Black extremists not so rare

A white person who advocated the murder, or removal, of all non-whites from Europe would surely be called a “racist”.  Some might even call him a “neo-Nazi”.  Most would consider him an extremist.  But what about a black who advocates the murder, or removal, of all non-blacks from Africa?  Not just sub-Saharan Africa, but all of Africa?  Surely, there is a word for such a person other than “lunatic”.  Surely such an opinion would fall completely outside the norm even among black Africans.
And yet a certain commentator wrote the following, in a thread about blacks in Libya:

Libya is in Afrika, which means it belongs to Black skinned Afrikans ONLY !!
Not only that, but we will eradicate the entire infestation known as whites, arabs and anyone else who is not Black !!

An0ther commentator wrote:

It would be ironic when the truth comes out and the natives take back all of North Africa and also Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.
How will Arabs feel when they realize that there were but nomads and not the original natives of these lands they now call Arab lands.

By now, you might be asking, which website was this written in?  Certainly it’s an extremist and marginal site that hardly anybody visits.  I am not so sure.  These comments were posted on a site called  According to Alexa, it has a worldwide ranking of 716,383 and a U.S. ranking of 445,435.  94 sites link to it.  While this does not exactly make it the CNN of Somaliland, it is hardly obscure or marginal.  In a Google search for Somaliland +news, this site comes up #2, just behind Radiosomaliland.  It should be noted that the above comments have been there for a while and nobody has objected to them.  In case you’re wondering about the content of the comment that was deleted, it was an antisemitic slur – hence my sarcastic retort.  Apparently it’s perfectly alright to call for the extermination of all non-blacks in Africa and the Middle East – but anti-Semitism is verboten.
So it would seem that there are more than a few blacks who actually promote genocide against non-blacks in at least one entire continent.  Somehow, I doubt that the SPLC would seriously consider adding the above site to their “hate-group” list.
Though I hate to point out the obvious, I feel that it must be said for the benefit of ignorant people who may find their way here.  While Europeans are projected to become minorities in their own homelands within a couple of generations, there is not a single black African country where blacks are projected to ever become a minority.  So, while whites are justified in wishing to rid their homelands of foreigners (who threaten to displace them), blacks have no such argument – only hatred, extreme ignorance or both.

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  1. Harpo Marx says:

    The following blog keeps a fairly good accounting of black-on-White murders in African; SAfrica in particular:

    • this link is chilling.
      It would be interesting if these murders of white farmers are simply due to plain criminal robbery, or to genocidal extermination. Or maybe a mixture of both: they want to rob, but prefer whites because they hate them.
      It would be interesting to know how many robberies happen without the death of the victims, how many blacks are assaulted, etc.

      • Harpo Marx says:

        Sometimes it’s not possible to separate the genocide from simple robbery.
        White competence translates into prosperity which makes extermination the outcome though maybe not the intention.
        Black on black crime is very high in S Africa.
        Note that black-on-White murder is also common in the USA.
        See for a small sampling.

  2. Harpo Marx says:

    I wonder if the concept of returning all Africa to blacks includes returning all blacks to Africa?
    SPCL *IS* a hate site.

  3. Californian says:

    South Africa Sucks (the website) used to be a pretty good place to go for information on farm murders in the rainbow nation, as well as a lot of irreverent views on race relations in general. Alas, it shut down recently.

  4. ogunsiron says:

    A few years ago I spent some days reading through somalian forums and websites.
    The racism in these comments doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is the identification with black africans as a whole. What I found while reading somali boards is that most of them were extremely intolerant and racist towards everyone and that they certainly did NOT consider other blacks to be their brothers. They call them apes and things like that. They certainly look down on the somali bantu minority.
    Somali racism is quite different from the racism practiced by other blacks. Whether it’s in haiti, the ivory coast or the usa, when blacks engage in racism against whites, it’s really because they resent not being “included” or “respected” by those whites. French martiniquans subject the white french to petty racism to “get back” at them or to vent out some frustration.
    The somalis on the other hand seem to *genuinely* despise arabs, for example. Every single comment about arabs was completely negative and it didn’t sound like jealousy but outright contempt. There were comments about how they were glad that during the 90’s the small arab minority that had been living in somalia was finally exterminated or completely exiled. At no point did they complain that those arabs were dominating them economically or anything like that. They were just glad those “gay arabs” had been driven out of their country. They were extremely proud of the homogeneity of their country and cared a lot about this clan and that clan etc and they did not like non somalis of any kind living in their country.
    Surprisingly, they combined this intense hatred of arabs and north-africans with a fierce sense of muslim identity. They didn’t seem to care at all about their pre-islamic roots, unlike the Persians.
    They didn’t have much to say about other african blacks other than calling them monkeys and cannibals.
    I don’t recall them discussing europeans.
    Overall i was left with a pretty bad impression of the somali people 🙂
    It wasn’t the racism, since i don’t care that much about it. It was more the completely unjustified arrogance. One can understand Japanese arrogance, but somali arrogance ? what a joke.

  5. Gay State Girl says:

    I don’t mind that you’re a race realist, I too am fatigued by insane political correctness but your utter fixation with blacks will get you nowhere.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s hard to resist; there’s so much to write about them. But truth be told, I’ve been thinking the same thing. I have been writing about them too much recently.

      • Ryan says:

        Jewamongyou don’t worry about it, fixate on whomever you want it’s your blog. And a comment like “your utter fixation with blacks will get you nowhere.” said without reason, like the reason should be understood is pure ignorance.
        There is a lot of reasons to be utterly fixated with them. –See, that just made all the sense in the world right there without any explanation whatsoever.
        Next time explain yourself Gay State Girl, because that comment is right on par with how liberals love to argue as if they are completely justified.

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