A hotchpotch of pro, and anti-HBD videos on YouTube

I found some very well-made race-realist videos a long time ago, had bookmarked them – and then they disappeared.  They lay out the basic arguments, made by race-deniers, and debunk them in laymen’s terms.  Apparently,  they were edited and reposted.  Here is #1 and here is #2.
While I’m at it, here is another one that explains I.Q. and race more eloquently than I’ve seen elsewhere.  There are a couple of opposing videos posted by blacks that are fun to watch.
One opposing video cites a study comparing whites, blacks and Hispanics, all under I.Q. of 70.  In the study, most of the blacks were able to perform simple functions (such as tying their own shoelaces), some of the Hispanics were able to do so and none of the whites were able to do so.  In his video, Jwriter4 (or, rather, the book that he reads from) argues that this is evidence that blacks are more intelligent than the test scores imply.  Actually, the results show us that a sub-70 I.Q. for whites is pathological, while it is “low-normal” for blacks.  This is why blacks, of such low I.Q., can function; they are not “mentally defective” but rather “dull”.  The same applies, to a lesser extent, to Hispanics.  Aside from this, the obvious question that should be asked is: why would severely retarded people of different races take the tests differently?  Did somebody coach them?  It is hard to imagine how different cultures (assuming that the participants actually were of different cultures) could have affected the test-taking abilities of severely retarded people.  Yet this is what Jwriter4 seems to imply.  The simplest explanation is that whites, Hispanics and blacks all take the test in the same way and the differences we observe, in their abilities, are due to how “low I.Q.” is manifested in each race.  In other words, this experiment serves to bolster H.B.D., not to discredit it.
The other opposing video is funny because the weakness of JAYLOVE47’s (no relation to JAY) arguments are complimented by his own obviously low I.Q.  His claim, believe it or not, is that blacks are simply not taught higher learning in schools.  If they were taught the same subject matter as whites, they would be just as intelligent as whites.  Hard to beat that for a knee-slapper.
This anti-HBD video contributer, called “kkilo34”, seems to base his argument mainly on the premise that the “brain of a black person is entirely indistinguishable from the brain of a white person”.  His assumption seems to be that, if one thing is “indistinguishable” from another, it is therefore identical.  Aside from that, he fails to take into account that racial differences, in brain size, are statistical.  If we had two sets of 100 brains, one from blacks and one from whites, and we knew that all 200 individuals were the same physical size, we would be able to determine which set was from blacks and which set from whites.  But, at the same time, we could not take any individual brain and determine, with certainty, the race of its owner.  One may also wonder if kkilo34’s reasoning would force him to admit that there might be meaningful differences between the races – since members of different races are distinguishable one from another.

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  1. icr says:

    #1 is wrong about cross-species mating. Take ducks, for example:
    Waterfowl crossbreed more often than any other family of birds. Scientists have recorded more than 400 hybrid combinations among waterfowl species. Mallards crossbreed with nearly 50 other species, and wood ducks hybridize with a surprising 26 other species. Nearly 20 percent of waterfowl hybrid offspring are capable of reproducing.
    In North America, one of the most common wild hybrids results from mallard/pintail breeding. Mallards also commonly crossbreed with black ducks, wigeon, shovelers, cinnamon teal, green-winged teal, and gadwalls. In recent years, hybridization between the closely related Eurasian and American wigeons has become more common in Alaska.
    In general, hybridization is rare because each waterfowl species has unique characteristics that serve as barriers to interspecific mating. These characteristics include distinct physical attributes, behaviors, life-history requirements, and the unique ecological niche the species occupies. But on the breeding grounds, territories of many waterfowl species overlap, and barriers occasionally break down, presenting opportunities for interspecific mating.
    There is of course no single definition of “species”. Google “species problem” for discussion of this.

    • Gerry says:

      I have used the polar/brown bear fact stated below to completely stump the race has no scientific meaning crowd.
      Some populations of brown bears were found to be genetically more closely related to polar bears than to other populations of brown bears.
      If we use the same criteria that the pc scientists applied to the various groups of humam beings we find that hunderds of sub-species and species of animals can be considered merely social constructs as well.

  2. K says:

    Dude, come on, this is a very ridiculous bit. Saying that an IQ of 70 is “pathological” for whites and only “low normal” for blacks is, as Derbyshire would say, “epistemically empty” in that it appears to be saying something but doesn’t actually SAY anything. It explains nothing. How does that help us understand the differing results in actual performance? Likewise for the cant phrase “how IQ expresses itself in different races” – with regard to activities requiring intelligence, it cannot express itself differently. IQ is a constant. That’s the whole freakin’ point.
    This isn’t thinking, this is equivocation. Pure and simple.
    Either 1) Tying your shoes has nothing to do with intelligence. 2) Whites couldn’t do it because of physical handicaps 3) It does take intelligence, and this shows that IQ does not measure it as fully and as well as we believe, and blacks – at the level of IQ 70 at least – are likely smarter than the tests show.
    I am a proponent of HBD, but I am also a proponent of simple honesty and avoiding obviously ridiculous thinking. Blacks are undoubtedly less intelligent than other races – it is hardly necessary to do this kind of sloppy thinking to defend that point.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s not my theory. I heard it from others greater than myself, and who are probably better than I at explaining it.
      Perhaps I used the wrong words, or was otherwise unclear. Here is a better explanation of what I meant:
      Does the different, more confident, black personality translate into a better ability to function (and tie shoelaces) with low I.Q.? I think so, but I cannot prove it.

    • Gerry says:

      According to Rushton blacks with extremely low IQ 70 have an underdeveloped intellect just like an 9 year old white or asian child. This means that there brain is functioning normanlly whereas with a white person there brain would be functioning abnormally in this IQ range.
      The African pygmies is another example, there average IQ is just 50 but they still function on a level necessary to survive in the rain forest, a larger high IQ brain requires far more engery and isn’t advantagrous for life in the rain forest therefore evolving in that direction is of no benefit.
      This begs the question, who is being racist? The race realist that recognizes and accepts the pygmies as normal and just fine the way they are, or the leftists who vehemently deny racial differences because they find them unpalatable.
      IQ tests only measure abstract reasoning ability and since tieing your laces only requires route learning IQ is irrelevant in this task.

  3. B.B. says:

    jewamongyou said:
    This anti-HBD video contributer, called “kkilo34″, seems to base his argument mainly on the premise that the “brain of a black person is entirely indistinguishable from the brain of a white person”.
    I pointed him towards Rushton & Ankney’s article on racial differences in brain-size in the comments section. I don’t expect it to convince him, but since he’s gone on record as being so anti-comment-censorship, it probably won’t be pruned.
    Feel free to up-vote it.

  4. “brain of a black person is entirely indistinguishable from the brain of a white person”
    I argued for HBD in class today. Someone tried to use this argument, not with blacks, but with EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, the blank slate indeed.

  5. Harpo Marx says:

    Here’s a video of a White girl being dragged by the hair out of a restaurant and beaten in the parking lot while black onlookers laugh at her humiliation and pain.
    Sometimes the most effective videos are “real life.”
    A few more are posted here:

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