"He who controls the past…"

George Orwell  wrote, in 1984, “He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.”  Our rulers, and their media lapdogs, understand this well.  What is considered “history”, by the hostile elite, tells us what their intentions are for the present and future.
The Oregonian recently ran a front page side article titled, “Oregon history quiz”.  The ostensible purpose of the article is to illustrate how ignorant most Oregonians are of their own history.  In reality, the article is an insidious attempt to reinforce the racial hierarchy of “black-run America” (coinage from Occidental Dissent).  In black-run America, blacks are the Brahmans while whites are untouchables.  Hispanics are of intermediate caste.  As soon as I saw that the Oregonian was publishing a “history quiz” I instinctively knew that at least one of the questions would specifically deal with blacks.   The question topics are:
1)  A politician who supported construction of the Bonneville Dam.
2)  When did Oregonians approve initiative and referendum laws?
3)  Was Oregon the first state to hold a vote-by-mail election?
4)  A pro-slavery governor (of Southern origin) in Oregon 1848.
5)  History of environmentalism in Oregon.
6)  After the flood of 1948, where did the hub of Oregon’s black community temporarily move to?
7)  An Oklahoma Indian tribe that traces its ancestry to Oregon.
As for #7, it is understandable that native American history should be included in our history.  After all, they were the only inhabitants of what is now Oregon for a very long time.  So their inclusion, in our history, needn’t have any political undertones.  But, of the 7 questions, 2 pertain to blacks.  One of them specifically.  There are no questions about the Jews of Oregon, or the Chinese or any other group.  It is not explained why the temporary hub of the “black community” should be of any importance to the non-black citizens of Oregon.
Unfortunately, in the minds of the masses, the MSM controls the past.  Clearly, it is their goal to use the past (or their selective version of it) as a tool to impose slavery upon whites with blacks being their masters and the Chosen People.  I did write a letter to the editor regarding this and I would encourage the rest of y’all to do so as well.  Perhaps, if they hear from enough of us, they will realize how ridiculous their worship of blacks appears to normal people.

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7 Responses to "He who controls the past…"

  1. Do you live in Oregon? Portland??
    Get out, man, they’ll feast on your entrails. You can stay in my basement while you find a place.
    (If you’re just spying on the left-coast whiterpeople suicide machine, good for you.)

  2. Fjordman says:

    Slavery is a harsh term, try for the more moderate “serfdom,” which is certainly true. We are witnessing a return to serfdom in the Multicultural West, where whites have become welfare serfs. We are supposed to pay for our own humiliation and dispossession, and smile. Witness how the ruling oligarchs all over the West reacted to the Swiss referendum banning Islamic minarets. They were afraid that this might introduce “dangerous” ideas about self-preservation into the otherwise thoroughly controlled and imprisoned minds of the docile white subjects in their own countries. We can’t have that. The ruling elites here acted as a cartel of landlords working to keep the peasants under control, similar to medieval landlords cooperating to keep runaway serfs under control.

    • Mongrel says:

      How is “serfdom” more true than “slavery?”

      • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

        A slave can be sold to another ownder.
        Whites attempting to migrate to another integrated economical predominantly white region are discouraged on every step (the regions being greater South Africa, Oceania, EU and the US and Canada).
        For a example see how the US taxes its expatriates or how many White South Africans are desperate to leave the country.

      • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

        The only way to “trade” White surfs is to assimilate a region into your trade sphere and partially annex the local political apparatus.
        This is basically what the EU is to an extent.

  3. (un)concerned says:

    That was a good, well-articulated post. I’ve argued for a long time that liberals hold a distorted and totally unrealistic view of blacks, especially as it relates to the importance of blacks in American history. If the state in question were Mississippi, I could perhaps understand why it would be important to include questions about blacks if the state in question were Mississippi or an equally black state, but not for Oregon

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