The plight of the marginal white male

Human Stupidity sent me an interesting article that claims, in a nutshell, that white males are greatly disadvantaged in the competition for females:

To put it bluntly, to be a Marginal White Male, today, in early 21st century America, is to be persona non grata for real. Why? Well, because, if I may be so blunt, America doesn’t need them – at least not as much as they may have once did. And by that statement, I just don’t mean economically, or even politically; I mean it in terms of sociosexually, too.
And that is where the rubber really hits the road, because for all the yammering on about “NAMs” and so forth, when you really get down to it, the MWMs are pissed that they can’t get any – or, get what they really want. A perfect case in point along these lines, are easily seen in the blogs written by WhiskeyOneSTDV or Roissy, just to name a few. Although the latter personally has no problems getting any, he has legions of readers who are far from being able to say the same thing with a straight face, and that’s despite Roissy’s formidable knowledge in this area and his nearly four year track record of attempting to instruct so many of them in the Crimson Arts; the former’s stock and trade is to register the outrage of the MWM; and the guy in the middle has been able to garner upwards of 100 posts from self-identified live-action 40-Year Old Virgins.

While it should be quite obvious that, overall, black males have an advantage over white males and white males over Asian males (Steve Sailer and yours truly have both written about this in the past), nevertheless this is one of the most sensitive topics one could bring up.  For some odd reason, even though nobody could reasonably claim that short men are just as desirable to women as tall men, almost any short man you ask will claim that he has no such problem.  Also, I have yet to meet an Asian man who admits that he is anything less than God’s gift to women.  I’m fairly certain that most fat, ugly women will likewise claim that they get the attention of men all the time.  This lack of honesty makes it difficult to gauge the extent of the damage a lack of sex appeal does to individuals – of any race or gender.
I think that the Obsidian makes a good point in his above post – even if it he is somewhat simplistic and blunt about making it.  The denigration of whites has had a disproportional impact upon white males in the dating market.  But many white (and Asian) men have the power to improve their odds – if only they received some education and training.  I once knew a short, not particularly handsome, Asian man who really was “God’s gift to women”.  He overcame his natural limitations through a powerful personality.  My suggestion, for what it’s worth, is that alpha-males in the various pro-white movements make an effort to educate their less-fortunate (and single) friends to be better “players”.  I think that such a service should be considered a vital one in the white community.  I believe it is important for white men, who are challenged in this department, to cease their self-deception and ask for help.  When they do, they should not be laughed at but treated with respect and kindness as others assist them in improving their skills.  There is nothing shameful about a lack of sex-appeal unless we’re speaking of those who choose to be lazy, gluttonous or negligent about their hygiene by choice – and then complain about the results.  But our society has succumbed to a sickness that equates a lack of skill in “the game” to a lack of worth as a human being or as a member of one’s own people.  We need to tear down the walls of shame in order to address the problem – just as others have done with alcoholism, drug abuse, psychological disorders and gambling addiction.


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  1. (un)concerned says:

    A lot of guys just need to learn to live without until someone fitting comes along. I suspect this is a problem crossing racial boundaries, as there are, typically, more attractive women in most populations than attractive men. After all, an average or even slightly unpleasant looking female can always improve her appearance with makeup and flattering items of clothing.
    With the traditional idea of one man/one woman life being shed, I think that more and more of the women will concentrate on sleeping with a smaller and smaller portion of the men, as these more attractive guys generally sleep with just about anyone who comes along.
    One of the negative consequences of this mess is that many of those second and third tier girls and women will never convince these men to commit to them. I’ve seen it a thousand times. The girls are good enough to sleep with, but not good enough to show off. Of course, you don’t feel too sorry for them when they think they’re too good to date you. I’ve seen many a fat/ugly girl in my single days who thought I was beneath her.
    I DID find a girlfriend. A good one, by the way.

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  3. “While it should be quite obvious that, overall, black males have an advantage over white males”
    Not only is this not obvious it is actually obviously not true. White women strongly prefer White men to men of any other race and their racial preference is stronger than that of White men for White women. Check out the following blog posts for data:

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, most white women prefer white men – but there are enough white women who prefer black men to tip the scale in favor of black men. There are many more white women than there are black men so even a relatively small minority of those women, by choosing black men, give those men a great advantage. The vast majority of black women prefer black men + a minority of white women prefer black men. These (few) black men therefore have a very easy time attracting women.

  4. portland1realist says:

    I’ve noticed the attempt to de-sexualize the white male coming to a fevered pitch lately. Look at the musical artists topping the charts right now:
    1)Adele/White Woman
    2)Chris Brown/Black
    3)Glee cast/Effeminates, homos?
    4)Eminem/White “boy” emulating blackness.
    5)Rihanna/Black female
    6)Lil’ Wayne/Dark blackness of the worst kind.
    7)Katty Perry/White woman
    8)Kanye West/Black male
    9)The Strokes/White men!
    10)The Black Eyed Peas/A white hoochie, 2 black males, and an Asian.
    The eighties had a large contingent of sex symbol white male rock stars. David Lee Roth, Vince Neil, Billy Idol. Remember “In the midnight hour, she cried more, more, mooorre!” The chicks lusted after guys like this, now the only white men topping the charts are #4)Eminem, aping (pun intended) the musical style of black men, which surely just makes white men look utterly ridiculous to women. Then there’s #9) The Strokes. Not very masculine and certainly no overt sexuality like the previously mentioned Billy Idol. None of this is accidental, it’s a plan.
    I think this all has something to do with the destruction of Charlie Sheen. He was not following the desired role of being non-sexual. If a black male star has lavish sex parties with porn stars the leftists Hollywood media just nods approvingly and chuckles, “he a playa!”
    White men, you share the genetics of a group of pale warriors from a small peninsula called Europe. These men were once the master of any other race or nationality they set out to subjugate. This was through the power of sheer will and dynamic personalities and courage no other people quite possessed. Blacks were not even brave enough to set out a few miles to Madagascar. The Asians, well, WW2 sorted out those smarty pants just recently. Women like confidence, stand up straight, look them in the eye and smile. Nothing shows confidence like a smile, eye contact, and a firm “Hello, names so and so, what’s yours?” You want to go to a movie, dinner, drinks etc. Preferably drinks if you want to get some. Keep it light, NO race realism talk until after you get some! The problem is your lack of confidence in yourself, and your overconfidence in the mainstream’s ability do make us look like losers. Women’s genetic nature is that of selection, they instinctively know that the white man is a better man, but those instincts are thrown off if you act like you are down and out. Act like you are on the up and up even if you are not.

  5. Ryan says:

    Honestly I don’t believe that many White women prefer Black men. There are so many interacial couples especially here in Vancouver that I have seen the types of white women who do date Black men. They are generally short and fat, and something I would never give a second glance at.
    I dated a white woman who said Black men are ugly and she would never bother with them. So there are some out there that aren’t brainwashed by the MSM.
    In my opinion, these women who are with Black men can’t get the man they want or any man who would commit to them, so they grab anything that would bother if even just for sex.
    This would also explain the number of white mothers pushing a stroller all by themselves with a mix raced baby because the father was some loser who doesn’t care.
    Confidence however is definitely the number one factor when it comes to getting women. I am 6’2, used to be in great shape and was always told how good looking I am, but guess what . . . I am super shy, but even so I have had women here and there come on to me. If I was brimming with self confidence and wanted the lifestyle I can imagine the sheer number of women I could sleep with.
    However even if not shy that is not me, and I just would prefer a nice looking in shape girl who is level headed and would like to raise a family. And though she isn’t white, that is what I have.

  6. anonymous poster says:

    Some in the HBD-sphere love to promote this idea about black men being so attractive and white men not being attractive. A lot of it has more to do with the image of blacks in the white nerd mind than real blacks. Real black men are seriously not impressive people.
    By the way, that article you posted is by a black blogger named Obsidian known for his trolling of whites.

  7. anonymous poster says:

    Even if the media promotes an anti-white male image, less and less people every year even watch television according to some articles I’ve read. The media doesn’t necessarily control everyone’s mind.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think it does control almost everybody’s mind – but to various degrees. The fact that very few people even know about the most heinous black on white crimes or the riots in France is media influence. What they DON’T say causes ignorance and ignorance is a form of control.

  8. There being a much larger number of White people in the US than Black people, alone, does not demonstrate a Black male advantage. Black women likely prefer Black men but not as much as White women prefer White men – check the link I provided. The only way that I can see, from the data, that one might quasi-reasonably conclude that Black males have an advantage is the following: Black men find White women relatively much more attractive than White men find Black women while at the same time Black women (perhaps?) do not find White men much more attractive than White women find Black men. Hence,
    1)Black men feel compelled to compete with White men for White women while White men feel relatively less compelled to compete with Black men for Black women and
    2)Black women do not feel compelled to compete with White women for White men (as much as Black men…).
    The above is probably mostly true and the effect would be to increase competition for White women and decrease competition for Black women. But there are some problems with concluding from this that Black men have an advantage:
    1) Black men are severely disadvantaged w.r.t. White men w.r.t. attracting White women.
    2) The increased competition for White women results principally from Black mens’ attraction for White women – an attraction that is mostly unrequited – while White men do not have this same problem with Black women. In short, one could suppose that Black men are more likely to face unrequited attraction than White men and hence are in fact disadvantaged.
    3) A similar and seemingly much stronger dynamic exists between asian women and White men. White women have to compete disproportionately with asian women for White men. The dynamic seems to be much weaker w.r.t. asian women and Black men. Hence, White men might face less competition for White women than Black men face for Black women. (this obviously depends on the racial demographics of any particular location w.r.t. asians/Whites/Blacks)

  9. Shawn says:

    “While it should be quite obvious that, overall, black males have an advantage over white males and white males over Asian males (Steve Sailer and yours truly have both written about this in the past)…”
    I disagree. There are more Asian and Hispanic women that would rather date a White man than a Black guy. I’ve also met a lot of Black women who would like to date White guys (I’ve been hit on by a lot) White guys just aren’t attracted to Black women though, with some exceptions.
    White men as a percentage date interracial more than White women, and I remember some online dating research that showed that White men tended to come ahead in terms of preferences. Just saying.
    One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that every article I’ve read that was critical of the attention that the Prince William and Kate wedding is getting (although not that much) was written by someone who was not White. I check my facebook and one non-White guy who is my “friend” on there posted a link with something nasty about the wedding.
    It’s all about taking status away from Whites so that they may compete on better terms in the dating market.

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