Curious Malagasy customs

I was told (by more than one person) that when a couple wishes to marry, they are expected to cohabit for a couple of years.  In the meantime, they save up for the wedding.  During the wedding, the groom must publicly advocate his worthiness to marry the bride.  The bride’s family might raise objections and a debate is held.  If the groom loses the debate, he cannot marry his betrothed and he remains single – but is still saddled with the wedding expenses.  In order to minimize this risk, the groom, or his family, will typically hire a professional advocate, called a “pikabari”.  The pikabari’s reputation depends upon his success rate – just like attorneys in the West.  Top-notch pikabaris can fetch a hefty price.
Circumcision is practised among the Malagasy.  The grandfather (paternal, I think) is expected to swallow the foreskin with banana.  I am not sure what they used before bananas were imported to the island.  In any event, this is one reason I am happy I am not Malagasy.
In the days of the monarchy, a large sea shell (I forget the species) was used as a sort of trumpet to gather the people in times of peace.  In times of war, a Zebu horn was used instead.  The Malagasy have many uses for the Zebu.  It is a common beast of labor and its meat is a staple.  I was even told there is a Malagasy style pizza – which features chunks of Zebu meat.  Among the polygamous African tribes of the South, men use Zebu to buy their wives.
Today I bought a couple of traditional Malagasy music CD’s.  I’ll find out what they sound like upon my return.  I also got some of that famous Malagasy vanilla.  I hope it doesn’t go bad quickly when not refrigerated.

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7 Responses to Curious Malagasy customs

  1. foxsnoozedotcom says:

    Got photos to post?

  2. Californian says:

    Zebu pizza…not just for breakfast any more!

  3. Phil says:

    When you return home, could you comment about the murder of Lauren Burk, the jewish student at Auburn University who was killed by a black man? Occidental Dissent had a post about the murder.

  4. Ack, Lauren Burk, I remember her name. One of two really pretty young women murdered by blacks in a brief period.

  5. Unamused says:

    Eaten with banana… thanks for ruining bananas for me.
    Not to mention circumcision! Ruined, I tell you
    Yes please tell me all about Lauren Burk, I feel my hatred abating

  6. Manny says:

    The other girl killed around the same time was Eve Carson. Eve was a student in North Carolina, Lauren in Auburn, AL. I don’t know the details about Eve, but Lauren was shot in the back and left to die on the highway after escaping from a rape attempt.

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