The trials of Nunavut

In 1999, the Canadian government gave autonomy to the aboriginal inhabitants of the Northeastern part of the country, the Inuit.  So far, the results have been less than promising.  The Trials of Nunavut describes the challenges of the nascent nation and some hope for its future.  It also comes with a nice slide show; be sure to check it out.
Though alcoholism, confused identity and crime plague the Inuit, their life has never been easy.  In pre-modern times, the average life-expectancy was only 35.  Now, it’s probably over 70.  So, from a purely material point of view, they are much better off now.  However, it seems certain to me that the new roads, education and jobs they crave will cost them their living culture.  The choices are their’s.  I do wonder how well informed they are in making them.

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  1. Lockeford says:

    Sadly it’s a case of dumb White liberals doing their thing again here in Canada.
    The creation of Nunavut was just like most of the ‘Native Rights’ push across Canada – almost entirely created by Whites who needed a project to raise their status and have an imaginary moral war to fight.
    It’s been strange to watch all this unfold. Canada, unlike the USA, has virtually no history of wars with the peoples who were here when Europeans arrived. Still, as immigrants come here they use claims of genocide (and slavery!) to buttress their claims of the righteousness of displacing the creators of Canada, who were the English and French.
    The sad thing about all this is it’s like South Africa in a way, just not quite so many deaths. But still more than there would be if the old police system and old way of governing was in place. People in Nunavut die more often now from crime, they’re worse off by several measures, and the meddling officials in our capital insist on ignoring results and imposing a standard of development that strips them of their culture.
    Is there any accountability for these deaths, for these outcomes? Just like with South Africa or the deaths of Whites in the US, of course not.
    I support European heritage in and for Canada, but I am primarily appalled by what are apparently my own people’s status-seeking and unwillingness to deal with the problems among aboriginal peoples in a realistic way.
    I could go on for hours on this subject. Suffice it to say, there is a strain of white person who creates these problems again and again, never takes responsibility, and at least for now is in government. I hope one day this changes.

  2. IHTG says:

    The Danes are also gradually allowing Greenland to basically secede and become an Eskimo nation-state.
    It’s not unjust, but at the same time, it’s kind of tragic in the historic view, since technically white people got there first. Inuits started migrating to Greenland only in 1300 AD.

  3. Harpo Marx says:

    It’s not for love of the Indians that leftists impose their agenda. It’s for their hatred of White, western culture.
    Another thought: One has to wonder if there are any truly “full-blood” Indians left in the Americas.

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