The advertising racism of Target

A few months ago, I walked into my local Target, and a few other retail stores, with the express goal of tallying up how many white people are depicted on their walls, end caps etc. versus other races.  This little experiment showed me how little Target values its white customers and it convinced me to cease shopping there ever again.  Indeed, since then I have yet to set foot in a Target store.  Instead, I shop at Fred Meyers or some other competitor.  For white-friendliness, the best store to shop at here in my neck of the woods, is REI.  It is not hard to see why.
But a gentleman, who calls himself LibertarianRealist, put together a YouTube video and sent me the link.  He did a much better job at it than I could.  I recommend watching it, giving him a thumbs up, a high score or/and a positive comment.  Good job LibertarianRealist!

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10 Responses to The advertising racism of Target

  1. portland1realist says:

    We just received a maternity catalog from Target containing many pictures of women and babies of all races, yes a lot of blacks. What is amazing, out of this 165 page catalog there are only 4 men. All 4 are black! One of them is with a white women and their baby of course.
    We should start a white pressure group. Maybe there is one? Is it possible?

    • jewamongyou says:

      It is possible if a few serious people indicate their interest via blogs like this. There might already be such a group within the ranks of Stormfront for example. If we pro-whites could just set aside our differences and unite behind a cause such as this one, we could get a lot done.

  2. countenance says:

    Ironically, the SWPL crowd sorta prefers Target to Wal-Martinez.

  3. Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

    You seem one of the few White advocates who understands why multiculturalism and multiracialism is really omnipresent.
    Minorities shop where they see their faces represented. Rainbow kitsch is also easy to market internationally. Whites don’t care.
    A few years ago all international advertising was “Whitened” in my country (Eastern Europe), but recently the pattern has started to “Westernize”, despite our demographics remaining practically the same (the only significant nonWhite minority, the Gypsies aren’t represented in the adverts).

  4. “Whites Don’t Care” because they’re the one and only race trained from birth not to care. Everyone else cares–a lot.

  5. Matt Parrott says:

    I know Meijer is a regional phenomenon, but it’s truly hands-down as American and traditional conservative as a warehouse of Chinese plastic can be.

  6. mj says:

    I used to enjoy the occasional visit to the local Target, precisely because it wasn’t Wal-Mart – a largely white staff with no Lakeeshas gabbing loudly with each other across the aisles while sullenly doing the minimum necessary to keep their jobs. But the inexorable pressures of the market are pushing it toward the lowest common denominator and in the end it will become just like Wally World. One of the things that amazed me about Target when I first went there was that they had Hennessy cognac, a favorite of the Hip-Hop crowd, right out on the shelves. It was like a trip back in a time machine. Didn’t take long for it to dissappear from the shelves, though.

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