as aid was taken from an American and it would have been more productively spent by those who earned it.  But let us not entertain illusions that the nations that are not offering aid are  refraining from doing so for libertarian reasons.  Either they cannot afford to do so or it is not a priority in their eyes.
* In which case, cities such as Abuja are merely “bling” on a grand scale.

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  1. Curious says:

    “Of course some Africans will volunteer to travel to Japan to participate in rescue efforts. Some out of genuine goodwill. Others as a means to hook up with Japanese women.”
    Isn’t that the whole reason White guys move to Japan for two years to ‘teach English’? Or is it more heinous if the guy is African?
    I’ve noticed that Western HBD types seem more protective of Asian women than their own Caucasian women. Not that it gets them any Asian lay, though. *Kneeslapper*
    As for the lack of donations, I’d say while there are several emerging economies in Africa, it’s also still a mess. Most countries there wouldn’t be able to send aid to neighboring nations, let alone Japan.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, it probably is. And yes it is more heinous if the guy’s African – but not exactly admirable if he’s white either.
      Why are Western HBD types protective of Asian women? Because we recognize a worthy, advanced race and we understand that they too are in danger from the ever advancing tide of blackness.
      “Emerging economies” is not what Sibelly described. What he described is an Africa that is largely already “emerged”.

  2. Lynn says:

    This isn’t a post focused on the international aid efforts of the rest of the world whilst japan faces tough times. Its merely an attack on African nations that have been trying to sort themselves out for decades now. How are these African nations supposed to send aid to a country on the other aide of the world when their own people are suffering and dying? You really have to ‘help yourself first before you can help anyone else’.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Perhaps you missed the part about “The Other Africa”.

    • Keith_SA says:

      You have to face the fundamental reality that Africans produce societies which are not capable of economic progress. They are a bunch of predators and their economics is primarily “theft”. That is why they “have been trying to sort themselves out for decades now”. Not white colonialism – which brought a chance of civilisation – but the natural black African way creates the mess. Live in Africa and you won’t even attempt to argue against this,

  3. Harpo Marx says:

    The average family in sub saharan Africa has an annual income of about $300.
    The GDP of all sub saharan Africa (including S Africa) is less than that of Florida.
    It is not a prosperous region of the world.

  4. portland1realist says:

    The extravagant lifestyle of African dictators and their beneficiaries need not be interrupted by catastrophes half way around the world. Here is an example:

  5. Sagat says:

    Thailand is sending aid, food and a medical team as well.
    Thailand has the friendliest relations with Japan of any Asian nation, mainly because Japan and Thailand were allies during WW2, so no residual hard feelings linger between them as they do with some other nations.

  6. K says:

    How exactly were they allies with a nation that considered them sub-human? Also, I’m guessing they were allies in the same way that Vichy France were Germany’s allies.

    • Sagat says:

      I’m guessing they were allies in the same way that Vichy France were Germany’s allies.
      No. Thailand was a fascist state during WW2, modeled after Italy. Before they became allies with Japan, Thailand had already defeated France in the the Franco-Thai War of 1941. Thai armies occupied and seized the Shan state of Burma and northern Malaysian provinces. They had also previously invaded Cambodia and Laos, when they took the land from the French.
      Japan and Thailand had a short half day of fighting before they agreed to an alliance. They were not defeated by Japan, as France was by Germany (though Japan would’ve won if the Thais didn’t ally with them). Most people don’t realize that Thailand was an Axis power.

  7. Richard says:

    You have absolutely no clue about what you are saying?
    Recently, studies have shown rich South Africans are in the top 5 for philanthropy and donating to the needy. Our stupid government might not give a hoot, but there millions of dollars in aid heading for Japan. Just not through government channels because we all know,the ANC is corrupt.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I did mention that South Africa is probably the exception. Did you miss that part? Also I’m curious how many of those generous South Africans are black? My guess is that a few of them are – but that most are white.

  8. Davey says:

    In a square close to where I worked, in London, there used to be a place where food vans would come to feed the homeless. There would be all sorts of nationalities, races, and religions operating these food vans. Christians (of all varieties), Hare Krishna, Hindus (the smell of veg curry would drift into my office). There were a couple of mainly Black-operated food vans – both Christian.
    Notable in absence were Atheists, Jews and Muslims. The first probably because there is no organised ethical framework for giving – atheists seem to expend most of their energy telling everyone how right they are rather than doing good (I say that as an atheist). I assume the latter two were missing because Jewish and Muslim charity is more inward looking.
    A charity called ‘Christian Aid’ has no problem serving non-Christians (indeed it would be criticised if it didn’t). On the Jewish side, the response to the ‘Jewish Guild for the Blind’ serving non-Jews is more ambivalent:

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think Christianity can be a very good thing for blacks – as for whites. If it motivates them to care for their fellow man and treat them with respect then I am all for it.

      • Davey says:

        A person’s religious requirements are rather like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs –'s_hierarchy_of_needs – whereby the religion a person requires corresponds to the next step up on the pyramid. The Papua New Guinean is therefore drawn to Cargo Cults since he has no material possessions. Elements of this can be seen Black Christianity and even Southern White Christianity, with the Prosperity Gospel –
        This counter-balancing behaviour can also can also be seen in the Jews, whose insularity – caused by both internal and external forces – resulted in an extreme striving after the Jewish Emancipation. This is what Carl Goerdeler meant when he said that “the Jews […] invaded our public life in ways that lacked customary restraint”.
        Anyway, back to charity and Japan, the title of this article –,7340,L-4042347,00.html – shows that Israel almost reaches American levels of insularity.

  9. Canada better be sending Aid I know I donated.

  10. Milan says:

    Serbia is listed 5th in world of the countries who donated most money to Japan.

  11. Fikret Arargüç says:

    Türkiye is also always one of those countries that donates and sents help anywhere in the world. It was also one of the first to step in for Japan.This is quite natural Türkiye was also helped by other countries after the earthquake in 1999. It is not a matter of religion, nation.
    You may be right in claiming that the US and also some particular European countries donate the most in Africa or Asia. But wasn’t it them again who exploited those areas? So, I could also claim that the ‘great amount’these nations help is only a sign that proves that these nations are trying to salve their guilty conscience.In other words I could claim that they put on their masks of innocence: imperialist nostalgia. So ladies and gentlemen I don’t think that it is the amount or the nation that matters. What matters is your intention and charity in all its motives (not only religious).You should help others because they are needy and should thank God God that you don’t have to know what it means to be needy. There is a Hadis in Islam and I think there is also something like that in Christianity. “When you give to the needy, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” Have a nice day

    • jewamongyou says:

      Good points and I agree with you that it’s the thought that counts – which is why I was not comparing the amounts donated. Only whether anything was donated at all.

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