Racial patterns in Madagascar

I had hoped to interview a bunch of English-speaking Malagasy about their various ethnic groups, stereotypes about them and inter-ethnic mating patterns.  Alas, very few people here speak English so all I have to go on is several conversations I had with individuals.
The following opinions were unanimous:
1)  Overall, black African Malagasy are less intelligent than Asian Malagasy.  As one individual put it, “what have blacks invented?”
2)  Overall, black African Malagasy are more likely to be criminals – though crime is not a big problem in Madagascar.
I should add that one person identified an Asian ethnic group as having the worst reputation for being fools and irresponsible:  The Betsileo.  But this person also said that, aside from that, the black tribes are known to be less intelligent.
As for marriage patterns, three people clearly stated that, when an Asian Malagasy marries a black Malagasy, the male is always black and the female always Asian.  One person said the opposite – but I’m fairly certain he was confused with the question; my own observations agree with the others.  I’ve seen several black male/Asian female couples and not one the other way around.
Though what I have done is, by no means, a scientific study, it does confirm the notion that interracial dating patterns are biological in origin and not cultural.  A leftist will claim that, somehow, French colonialism or Western media had something to do with it.  But why would the French have advanced the status of black males over Asian males?  All they were interested in was advancing their own status. As for Western media being a culprit, I find this hard to believe in a nation where the vast majority don’t even have electricity – let alone television.  They live in mud, or thatched, huts and draw their water from the river.   None of the Malagasy I spoke to had any idea why the rules are set as they are; it is a total mystery to them.  There was no indication that things had once been different either.
One individual, who is Christian, said that God gave each race the tools it needs to succeed.  The Asians got intelligence, the blacks got physical prowess and the whites a balance of the two.  I didn’t want to spoil it for him with distinctions between North and South Asians.
I have seen no indication, whatsoever, of any animosity between the Asian and black groups.  As far as I can tell, there is peaceful coexistence.
If it’s true that Madagascar adheres to the same racial patterns we see everywhere else, then this is  a nail in the coffin of the notion that they are the product of culture.  Are we to believe that every culture miraculously produced the same results?
We do find some white male/ black female couples in Madagascar.  This is to be expected due to the vast economic disparity between the two groups.  If not for this disparity, such couples would be around 20-30% just as we find in Western countries.  If the Asian Malagasy were significantly wealthier than the black ones, my guess is that maybe 10% of the mixed couples would involve an Asian man and a black woman.
I had mentioned, in a previous post, that somebody had told me that the Merina (an Asian, and the largest, ethnic group here) focus more on intellectual pursuits.  I now realize this is an exaggeration.  The vast majority of Merina, just like everybody else, are dirt poor and probably have little time for any pursuit other than surviving.  A more accurate statement would have been that, among the elite, the Merina are overrepresented.   It should be noted that most Merina have substantial black heritage and that many “black” Malagasy have some Asian heritage.  The lines are fuzzy.
When I asked one man whose women are the most beautiful, he mentioned a particular tribe whose women look like Arabs.  It is easy to see why, in Africa, sharp features are c0nsidered attractive.  I saw many blond children on the coast.  I was told this is from pirates of long ago.  Apparently the population was so small, hundreds of years ago, that even a few blond pirates were enough to produce a widespread trait today.  Maybe they’re all descended from the same pirate.

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  1. Davey says:

    The Merina don’t look particularly Asian to me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Orchestre_Hova2.jpg
    I expect the ‘Asian Malagasy’ are related to the Malays, who are not known for their intellectualism.

    • nenabunena says:

      The Malays or Austronesians as you disparage them had the most advanced culture in ancient times. How do you think they developed advanced seafaring, fishing, architecture, agriculture & astronomy?

    • pakarseosem says:

      As Indonesian without intellectualism I woud like to informed you that our Ancestor had built the Tallest Building which Already Survived for 1300 Years , we name it Borobudur was built at 800 AD , at that time your ancestor could be still slept in cave

  2. jewamongyou says:

    Today I met a Merina who told me his father is Merina and his mother Andandroy (African) so things are not as clear cut as it may seem.

  3. foxsnoozedotcom says:

    Interesting twist:
    American Indians are genetically connected to Asians, yet they have developed lower average IQs.
    North American Indians were less advanced than those in what is now Mexico and Central America. That challenges a (weak) supposition that climate accounts for the intellectual superiority of Europeans and Asians over Africans.

    • Sagat says:

      The cold climate hypothesis is the idea that the cold acted as a selective pressure that weeded out individuals that lacked the abilities for long term planning and abstract reasoning. The hypothesis is not that cold climates automatically create more intelligent populations. It’s simply about changing the distribution of traits, which is one of the methods of evolution.

      • Meh says:

        Yet where are all the great Inuit scientists?
        Why is that it took Northern Europeans a lot longer to make a great civilisation than Southern Europeans?
        Nubia, Egypt, The IVC, Mesopotamia are certainly not cold places yet seem to make a civilisation before the Europeans
        The Cold Climate Hypothesis is flawed!

  4. Insightful says:

    foxsnoozedotcom, if it was all about climate, shouldn’t Eskimos aka Inuits be the most advanced race on the planet?..

    • foxsnoozedotcom says:

      Ends that theory.

    • Gerry says:

      I believe the Eskimo’s average IQ is 98, this puts them on par with European’s in the IQ stakes.
      The extreme artic conditions they face in their environment forces them to live in small scattered groups in order to find enough resources to survive. This makes it near on impossible for them to create an advanced civilization since advanced civilization have always emerged in areas with high population densities.

  5. Sagat says:

    This is fascinating stuff. I’m glad that you were able to explore your interest in race while in Madagascar and share it with us.

  6. sffsdsfd says:

    Exactly how many people did you talk to?
    A few other things:
    “We do find some white male/ black female couples in Madagascar. This is to be expected due to the vast economic disparity between the two groups.”
    Don’t you mean asian male?
    “When I asked one man whose women are the most beautiful, he mentioned a particular tribe whose women look like Arabs.”
    Do you remember what this tribe was called at all? Any idea where they lived?
    “I saw many blond children on the coast. I was told this is from pirates of long ago. Apparently the population was so small, hundreds of years ago, that even a few blond pirates were enough to produce a widespread trait today. Maybe they’re all descended from the same pirate.”
    Where on the coast did you see these children? What were their features like?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I only spoke to five or six people.
      “white male black female” is what I meant. There doesn’t seem to be that much of an economic disparity between blacks and (native) Asians.
      Re: Arab-looking women, I can’t remember the name of tribe unfortunately. I should have been taking notes 🙂
      The areas I visited on the coast were Toliara and Morondava – and nearby towns on the way to the national parks.

  7. Truskeri says:

    I have to question some of your judgements, or atleast your framing, about the racial patterns in dating and beauty standards you saw in Madagascar. You’re aware that the asian element in Madagascar is Indonesian, but Indonesian women (and southeast asian women in general) are darker and seem to be considered less attractive than east asian women- which is what people usually talk about in these contexts. It wouldn’t be surprising that even here southeast asians are considered more attractive than blacks, but it’s really not accurate to compare it to what we see in western societies. And there’s of course how mixed the typical Malagasy is- it’d be more accurate to speak of couplings in terms of how asian or african their appearance is, so you aren’t literally seeing “black men with asian women” in Madagascar.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It may be that northern Asian women are more attractive than southeast Asian women, but southeast Asian women are still highly sought after in much of the world. Far more so than black African women.
      As for the “Asians” and “Africans” I saw, you may be right from a biological point of view but when it comes to mating, appearance is all that matters. People who have racial preferences in dating don’t perform genetic tests on their dates; they go by appearance, and this is all I was talking about.

  8. Eloise says:

    This rubbed me the wrong way, how can you interview a handful of people and consider it a credible source?
    Oh, and SE Asian women are generally sought after by white Americans and Brits.
    By tht logic we can say Brasilian mulatta/metisza women are sought out for’
    Your obvious prejudices discount u for a good source or informator

    • jewamongyou says:

      I already answered your objection about SE Asian women in a comment above yours. But it’s true that I did jump to conclusions based on only a few interviews, and I admitted as much in a comment.

  9. Meh says:

    “The Asians got intelligence, the blacks got physical prowess and the whites a balance of the two.”
    Yet white people still aren’t breeding, what gives?
    I thought white men were God’s gift to the universe. Hahahahahahaha
    I wonder who the white nationalists, supremacists etc are going to blame for for white men not breeding with white women?

    • jewamongyou says:

      What humans consider “superior” is not always the same thing as what nature considers superior. If whites disappear due to a lack of white babies, then nature will have decided that whites were an inferior race.

  10. anjarysoratra says:

    the writer knows anything about Malagasy people and his history, saying that those who have darker color skin are less intelligent than the other is an aberration …

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