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Mind the packaging!

Marketing people generally know what they are doing.  Companies spend millions of dollars finding out what sort of packaging sells products.  They know what shape, size, color and smell to package their products in and they know, generally speaking, what … Continue reading

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European diversity

A commenter named Flavia posted a link, within her comment of my previous post, to a video of a Jewish woman Barbara Specter who claims that Europe must become “multicultural” in order to survive and that it cannot be the … Continue reading

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All assault/rapes committed in Oslo committed by non-whites

Thanks to Human stupidity for sharing this link with me: [youtube] This is one of the many facets of the ongoing genocide of whites being perpetrated by their “own” governments.  I do not believe, for a second, that those … Continue reading

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The dream thieves

Being a chronic insomniac, I only got an estimated two hours of sleep last night.  But this was enough for me to enjoy a couple of vivid, and beautiful, dreams.  I have always cherished my dreams and I’ve even been … Continue reading

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Southern English, old men and white advocacy

I have noticed, much to my chagrin, that very few of the white advocates, whom I have met, speak Southern English – at least not in public.  A recent article, linked to at Amren, claims that the Southern dialect of English … Continue reading

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Roman busts

My favorite Roman busts are the ones that emphasize the individuality of the subject, not the idealized ones.  So, while visiting Rome and Vienna, I photographed a few exceptionally high-quality busts.  “These are realistic enough”, I thought, “that surely they … Continue reading

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African babies are a girl's best friend – by Portland Realist

My stepsister recently posted an announcement on facebook that read: I think most of you have guessed that we are planning to adopt from Ethiopia, an HIV+ baby!!!!!! Too many promptings by the spirit on this one to say no … Continue reading

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Talmud for lawyers

On his blog, the revisionist review, Michael Hoffman protests a Missouri program in which lawyers receive continuing legal education credit for studying the Talmud.  In his view, anything related to the Talmud (and probably Jews) is evil and should not be … Continue reading

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A beat up junker totaled my Lamborghini

A commenter called Phil requested that I publish my thoughts on the murder of the young Jewess Lauren Burk by a black thug who was trying to rape her.  I told him my answer would have to wait until after … Continue reading

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Just a funny for today

I thought this was funny.  I found it on HBDchick’s blog:

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