Europe is doomed

As some of you may have gathered, I’ve been in Europe the last few days.  I’ve been hopping around with a Europass and staying at cheap hotels and hostels.  I’ve seen many wondrous things here.  Cathedrals, castles, museums and statues.  All of them tributes to the great civilization that created them.  I am pleased to report that Europeans are having babies, at least in the more Germanic parts I’ve been to such as Venice*, Vienna and parts of Germany.

On the other hand, most of Western Europe is clearly in decline.  Graffiti is almost everywhere.  There is widespread miscegenation between young white women and black men.  These couples are everywhere and they make it a point to be seen.  I get the impression that there is not a single town or village, in all of Western Europe, that is free of blacks.  I asked a young man today how many African immigrants should be let into Europe.  I pointed out to him that probably half of Africa would love to come to Europe.  His response was that he doesn’t care; if things got too bad, he would just find someplace else to live – and this man was born here, as were his parents and grandparents and so on.

I thought about the above response and realized that the decline of Europe has its roots in the industrial revolution (and, of course, the French Revolution – but that’s a different topic).  During the industrial revolution, people left the rural areas for the cities in order to work in factories.  They considered this preferable to working the fields all day.  While it is not my place to judge them, a downside to this trend was that people became disconnected from the land.  Previously, most Europeans could point to the land they worked, and the immediate vicinity, and say, “I have worked this land my whole life, as did my father and his father and his father for centuries.  They are all buried here and, some day, so will I.  The fruit of the land is closely linked to my ancestors.  Not only because they worked the same land, but their sweat is mixed in with the soil that yields its fruit.  Thus, my flesh and bones are the flesh and bones of my ancestors.”  When this intimate connection, between ones ancestors, himself and his land, was broken, the stage was set for the destruction of Europe.  Today’s Europeans, at least most of them, feel no great connection with the land.  They feel no great connection with their ancestors.

The fact that most Europeans tolerate the desecration of their monuments and building, through graffiti, is the same mentality that allows them to tolerate the desecration of their women by Africans.  They simply don’t give a damn or, more accurately, not enough of them do.

In the beginning, before the onset of mass immigration, disaster could have been avoided through sensible immigration policies and border controls.  Now that so many have already entered, immigration control would be like locking the barn door after the horses have escaped.  It is far too late for that.  I recently read a statistic that 52% of the babies  born in Paris are black.  I don’t know if this is accurate, but it is easy to believe.  France is well on its way to becoming Europe’s first black country.  While most of the rest of Western Europe is, as far as I can tell, still solidly white, this state of affairs will not continue.  Sub-Saharan Africa is a ticking population time-bomb.  Probably half the men in Africa want nothing more than to move to Europe – and it is clear to me that their main motivation is to get at white women.  They are not hungry in Africa and there are plenty of opportunities in there.  But Europe has put a great big sign over itself stating, “come and get your white women!  Buy one, get one free.”

In a libertarian world, this state of affairs would never have happened.  Central governments would have had no power to (essentially) import millions of aliens into Europe.  There would have been no authority to force such an invasion upon the natives and people would be free to educate their children to be proud of their heritage.  But now that the crime has been committed, the only way Europe can possibly save itself from a slow death would be to take drastic measures.  Nothing short of a Nazi-style racially conscious fascist regime could make a dent in the problem.  The regime would have to deport hundreds of thousand of people, many of them children who were born in Europe and know no other home.  It would have to separate families, fight urban battles and uproot entire communities.  Obviously, such a scenario is not going to happen and this is why I say Europe is doomed.

I wanted to point out that I saw noticeably fewer black male/ white female couples in Italy.  My theory (assuming my observation is correct) is that the Italians have two advantages: a macho culture that allows their men to hold their own in competition for women and the presence of classical art everywhere.  Classical art can train the eye to look for certain ideals.  It shows the viewer what human beauty is supposed to look like.  The classical face is about as different from that of the negro as can be.  When young people are constantly exposed to classical art, their concept of beauty is shaped accordingly and they are less likely to seek a mate whose appearance is at odds with these ideals.  This is a gift their Roman ancestors left them.

I have much more to say about Europe but I wanted to publish this particular post while I’m still in Europe.

*Not that Venice is “Germanic”, but the people are certainly not Mediterranean.

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  1. Dregs says:

    The apathy that you describe among Europeans to the displacement of their own people is, I believe, largely explained by the shift in generations: as more and more of the younger generation comes of age, they will not have known anything other than a state of affairs where there is miscegination, crime, graffitti, significant Muslim and black presence, politically correct indoctrination, etc.
    When that is all one has ever known, it becomes increasingly difficult to have sufficient perspective to criticize it. This is why I think we will also see increasing number of White Europeans converting to Islam: for them, Islam will be a “normal” part of France. If you are a twenty year old uneducated, not particularly privileged native European living in an urban area, the fact that Islam is a radically new addition to Europe will not be a part of your thought process because, despite its newness, it is all you have ever known. Thus, things like Islamification of the local population could well accelerate in the coming years, making the doom you predict even more inevitable.
    For people of a previous generation, it is important to keep this in mind, because it goes a long way to explaining why younger people often don’t “get it” and are not receptive to reactionary arguments from older people. (And I’m using “older” here to basically mean anyone over 40, give or take.)
    (Obviously, there is also a group of young Europeans who DO get it, and are becoming more and more “nativist”, reactionary and unwilling to give up their racial patrimony. The question is which phenomenon will predominate.)

    • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

      (Obviously, there is also a group of young Europeans who DO get it, and are becoming more and more “nativist”, reactionary and unwilling to give up their racial patrimony. The question is which phenomenon will predominate.)
      The real question is which group of young European Whites will have more children.

  2. Annoyed says:

    I don’t think America is much better off then Europe in this regard…

  3. cruft says:

    So what does YAHWEH say about the situation. As you know who (AH) said it’s about ‘blood & soil’. Why must the promised land be totally cleared of the inhabitants? Because their sin had not reached the tipping point. It was Yahweh’s creation and his to do whatever pleased him. He had decided the lands was for the Jews, even down to the tribes, and they could not sell, only lease. What does Yahweh say about the miscengenation and he’s quite clear. Ezra 9; The exiles had returned and married local women. Ezra prays and meditates. Ezra 10; He calls all the returnees together and lays out their sin, miscengenation; and they put their wives and children away. Wow! This was a hard thing to do. So we don’t need fascism we need a theocracy. Problem we have run out of worlds. We were given the ‘old world’, then the ‘new world’ not a triumph.

  4. WD says:

    I think Dregs is partially correct about conversions but that it will be mostly women who convert.Indeed,in Britain,there is already a surprisingly high rate of conversion to Islam amongst native white women.
    I know most European countries quite well but am most familiar with Germany-my wife is German-and it is correct that one can hardly go,even to the most remote of places without seeing an African or two.You simply can’t escape,be it social,sporting or cultural.
    However,was at a wedding last week in a village outside Regensburg,about 150 guests and all white,not all German but all white.
    It was such a pleasure.

  5. Bantu Education says:

    In late Dec/Jan I did a train trip down the old Orient Express line visiting Slovenia (although did not get off in Lubiana the capital) Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia, Plovdiv, then a side trip to Lake Ohrid, Macedonia.
    I only saw 2 or 3 blacks the entire trip and they were tourists from W.Europe.
    Later I went to Brno (Czech) still no blacks, but then in Prague they were everywhere hanging around on street corners basically getting in your face. Why Prague?
    Lots of tourists to parasite off, even in the middle of winter.

  6. CallistoRising says:

    Dregs is largely right. Europe is too far gone. I myself grew up among some non-whites and mixed people, and was indoctrinated in multiculturalism and broad liberalism as per the general post-WW2 hegemony. I have had that ‘racial re-awakening’ or whatever you call it but it’s hard to translate your honest observations and subsequent beliefs/ideals into action when you have a predominately liberal and ethnically mixed base of friends and colleagues. Some places are by and large deracinated (see London) but fortunately the ‘birds of a feather flock together’ tendency is still inherent in most people not of mixed blood themselves. It’s what Kevin Macdonald calls ‘implicit whiteness’ – people who, despite espousing liberal views make lifestyle choices conducive to preserving culture and bloodline, and whatnot.

  7. RS says:

    Fascism was pretty cool next to bolshevism, and Germany’s success much-deserved, up until they did the war, or until the few years before. Though it’s true they were robbing departing Jews whom they had menaced much, and there’s no doubt Mussolini committed some level of horrors in Ethiopia, that was in ’35. I’m not sure what he imagined himself to be accomplishing, and I don’t think it’s very clear whether he intentionally killed 10,000s or 100,000s of civvies.
    The thing is fascism had a red thread or twenty of desperate ultra-insanity, from the very beginning. Kind of a sense that redemption and superlative achievement might require taking ultimate risks with total audacity. Behind it, in part, was this tremendous eros for risk and suffering, because they yield increased strength afterward, if one survived – virtv. The way that this exceeded the bounds of sense is shown well by the ludicrous ultra-machismo of many Hitler speeches. You’re almost surprised people didn’t start giggling.
    There can be little doubt that a lot of this spirit, maybe half or more, comes from Nietzsche, both from his innate persona and from his total aggravation through endlessly repeated migraines, which is a bit of a parallel to the fairly bad, though not apocalyptic suffering of Germany in 1914-33. And finally from his progressive disinhibition, most likely the result of a non-metastatic brain tumor present from age 13 or so, which also caused the headaches. The WWI ‘apocalypse’ very much compounded the bad influences from Nietzsche’s bad side.
    Things are different now, and I’m optimistic that the new fascism will be, well, not fascist. Nietzsche’s connection to the latter is well known and he was declared ‘no longer contagious’ by second-gen Frankfort School denizen J. Habermas, though he later modified this statement.
    Well, I would like to see N. become very contagious – the real one and not the rather strange version which the Frankfort fellas openly declared to be better than Marx. Only, that doesn’t mean rehabilitating N. or the past; they are what they are and nothing could be more unattractive than the idea of repeating them.
    Of course you can’t have a great movement against the current destruction without some level of collective grandeur and excitement, and emphasis on masculine hardiness. That’s in the nature of things. But non-fanatical heads must fight to make sure these things don’t become fanaticized at all. And really, one man should not have all the power, that’s a bad recipe.

  8. RS says:

    I’ve barely ever been to Europe, but what do you guys think of this Guardian comment thread?
    Yeah, Guardian. This ain’t the Telegraph or the Mail. The essay itself (not very worthwhile) is by one of their very top politicians. The thread is like 65% frankly cheesed off about immigration. (85%, on the first page. Righties get up earlier I guess.)
    Frankly I had until now thought of the Brit intellectual environment as much worse than the French, German, or Danish ones, closer to Sweden. So I’m amazed by this thread which is way beyond anything you would see in the US mainstream. And one comment claims all this is a recent sea change in opinion, or at least in expression of opinion at this newpaper.
    What really impacted my mind is how so many commenters spotted and inverted all of the leading or loaded thought-structures and locutions that the essay used. ‘Reframing’, as Roissy would say. They really stuck it to him.

  9. (un)concerned says:

    That was the most grim assessment of the situation in Europe I’ve ever read. It kind of ruined my day, to be honest. However, truth is truth, and it’s best that we pay attention rather than just turn our heads to unpleasant reality.
    I’m not sure that the white race can be saved in any of its strongholds. Whether it’s in Europe, the US and Canada or South America, everyone else wants to be EXACTLY where we are. They call us evil and intolerable, but they’d rather live in our countries and move to our neighborhoods than be with their own “vibrant” (if I may borrow from vdare) co-ethnics.

    • RS says:

      j.a.y.’s post may assume that the reader already knows about True Finns, Lega Nord, Marine Le Pen polling just above all the rest… if I’m getting this right, 48% of Brits said they might vote for the true right if the latter would ‘renounce violence’. As someone said upthread, the resistance is pretty real, though its eventual success is very much in question. The true right is perhaps not entirely trusted to govern non-bizarrely, which is something people like Ms. Le Pen are addressing.
      The resistance is mostly in Europe itself, not the onetime settler colonies.

  10. Statsaholic says:

    I would think that Venetians certainly are Southern European in genetics.
    For example see this chart showing that the every one of the North Italians tested clustered with a group including 100% of Spaniards, 100% of Portuguesse, 100% of Tuscans (a region in Central Italy), 100% of French Basques, most Greeks, and significant minorities of Sicilians, French, and Ashkenazi Jews:
    It’s notable that this cluster including all North Italians includes nobody in it but Southern Europeans and Ashkenazi Jews (Ashkenazis being a population largely derived from Southern Europeans).
    It is true that North Italians are distinct from gentile non-European Mediterranean populations, but the same can be said of all Southern Europeans, so this fact is trivial.

    • Statsaholic says:

      so this fact is trivial
      What I mean by this is that if you’re going to say North Italians aren’t Mediterranean based on their being distinct from gentile non-European Mediterranean populations, then you’d also have to say that all Southern Europeans aren’t Mediterranean either.
      Mediterranean Europeans are a meaningful subgroup of Europeans. This group clearly includes Venetians and other North Italians.
      Also just to clarify, the non-European Mediterranean Jewish populations which are related to Southern Europeans are all subgroups of Jews which spent long sojourns in Southern Europe.
      For example, no overlap was found between Iranian Jews and Southern Europeans, which makes sense given that unlike Ashkenazis they didn’t spend millenia in Southern Europe where they could’ve had gene flow from Europeans.

  11. Statsaholic says:

    I’m also skeptikal of JAY’s claim that people in Germanic parts of Europe, in general, are having lots of babies.
    The official fertility data unfortunately shows Germany and Austria as having low fertility rates.
    Really all of Europe except for the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland), the British Isles, and France seem to have pretty low fertility.
    Still Rob S. is correct that the political resistance to the displacement of Europeans is mostly in Europe itself, and that’s even more important than fertility issue.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Statsaholic, I am only reporting what I saw; I made no statistical claims. I did see a lot of whites with babies and children in central Europe. To me, this was encouraging. Perhaps things have changed since the last statistics were put together. As for the people of Venice not being Mediterranean, you are probably correct in what you write. Their appearance, to me, seems to be more in line with central and Northern Europe. This is a post about my own observations and perceptions during my visit to Europe, not a scientific analysis.

      • Marc says:

        jewamongyou; I am surprised that you did not call Statsaholic on his huge error regarding Jewish origins, genetics, and the origin of Ashkenazi Jews. Genetic research contradicts much of what he has said, there were many conversions in Southern Europe to Judaism in the ancient epic, even Nero’s niece converted. As for the Ashkenazi’s they are not Southern European Jews, but Central and Eastern European Jews who initially settled in the Rhinelands before Christianity even arrived. Jews were trading with the locals before then and were suppliers to the Roman army even as far north as Britain. There is a debate ongoing, but it seems that many Germans today carry a Jewish marker and the initial Jewish settlers brought wives with them but also married into the local populations as well. The Normans used Jewish suppliers and bankers in their courts and were greatly enabled by them. It goes on and on.

      • Statsaholic says:

        Nothing I said contradicts the idea that there was significant conversion based gene flow from Southern Europeans into the Jewish population.
        As for your idea that Ashkenazis were in Central, Northern, and/or Eastern Europe before Christianity, what evidence do you have for this?
        All the genetic evidence I’ve seen finds much more Southern European type admixture in Ashkenazis than Northern European type admixture.
        This makes it very doubtful to me that Ashkenazis had a significant proportion of their ancestors in Northern Europe anywhere near as early as you’re claiming.
        As for Germans having Jewish genes, I suppose it’s possible but I wonder if it might not be a confounding effect from the Neolithic.

  12. S. Thompson says:

    I’m from and living in W.Europe and I have reached the same conclusion as you, jay. My hope is that some sort of a homeland for western civilization to continue will be established. If so, I think is most likely to be in the USA. I don’t actually blame 3rd world immigrants for this mess. It’s a universal human instinct to improve your own situation, even if it’s at the expense of others. The majority of W.Europeans I know simply don’t know about this impending disaster and if they do, they don’t care.

  13. Kiwiguy says:

    When I visited Italy a couple of years ago the africans I saw tended to be street vendors selling cheap handbags. I don’t think they had much opportunity to interact with the local females.
    Some good news JAY, is that the European politicians recently signed a statement telling the EU Judges to back off.

  14. NW European says:

    Very Good, jewamongyou, this post is right on the mark IMO. What do you suggest we do?
    I think parts of America will have a white population capable of defending itself, even against the federal government, but not Europe. Europe is, as the author claims, doomed. The reason is the people won’t fight if the government doesn’t, and it takes too long for the culture to change and new political leadership to emerge, so yeah, we’re pretty much done here, Allahu-Ahkbar!
    I’m still in a debate over at Amren on a related issue, I’m advocating for capitalism because of the freedom to separate, which we lack today. Nationalists don’t like capitalism very much it seems, but what else is there? A bloodbath?

  15. portland1realist says:

    I am going to have to disagree with you on two points. The first point a very subjective one. Europe being “doomed” depends on what you envision as a desirable (or achievable) place to live. I think you would like total segregation, but at the same time you know some 100% genetically pure European nation is also not an achievable goal. That is why I call myself a Mostly White Nationalist.
    In my opinion the U.S. was at one time a nice place to live: 90% white and everybody knew who was in charge. White women knew blacks were intellectually inferior and for the most part would never breed with them. Europe can still achieve this, if the truth can somehow get out to white people and their leaders that is. Impose some strict immigration policies, deport all the muds you can, encourage whites to breed and put abortion clinics on every corner in minority neighborhoods claiming they have “a right to an abortion.” It will take time, but it will take a heavy handed state.
    Which brings me to the second point, a Libertarian government is the exact opposite of what is necessary. If individual liberty is to be respected than the “bad Jews” that control the media and Hollywood must be allowed to use their private property as they see fit. If they would like to encourage miscenagation and open borders through the airwaves they effectively own, we have no hope. The muds liberty must also be respected when wanting to move wherever they want. Laissez-Fare economic policies concerning international trade are exactly what led to the mess we are in. We need a strong central ethno-nationalist government if we are to survive. National Socialism was so politically successful because it promised people the peace and economic security they desired. Telling the Working class white masses that all of their economic subsidies will be removed if only they vote white is a non-starter. We must use socialism and combine it with ethno-nationalism if we are ever to gain a foothold. Hitler knew this, so yes, he was right.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think you misunderstood me on both points realist. I am not suggesting that Europe is doomed because it will lose its racial purity. On the contrary. In the end, it will be more or less of pure race – but that race will be negro. People find it hard to believe now because there are still so many whites in Europe. But the trend is obvious to me, and will become obvious to more people as time goes on. Europe will be, in a few hundred years, as black as the Congo.
      As for libertarianism, I was trying to say that it will NOT help in this situation. Matters are too far out of hand and only a fascist dictatorship could possibly turn things around.

      • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

        Your analysis seems depressingly plausible. The selection pressures at play are extremely powerful.
        Looking at other trends it seems the same will be true of the Middle East and Western Asia (the low birth rate of North Africa combined with large Black immigration). Perhaps one day even Eastern Asia (it will take a century or two longer).
        When a more pessimistic mood strikes me I can’t help but wonder if the branch of mankind that left Africa 200 000 years ago is a dead man walking. Indian low cast Caucasoids seem to be doing pretty well for now, Andean Indians may be safe due to underdeveloped economies and natural barriers, Amish and ultraordhodox Jews seem to be holding their birth rate high but this is based on fragile memes. Perhaps if a place like Japan can keep Black populations down below 4% for the next 300 years they could perhaps evolve a way past low fertility that allows them to maintain their high tech civilization.

      • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

        I just want to correct slight inaccuracy in my previous post.
        East Africans+Everyone Else diverged from the rest 200 000 years ago. We only left africa 125 000 years ago.

      • portland1realist says:

        Okay, I suppose I was simply responding to one line about “In a Libertarian world this would never have happened.” It would have.
        As far as Europe being doomed, I just hope you are wrong!

  16. Bantu Education says:

    @ reactionary..
    “the low birth-rate in N.Africa”??? From where did you pull that one? All Muslim countries have high birth rates as ordered by Allah through the holy prophet, blessings be upon him.

  17. Bantu Education says:

    There is a lot of loose talk here and on other right-wing sites about a white homeland in N.America, and they are not talking tiny but about the wholesale secession of a dozen or so states.
    Firstly, even if the right could unite behind one leader, one idea, this would mean a prolonged and bloody civil war with an uncertain outcome.
    Second, you would be fighting not just against not just the muds, but against liberal whites who would want to maintain the status quo.
    Third, even if the war is won, you can bet your last dollar that the alliance will then split up and might even start fighting each other. Anyway you would probably end up with several smaller more vulnerable states, not one big one.
    Fourth, you then have the problem of eliminating – either by deportation or genocide – the several million muds within the seceded territory. Either way it will involve more violence and this could prompt a prolonged siege or invasion from their supporters without.
    Fifth, the mid-west/mountain states usually suggested are land-locked, another big problem.
    Finally, such a large territory would always be vulnerable to attack and/or infiltration – even if it survives it will be in a permanent state of war like Israel.
    There is another much better possibility that NOBODY is yet talking about but this is not the place to introduce it, and I couldn’t explain it adequately in just a few paragraphs.

  18. S. Thompson says:

    Bantu Education,
    You’re correct in saying that a white homeland in the USA is not a very likely prospect. However the chances are better there than in W.Europe. People think Russia offers hope but Muslim demographics won’t make this possible. American whites have the drive and intelligence to make this possible (an inheritance from their colonial ancestors). Most European whites are simply too lazy and consider it unfashionable to give a damn about racial preservation.
    I’m not saying this means that a white homeland in the US will succeed but they at least will put up more of a resistance before the possibility of white nationalism is completely extinguished.

  19. CanSpeccy says:

    I find your statement:
    “Nothing short of a Nazi-style racially conscious fascist regime could make a dent in the problem”
    difficult to understand.
    The great majority of the population in Britain, and I assume elsewhere in Europe, is opposed to mass immigration (a view entirely justifiable in economic terms, quite apart from any objection people may have to their own racial destruction). So why would democracy not work?
    And in fact it would, but the people are offered no choice in crucial matters, all parties being controlled by the same interests and differing only sufficiently to create a plausible election contest, essential differences being forgotten the day after the election. Under this pseudodemocracy democratic “extremists” are taken care of by fake populist parties — probably run by MI6) which make a great display of fascistic, thuggish, stupidity, which guarantees them an “extreme right” label (e.g., the British National Party run by Masonic clown and Cambridge-trained lawyer, Nick Griffin, a security services operative, surely), thus ensuring that virtually no one dare publicly espouse that party or that party’s policies.
    It seems clear that what Europe already has a totalitarian form of government, which relies mainly on psychological warfare techniques rather than overt tyranny, to impose a program of genocide on the peoples of Europe.
    This all makes sense as part of the policy of the New World Order. If we are to have a global system, the nation state, and with it the nations of the earth must go. (The Jews, for some reason, feel they should be immune from this fate, which in a way is odd, since Jews, at least those of long European descent, are surely one of the most mixed races — from dusky curly-haired south Europeans to blonde blue-eyed Ukrainians and Saxons, if indeed they are, apart from a smattering of Semitic genes, a distinct racial entity at all.)
    There can be no doubt that, today, powerful forces among Western elites seek to create a global empire that will serve not the interests of the Western nations, but only of a deracinated plutocratic elite that seeks to impose a global tyranny through the destruction of the old nations of the Earth as racial, cultural, religious and political entities. This is no less than a program of universal national genocide as Raphael Lemkin, who coined the term, defined that word.
    “The crime of the [German Nazi] Reich in wantonly and deliberately wiping out whole peoples is not utterly new in the world. It is only new in the civilized world as we have come to think of it. It is so new in the traditions of civilized man that he has no name for it.
    It is for this reason that I took the liberty of inventing the word, “genocide.” The term is from the Greek word genes meaning tribe or race and the Latin cide meaning killing. Genocide tragically enough must take its place in the dictionary of the future beside other tragic words like homicide and infanticide. As Von Rundstedt has suggested the term does not necessarily signify mass killings although it may mean that.
    More often it refers to a coordinated plan aimed at destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups so that these groups wither and die like plants that have suffered a blight. The end may be accomplished by the forced disintegration of political and social institutions, of the culture of the people, of their language, their national feelings and their religion. It may be accomplished by wiping out all basis of personal security, liberty, health and dignity. When these means fail the machine gun can always be utilized as a last resort. Genocide is directed against a national group as an entity and the attack on individuals is only secondary to the annihilation of the national group to which they belong.”
    Raphael Lemkin in Genocide – A Modern Crime, 1945
    Incidentally, I reposted on my blog your post, with acknowledgements and a link back to you. This prompted an immediate charge of racism and a threat to “get rid of this terrible crap.”
    Any comments, either here, or at my site, on the question of whether it is “racist” to discuss the genocidal consequences of mass immigration to Europe, or even whether it is racist to attempt to suppress such discussion would, I think, be of interest.
    Currently, however, no comment is possible on my blog, any attempt to do so generating the following message:
    “Blogger is unavailable right now. We apologize for this interruption in service.”

    • jewamongyou says:

      Thanks for the link – and your comment. As for a majority of Europeans opposing mass immigration, my point was that even a total cessation of immigration would not, at this point, save the indigenous races of Europe from extinction. There are already more than enough blacks and Asians in Europe to outbreed and ultimately extinguish the whites of Europe. As much as most Europeans dislike immigration, I doubt that a majority would support laws curbing the fertility of non-whites in Europe or prohibiting miscegenation.

  20. CanSpeccy says:

    If I may add a word, having been shut out of my own blog by Blogger, I have commented further on this topic at my website “> I will add any relevant updates there.

  21. Robbo says:

    Bantu Education,
    you’ve piqued my interest. Pray tell, or point this thirsty wayfarer to another oasis.

    • Bantu Education says:

      As I said I cannot do justice to my concept without writing a long screed.
      But a few clues to hopefully sake your thirst, or will it just make you thirstier for more (knowledge)?
      Civilisation is defined by cities and only civilised peoples can found, build, and live harmoniously in cities.
      Unfortunately our cities (like our countries) are too easily infiltrated by parasites who have no right to be living in them, so we need a totally new city paradigm self-sufficient in power, water, and food, that can be closed off and defended against the uncivilised hordes.
      So what I am proposing is a high-tech new form of city-state. These could be built on long-leased land in any country in theory, although in practice all African and Muslim countries would be out of the question. I like some S.American countries which have in the past encouraged immigrant colonies, eg Uruguay, Paraguay. Others will climb aboard when they see the benefits that will accrue to them.
      As to how we get to that point – my answer is the same as Teddy Roosevelts to his Panama Canal critics – “Build it, and they will come..!”

  22. CanSpeccy says:

    “There are already more than enough blacks and Asians in Europe to outbreed and ultimately extinguish the whites of Europe”
    But, for now, the indigenous people of Europe still have the most votes. A genuinely democratic government would soon stay the immigrant tide and ultimately reverse it, all with popular assent:
    Kick or the illegals, deport the foreign-born criminals (as more democratic Switzerland has just voted to do), implement effective laws against polygamy, stamp out political correctness and its advocacy of homosexuality and abortion, revise or eliminate welfare programs that enable the indigent to parasitize the diligent, imposing upon them the cost of their own irresponsible reproduction; priveledge indigenous people through child allowances etc., until the balance of population is redressed.
    And then offer all those not largely descended from citizens native to Europe prior to 1950 a gratuity of $100,000 on their return to their land of ethnic origin.
    This would enrich many young first, second and third generation immigrants and the homelands to which they would return. The cost? About $100 billion per million individuals — almost chicken feed, given the scale of current European government deficits.
    There would still be millions of Asians and Africans and their descendants remaining in Europe but their birth rate would have stabilized at no more than that of the indigenous population. The racial composition of Europe, and the associated cultural and religious characteristics of Europe would not longer be subject to irreversible change.
    It seems to me this is a feasible democratic solution, although I grant that it won’t occur because Europe is no longer a democratic society.

    • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

      Abortion means fewer NAMs, especially the wrecked Black communities that form in the modern Western World.
      I suppose if their populations are under 3 or 4% the gains in the White population outweigh that. However I wonder where except in Eastern Europe (which has a hideously high abortion rate for the most part) this will still be true at the end of this decade.

  23. CanSpeccy says:

    I like Bantu Education’s proposal for the creation of city states, something I have long advocated, not as a means of achieving ethnic homogeneity, but as an escape from the lunatic, coercive state. Such city states could fulfill all kinds of hopes. An exclusive home for Plymouth Brethren, Quakers, Vegetarians, socialists, whatever.
    But the ideas is surely doomed to failure. Any city that refused to go along with the New World Order would be declared a rogue state, and bombed unmercifully to protect its people from death at the hand of their chosen leaders.

  24. Patrick says:

    The main thing a nationalist party has to do is figure out a way of making peace with the jewish community and being able to make it clear to everyone that it is not antisemitic. This includes weeding out antisemitic elements in the party.
    A major aspect of achieving this would be to develop propaganda(propaganda is used hear in its neutral sense) and an ideology that is not hostile to the jewish community. The difficulty of this is that there are many antisemitic nationalist ideologies and so constructing and promoting one that is not antisemitic would entail that that ideology would have to be in competition with other ideologies.
    But the very first step in doing this would be to promote a white pride that is not anti-jewish. It doesn’t have to be pro-jewish but it has to be openly against anti-semitism and openly denounce anti-semitism.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That would be nice – but the favor must be reciprocated by Jewish organizations and I don’t see that happening. I think it is high time new, more white-friendly, Jewish organizations are founded to replace the old corrupt and intolerant ones.

      • Patrick says:

        Well just from my interactions with jews on an individual level I have found many jews to be fond of white culture and in a sense pro-white, yet they hold back on being explicitly pro-white due to anti-jewish propaganda among some of those in the pro-white community.
        You have a point about jewish organizations, the truth is is that jewish organizations might be for a very long time very nervous about white pride. And the only thing a white pride organization can do to deal with that is to ignore it.
        What I mean is the only thing a white pride organization can do about that is to ignore any sort of thing critical of white pride by jewish organizations. And just maintain a stance against anti-semitism and do outreach to the jewish community.
        And so a strategy I would endorse would be one where white pride groups refrain from bringing attention to jewish groups who are opposed to white pride. And simultaneously a white pride group should condemn antisemitism among other white pride groups.
        And really the group should make sure that the issue of jewish groups who oppose white pride just shouldnt be brought up within their organization.
        And in this way the group should just act and make outreach to the jewish community and work with any individual jews or jewish groups who do happen to be sympathetic to them.
        RIght now there is a big gaping wound in white-jewish relations and I dont think its productive for people on either side to point fingers and place blame. The best way forward is to not get into “who did what” and “what happened over there”.
        White groups should learn from other ethnic advocacy organizations and work on building bridges of communication.
        It’s important to understand that the jewish community isn’t a force of nature. The jewish community is a group of people like other people and within that group are individuals with different opinions.
        So the way to approach the situation would be like approaching any other situation. People simply have to talk and establish lines of communication. Make alliances if possible with people who are sympathetic. And just move forward.

  25. Hello, my name is Thiago, I am Brazilian, I declare myself white, I’m looking for Southern Europe, by my father’s ancestry is almost pure white, of Portuguese from her mother is very mestizo, mulatto means I have a grandmother still looking white (non-European, somewhere in Levante), my grandfather had a strong Jewish aspect (eyes, eyebrows,nose, face shape), I suspect many Sephardic Jews have ancestors from both the father and mother, because I have different surnames used by New Christians and Marranos.
    but I’m not here to talk to me (it seems, but is not)
    I’ve been talking a little bit of pandemonium that Brazil, once a country is turning median.
    There is circulating among its academic cycles theory”of”exotic beauty of mixed race, who intermarry do well, that 9 out of 10 breeds are beautiful (as beautiful models that decorate the outdoors)
    all lies
    miscegenation people plays an ugly, really ugly, walk the streets of Brazil every day, and I have to go through an average in Southern European appearance’m pretty close to them, just confirms the theory of”beauty”and that mixed most have a predominance of Caucasian features. Brazil is heading towards the hole, mixing the white race is dying out (until I’m a little mongrel that I am becoming rare), blacks with their inability to predict the basic fill the maternity of children, a baby boom black and mulatto, thanks to our DEAR LEADERS, I fear for something even worse.
    In 2050 Brazil, a country of the future supposed to be homogeneously black and mulatto,
    the richest regions of the country are overwhelmingly white, northeast, north, the poorest
    The Rio de Janeiro, sold as a city beautiful, wonderful, is hell liberal Marxist black, 70% of blacks and mulattos slums, the favelas were”pacified”to reduce the city’s rampant violence. Brazil is heading towards the hole, mixing the white race is dying out (until I’m a little mongrel that I am becoming rare), blacks with their inability to predict the basic fill the maternity of children, a baby boom black and mulatto, thanks to our DEAR LEADERS, I fear for something even worse.
    In 2050 Brazil, a country of the future supposed to be homogeneously black and mulatto,
    the richest regions of the country are overwhelmingly white, northeast, north, the poorest
    The Rio de Janeiro, sold as a city beautiful, wonderful, is hell liberal Marxist black, 70% of blacks and mulattos slums, the favelas were”pacified”to reduce the violence rampant in the city.
    Schools are always depleted, and imagine the offenders?
    Jews dominate the media, government, a disproportionate number of directors, actors, singers, Jewish rulers,
    encourages the media to ALL miscegenation novels white / black, even among children.that’s it, but know what they are getting into Paradise, where the chosen are the rich and middle class, whiter whites, are the most”intelligent”,”cults”
    funny, in any book of history teaching is”small”Jewish participation in the slave trade,”small”participation.

  26. Sorry my terrific english

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