What was he thinking?

A while back, somebody planted a bomb, set to go off during a march in honor of  a dubious character named “Martin L. King”.  This event happened in Spokane, Washington.  There was some speculation who the culprit might be.  In the pro-white community, many of us hoped it would turn out to be a Muslim extremist or a generic nut-job with no particular agenda and, now that it turned out to be a white-supremacist, we are saddened.  Half Sigma already wrote of this matter, but here’s my two cents anyway.  According to the Oregonian, the would-be bomber was a regular poster at VNN.

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — A man tied to a white supremacist organization was arrested Wednesday on charges that he left a sophisticated bomb along a Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade route in Spokane, raising concern in a region that was once a hotbed for hate groups.
Kevin William Harpham, 36, of northeastern Washington, made an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Spokane and waived his right to a bail hearing…
A federal law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity and declining to provide additional details because the case is ongoing, said Harpham was a white supremacist.
The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups across the nation, also said they have a record of him being a member of the white supremacist National Alliance in 2004. But the neo-Nazi group has fallen on hard times since the death of its founder William Pierce in 2002, Potok said.
“We don’t know when he joined or if he remains a member,” said Mark Potok of the Alabama-based SPLC.
Pierce was author of “The Turner Diaries,” a novel about a future race war that was influential in the white supremacist movement.

It sometimes seems like the MSM (mainstream media).will not mention the words “white supremacist” without also mentioning the SPLC, and their incessant claims that all pro-white organizations are “hate groups”.  While the above article does not mention VNN, I read the same article today, in the hard copy version of the Oregonian, and it did mention VNN.   My guess is they edited it out of the online version in order to avoid bringing that site any more traffic.
Assuming the above account is accurate, what was Mr. Harpham hoping to accomplish?  The man is 36 years old; surely old enough to understand that his bomb could not have accomplished anything positive for the white race.  On the contrary, the SPLC and the anti-white media love it when people like him do crazy things and victimize innocent people.  His actions translate into money, and credibility, for the MSM and the same for the SPLC.
I think it is a mistake to categorize people like Harpham as normal pro-whites, just like us, only more angry and thus, more extreme.  I do not think he exists on the same continuum as most of us at all.  More likely, he suffers from mental illness.  His perception of the world, and the way he chose to act upon them, are not rational ones.  Yes, I realize that Muslim extremists might be characterized this way too.  So be it; this does not make them any less of a threat.
Just for fun, let’s try to cook up some rationalizations for planting bombs in public places for the sake of the white race:
1)  This bomb will KILL ALL THE MUDS!
2)  When I explode this bomb, it will prove to everybody that whites are superior – because we make the best bombs!
3)  After this bomb explodes, other whites will say, “wow, that’s great!  Why didn’t I think of that?” and bombs will go off all over the place.  The revolution will begin!
4)  Because of my bomb, MUDS will fear white people – and they’ll stop murdering and raping us.
5)  This bomb will convince the government to take whites into consideration and give us concessions.
6)  After this bomb goes off, I will not get caught, but I will threaten to set off more and more bombs until my demands are met.
There are probably crazy people in every movement.  I’m certain that there are crazy Mormons, Sikhs, environmentalists, PETA members and yes, even crazy Jews.  But it is the crazy “white supremacists” that the MSM loves to latch onto more than anybody else.  In the end, the failed bomb plot accomplished the following:
1)  A 36-year-old man will spend the rest of his life behind bars.
2)  The MSM will rub it in our faces for decades to come.
4)  Organizations, such as the SPLC, will get even more funding and prestige.
Thanks a lot Harpham.  I hope your folly dissuades others from following in your footsteps.

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5 Responses to What was he thinking?

  1. John McNeill says:

    As an ethnonationalist, I condemn this man and his ideology and methods. I firmly oppose any white nationalist who believes in using violence to achieve their goals, and I applaud this blog for taking a stand against him.

  2. countenance says:

    This suspect is alleged to have said on an internet forum belonging to the old William Pierce empire that “95% of Italians are just as bad as the Jews and [n-words].” Not exactly my kind of guy (have Italian in me), and not yours either. BTW, since when are 95% of Italians “as bad” as anything? I guess he never heard of the Renaissance, nor has ever had ambitions to drive a Porsche or Lamborghini.
    I’m not ready to call him guilty yet. I get the feeling that TPTB wanted a suspect, so they leaned on the SPLC to dig up someone who might “seem” guilty, then swooped in and arrested him.

  3. Harpo Marx says:

    I can understand violence as a method of self defense.

  4. Annoyed says:

    I too wonder what goes on in the minds of “pro-white” individuals who end up doing things which do nothing but further damage the cause they supposedly support.
    Maybe its because they feel the situation is hopeless and become suicidal, regardless such action is unacceptable.

  5. Carl says:

    Obviously there are other reasons beside the 6 listed.
    Revenge is the obvious one. And wanting your opponents to lose even if you can’t win.
    Personally, I don’t think the situation is that hopeless, and simply telling the truth about race as widely as possible would be more damaging to his opponents and more beneficial to him. Violence isn’t needed in a battle of ideas, especially when your ideas are demonstrably true.

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