Jewish lawmaker feels "highly uncomfortable"

It seems a Jewish member of Congress is complaining that some of the communal prayers, with which they open sessions, make her feel uncomfortable because they invoke Jesus.  The San Fransisco Chronicle tells us:

A Jewish Minnesota lawmaker is asking Senate leaders to allow only nondenominational prayers to open sessions, after feeling “highly uncomfortable” when a Baptist pastor repeatedly mentioned Jesus Christ and Christianity in one of the invocations.
Democratic Sen. Terri Bonoff says she wants Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch to change the letter submitted to all visiting chaplains to say they are “required,” rather than “requested,” to make prayers nondenominational.
“I’m a very religious woman and believe deeply in God,” said Bonoff, of the Minneapolis suburb of Minnetonka. “We honor God in public and our political discourse, and that’s proper. But in doing a nondenominational prayer we are honoring him without violating the separation of church and state.”

I’d be willing to bet that at least 90% of the bills Sen. Bonoff votes for would make me “feel uncomfortable”, either because they are blatantly unconstitutional or because they serve as excuses to steal even more of my money.  For example, she voted in favor of a bill granting illegal immigrants in-state tuition status.  That makes me feel uncomfortable.  She has voted for practically every bill authorizing increases in public education (indoctrination) budgets.  That makes me feel  uncomfortable.  She voted to use tax dollars to fund a football stadium.  That makes me feel uncomfortable.
There is a Talmudic saying that Bonoff may be familiar with: “The laws of the kingdom are the law”.  In the U.S., the ultimate “law of the the kingdom” is supposed to be the Constitution.  By ignoring the Constitution, she is ignoring Judaism.  I doubt her sincerity when she calls herself “a very religious woman” and I would much rather have Jesus sitting in that Senate seat than her.

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3 Responses to Jewish lawmaker feels "highly uncomfortable"

  1. sestamibi says:

    She’s a member of the Minnesota legislature, not Congress–although no doubt there are similar “shondes for the goyim” lurking in Congress as well (even after dispatching Alan Grayson last November).

  2. portland1realist says:

    I wonder if a Christian would have the chutzpa to move to Israel, become elected to public office, and start complaining about the Jew-centric atmosphere in the government.

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