Racism: seek and ye shall find it

I once again had the misfortune of stumbling upon an abomination from the Oregonian.  So I thought I’d share it with the rest of y’all.  Misery loves company.  This one is from Thursday, May22 and is titled, “A rental market rife with RACISM“.  According to this article:

A survey performed last summer for the city of Portland found discrimination runs rampant in the rental housing sector.  In 50 cases in which the precisely scripted black or Latino person inquired about renting, 32 were found to be discriminated against…
We wonder, meanwhile, why there can’t be a simple, swift administration of punitive fines, something for which the city has no current apparatus in place…
Racism – another form of public threat, incidentally – is ripe for everyday law enforcement.
It isn’t even Portland’s reputation that’s at stake.  It’s Portland’s soul.

I assume that when an editorial lists no author, it is the official position of the newspaper.  Indeed, this sort of drivel fits in very well with the anti-white, socialist attitudes of the Oregonian.
Americans have been conditioned to believe that discrimination is wrong and that laws against it are justified.  After all, nobody likes being discriminated against.  I don’t like being discriminated against.  I don’t like it when I ask a lady out and she rejects me.  That’s discrimination.  It’s no fun when I’m not invited to a party either.  That’s discrimination.  Since the article speaks of “landlords” we can safely assume that it is private property that is spoken of here.  “Private property” means the owner gets to choose to whom he will sell, rent or lease.  This is what it means to own property.  Nobody has the right to dictate that a property owner must sell or rent to certain people or refrain from denying a lease to others.  This is his decision and his alone.  If we live in a society where racial discrimination is frowned upon, then word will get out that certain landlords discriminate on the basis or race and the market will punish them.  There is no need for the heavy hand of the law.
Furthermore, the article never bothers to ask what would motivate somebody to refuse perfectly green money simply because of the race of the prospective renter.  It simply assumes and the only motivation is baseless hate.  My hunch is that the author of this article does not live in a complex where a majority of the tenants are black or Hispanic.  Did any of the researchers even bother to ask the landlords why they preferred white tenants?  I doubt it.  What we have here is a perfect case of prejudice.
Another question the city of Portland (and the Oregonian) do not seem eager to ask is how prevalent is racism against whites?  I would wager that not a single penny was ever spent, by any governmental agency in Oregon, in order to find anti-white racism.  It is not hard to figure out why this might be so:  Government agencies are among the worst discriminators against whites.  While the Oregonian is worried about a few racially conscious landlords discriminating against non-whites, all levels of government are busy systematically discriminating against whites.  Such anti-white discrimination is both legally required and practiced informally.
What is “fair housing”?  Fair housing is when owners of private property are allowed to use their property as they see fit.  It is when people are not forced to live with those they do not wish to live with, otherwise known as “freedom of association”.  Fair housing is when landlords need not fear government agents spying on their preferences in tenants in order to persecute them and torment them later.
I am well aware that there is nothing new in this post; it is just jewamongyou venting.  I’ll have something new for y’all tomorrow.

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9 Responses to Racism: seek and ye shall find it

  1. Bantu Education says:

    “In 50 cases in which the precisely scripted black or Latino person inquired about renting, 32 were found to be discriminated against…”
    If this means that 18 of the 50 (36%) were acceptable to white property owners then I’d say this proves the opposite. Unless these were particularly presentable examples, who in their right minds would rent to a black?

  2. Annoyed says:

    I have nothing else to add other then I completely agree. When ever I read shit like the link you posted I become semi-enraged by the absurdity of the very premise of the article.
    I love Oregon’s environment but I loathe the stereotypical liberals which populate its major cities.

  3. E says:

    I used to live in Seattle and the SWPL class loves their high rise luxury apartments. At $2000 a month for 2 bedroom units you can bet there weren’t that many blacks living in those types of buildings. The great irony is that there is often a black security guard at the lobby level whose job is to (in general) keep the black people out. Of course SWPL’s fail to see the irony in this.
    *knee slapper*

  4. bob sykes says:

    Over at Antiplanner, it is shown that Portland’s landuse and transportation policies are themselves are themselves racist and that they systematically exclude poorer blacks and hispanics from city.

  5. Kiwiguy says:

    I just posted on there asking whether they had results for asian renters. As Asians tend to have lower crime rates than other groups, then discrimination against them would indeed be irrational. Edward Miller has an interesting article about how group traits can be relevant to selection:
    “It is shown that group membership will normally be relevant to selection, with a higher test score being required of those belonging to the lower scoring groups. This implies a fundamental conflict between non-discrimination (not using group membership for selection) and merit selection. The framework developed is then used to show the circumstances in which use of group membership is relevant to selection.”

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