The "anti-Sailer blog"

Though it’s been up for some four years now, I only just discovered a source of laughs and entertainment called:  The Steve Sailer Sucks Blog.  It’s hard to tell if the author of this blog really is a mentally challenged, clueless loser who lacks even the smallest hint of critical thought – or if he is mocking the left by embodying their tactics in his blog as a caricature.  If it is the former, then according to him, every crime committed by a white man is proof that Sailer is wrong about everything.  The author rejoices when random conservatives (or those he perceives as “conservatives”) are murdered and he believes that a Filipino woman murdering her granddaughter discredits Michelle Malkin.
Maybe someday I’ll merit the creation of a blog, by a deranged leftist hate-monger, in my honor as well.  If so, I hope it is as pathetic as the one above.  Such outbursts are good for reminding ourselves what we are up against.  Our enemies are not those of brilliant-mind, who just happen to disagree with us.  On the contrary.   The only tools at their disposal are name-calling, intimidation and ignorance.

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  1. make sure to use rel=”nofollow” in the link. Never give link juice to despicable sites

  2. JL says:

    There’s another anti-Sailer site: It’s less hostile and more surreal than the other one.

  3. Kevin in Georgia says:

    Well, if he believes that a Filipino woman murdering her granddaughter discredits Michelle Malkin, hasn’t he indicated a belief that race influences behavior? Isn’t that heresy where he comes from?

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    I remember coming across that blog a few years ago and I might have posted a few comments to rile the owner. Like you say, name-calling, intimidation and ignorance are their main weapons.
    I liked Unamusement Park’s piece comparing the approach of John Derbyshire & the hysterical Daily Kos misrepresenting what he said.

  5. And once again, the right gets it wrong.
    Too bad intellectual honesty was never the purview of you lot.

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