"Legal" residency in Europe? No problem!

The blogger “Human Stupidity” inspired me to write this post.  I put it off for a while because there is always so much bad news coming from Europe, and so many others blogging about it, that I didn’t want to simply add fuel to the fire.
But the recent decision, by the “European Court of Justice”, that allows the parents of any child of E.U. citizenship to remain in Europe to live and work, is especially egregious.  Reporting on the “Zambrano decision” Carol Coulter, of the Irish Times, writes:

The ruling of the court came yesterday in response to a question on the interpretation of EU law from a Belgian tribunal and is binding on all member states making decisions in similar cases. It states that member states are required to allow third country nationals who are parents of an EU citizen child to live and work in the EU state, where a refusal to do so would deprive the child of the enjoyment of the rights of citizenship…
The Immigrant Council of Ireland has welcomed the ruling, saying Ireland’s practice of refusing to give some parents of Irish children permission to live and work in this country must now end. Its senior solicitor, Hilkka Becker, said those parents who had already been deported must be allowed to return.
The European court case arose in relation to two Colombian nationals, Mr and Mrs Ruiz Zambrano, who were refused asylum in Belgium. While awaiting a decision on their application the wife gave birth to two children who acquired Belgian nationality.

Either the European court, and the “Immigrant Council of Ireland”, are exceedingly stupid or they welcome the wholesale replacement of European people by Africans and Asians.  Even though the case that prompted this decision involved two Columbian parents, it is obvious that the Zabrano’s were deliberately chosen to portray migration in the most positive light: An intact Christian nuclear family whose father became unemployed through no fault of his own.  The reality will be much different: Hordes of unemployed (or underemployed) Muslim African and Asian males who impregnate European women.  The bastard children of such unions, being “European citizens”, will allow their sperm-donor fathers to remain in Europe.
Human Stupidity lists the ways this decision is evil (edited by me):

It is another example of encouraging and rewarding illegal behavior.  That is my main issue! This selects for the worst people to immigrate.
Why don’t they get immigrants with PhD’s?
It is legally enforced enticement to jump borders and knock up women.
Taking away the right of countries and the entire EU to keep people out.
Actually, they can knock up European women in their own country now and get the right to go to Europe.  Great!  Maybe next in line are women who bear children to anyone who pays a good amount of money, maybe 100,000.  One kid a year, by different fathers.  At least this would select for rich foreigners to come to Europe.  That is, either more intelligent proficient professional people, or successful criminals and politicians.

Well said, H.S.!  The ruling really does encourage a free-for-all whereby anybody, with a penis or vagina, can now “legally” reside in Europe.  That is the only qualification.  You must be able to reproduce.  Obviously, Africans and South Asians are much better at reproducing than Europeans – so where does that leave Europe?  To put it bluntly, it turns Europe into a fresh cow-pie in a Summer meadow.  Anybody who deposits larva can remain and feast.

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15 Responses to "Legal" residency in Europe? No problem!

  1. Harpo says:

    How come?
    Scrolling through the list of the world’s wealthiest, I see only one black face in the list of billionaires. (I quit looking at the top 300.)
    Are black folks not as adept at business as Europeans?

  2. John McNeill says:

    This nonsense from Ireland makes me ashamed of my Irish brethren. I just don’t get my cousins. They endured so much suffering under English domination, and shed countless blood in order to free themselves, and they throw it all away for this?
    What the hell is wrong with my race? I know that this behavior has repeated throughout European history, but I don’t know what’s the root cause. Is there some self-destruct gene? Or is this the haunting legacy of Greco-Roman hubris?

    • Harpo Marx says:

      John, I ask myself the same questions.
      100 years ago White people tolerated ethnic minorities, but not their crime and violence.
      We’ve been mentally conditioned with White guilt and imbued with self-hatred and denial.
      Much of the blame can be traced to technology — TV in particular — that creased our gray matter into a gross distortion that denies reality. The advent of the Internet is making some progress in returning us to reality.
      Meanwhile, one of the black males accused of murdering 82-year-old Frank Zabokrtsky, raping his wife and stuffing her into their car’s trunk, has been sentenced to death.

      • John McNeill says:

        TV no doubt makes things worse, but I think our troubles long predate the invention of Television. For example, someone in Europe thought it would be a good idea to depend on black slave labor during the 1500’s. For me this isn’t about white guilt, but rather about studying whites own predilections towards self-destruction.

  3. S. Thompson says:

    I’m familiar with the situation in Ireland and I can tell you that within 50-100 yrs the native Irish will be a minority. The native Irish are largely to blame just as whites in other countries are responsible for their own demographic displacement. The BNP had a dismal outing in the last election although the scale of immigration is apparent in any of the major British cities. White people, in general, won’t wake up to the impending disaster that lies ahead. Is Western Civilization worth preserving if the descendants of those who created it don’t appreciate it enough to maintain it?

    • John McNeill says:

      From a Darwinist perspective whites should go extinct. White behavior indicates signs of a group that cannot survive. And yet there are those of us who reject such behavior.
      I really hate to say this, but perhaps it’s in our interests from a racialist perspective to let the majority of whites die off; ie, those who carry with them these self-destructive impulses. As I become aware of how important genetics is in our own behavior, perhaps the majority of whites can never be changed. We merely have to accept this as nature, and perhaps find a way for race-conscious whites to continue our heritage.
      Of course this conclusion upsets me. As an ethnonationalist, I have the desire to see all American whites as my extended family, and so the idea of abandoning them to their fate seems repugnant. But how can we fight against something that seems so embedded in the vast majority of whites?

  4. essbro says:

    It’s not only TV but the fact that whites have so meticulously documented every single attrocity they ever committed, only to be judged decades and centuries later for what their ancestors did. No wonder there’s so much white guilt.
    And whites documented it all themselves! No one else did. And whites don’t have a very good track record in dealing with other races and ethnic groups. Neither do other groups but they didn’t write it all down as whites did so we don’t have a huge body of work in which to judge Asians, blacks, Arabs, Native Americans, et al. We do have some, however.
    Europeans were once the world’s A$$-Kickers. But they’ve re-focused from A$$-Kickin’ to making money, as have many Asian groups. Whites are now seen as soft and weak.
    Ah, such short memories.
    As wealth dries up and more billionaires agree to give their wealth to charity and the third world, where it is squandered, this may change. Much to the detriment of a naive world.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s interesting you bring that up. We Jews may have started it all with the Bible. If you read it, you’ll see that the Jewish prophets were always bashing their own people. Our own book is among the least flattering to us.

      • essbro says:

        Does what you say apply to later Jewish texts (can’t think of the name of them–Caballa?) as well? I think maybe not so much but not sure as I’ve never read them.
        Just curious.

  5. jewamongyou says:

    Re: essbro,
    On the contrary, after the Biblical period, most/all Jewish texts praise the Jewish people. Apparently, a secure people on its own land, with its own king, can feel secure enough to criticize itself. Once it’s dispersed and at the mercy of other nations, it has to bolster its self-esteem.

  6. John McNeill says:

    Jewamongyou, I understand your message: that when a people are diminished, they need a self-esteem booster. I’ve been criticized before for being too negative on my own people, and I guess there are times when I get a little too harsh. But I suppose I feel there’s not enough people in the nationalist movement willing to critically self-examine their own history and see how the past brought about the present. And not just the Civil Rights Act/1968 Immigration Bill/Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty program, etc.
    Arthur Kemp, a former Rhodesian and titan amongst British nationalist thinkers, successfully demonstrated in “The Lie of Apartheid” how the Afrikaner people brought about their own doom by relying on black labor and a supremacist system that enabled blacks to become a majority and inevitably take over the country. Likewise, his book March of the Titans explains in antiquity how the Greeks, Romans, and other ancient white civilizations conquered foreign people and mixed with them, gradually dying out as a result of imperialism.
    I fully support the promotion of European self-esteem; we have much to be proud of. But our situation is dire, and if we ignore how we got here, and resort to simple explanations like Marxism or Islam, we will never learn from our mistakes. A balanced approach is needed.
    Obviously if I was speaking out to a crowd of whites and telling them why they should see themselves as a people, I wouldn’t go on a diatribe on why whites suck or how they are predisposed to liberalism. I would hold information back, or at least gradually seep it into my message. After all, nobody is perfect. We make mistakes. Let’s learn from them.

  7. JL says:

    This EU court ruling is less awful that it might seem, because most European countries do not have birthright citizenship, which means that in most countries non-European couples cannot gain residence permits just by managing to give birth to a baby in Europe.

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