Odds and ends

None of the following merit their own post, so I’m throwing them together.
On miscegenation in Europe.  I noticed a few white male/ black female couples.  They were almost all older.  My impression is that many middle-aged white men in Europe can settle for a white woman who is a 2 or a 3 – or he can have a black woman who is a 5 or a 6.  The reason is the large number of black men who prefer white women over their own – just as in the United States.
On other race-realist blogs.  It appears that many of the race-realist blogs (including some that I link to) have fallen upon silent times.  Some of them have not seen a new post in many months.  While I understand the desire to limit one’s posting to high-quality material, there is nothing wrong with saying “hello” to your readers – so we’ll know you’re still alive.
The translation of “The Ashkenazi Revolution”.  I worked on it a bit on the airplane during my travels (I’m that dedicated) and, now that I’m home, I’ve resumed translating a little bit each day.  Currently, I’m tackling one of the most difficult (I hope) chapters; it contains a lot of poetry excerpts.  So, to those of you who look forward to reading it, do not worry.  It is not being neglected.
The weather in Portland is the usual for this time of year: sunny and beautiful during my work days but rainy and miserable on my weekends.  I suspect that the folks at HAARP have got it in for me!

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  1. fred says:

    My impression is that many middle-aged white men in Europe can settle for a white woman who is a 2 or a 3 – or he can have a black woman who is a 5 or a 6.
    I think that’s definitely true with older, unattractive women. Lisa Lampanelli has been saying it for years. Robert Lindsay has written a number of posts about it as well.
    But I haven’t noticed many white guys going black. At least not around here. My impression is that lonely working class guys end up with hispanic women and lonely middle class guys end up with asian women.
    It appears that many of the race-realist blogs (including some that I link to) have fallen upon silent times. Some of them have not seen a new post in many months.
    Yeah. I can’t find my freaking password!

  2. FrankBD says:

    I noticed that too about quiet HBD sites. I suspect no one wants to shoot their mouth off prematurely about issues that should play out in a fairly short time frame:
    a) is the Strauss-Kahn case a repeat of Duke Lacrosse
    b) has Pakistan been playing with us for 5-10 years
    c) will Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain vote themselves back to the Dark Ages
    d) how will the next inevitable round of government budget cuts play out differentially by race/ethnicity
    That last one is potentially the biggest HBD issue since the Civil Rights laws became result-based affirmative action. Will school boards decide they need to keep science teachers more than Diversity Outreach Coordinators, and if not will local voters stand for it?
    As the baby transition from net taxpayers to net government consumers, will increasingly vocal minority voters prioritize the government’s commitments to them, or claim that current minority taxpayers don’t owe anything to the white and privileged? Good story in Feb 11 AmRen newsletter about a town in Alabama that switched from majority white to black, and is dishonoring its pension commitments:
    http://www.amren.com/ar/2011/02/index.html (Is Your Town Next?)

  3. Septen says:

    I think that the U.S. especially is in for a rude awakening. Europe is at least mentally and psychologically prepared for the struggle, and most of our political parties have been dragged by the back of their heads, screaming and shouting, to a place where we want them to be.
    That’s not the case in America. In America you have a very creative accounting practice in regards to demographics.
    If you remove semites (both Jews and arabs) as well as other assorted folks who may be white in some people’s eyes but are not totally white (Jews have an overwhelmingly white population, but Ashkenazi are not all Jews, besides many Jews see themselves as Jews only, not white primarily), and you look at those who are essentially non-Jewish European by over 75 % and then look under the age of 18, they are at about 50 %.
    If you look under the age of 3, they are below 40 %. The future is here, now. America is no longer anybody’s land. It used to be a European country but now it’s up for grabs.
    There was a very interesting study made in 2011 made by a Harvard prof and his friend at Dartmouth(I think) which said that whites now see multiculturalism as a zero-sum game(unlike blacks, naturally) and now see anti-white bias as a bigger problem than anti-black bias.
    The study had tracked the attitudes of both blacks and whites for over 50 years and the authors, both staunch liberals, said the findings were nothing but revolutionary.
    They are. They show that under the surface, there is now a creeping sense that it’s no longer ‘our country’. Europeans are deep down, slowly, beginning to realise that nobody will protect them like minorities have been protected the last 40-50 years.
    If Europeans don’t look after Europeans, nobody will. And as the financial mess of America gets deeper and deeper, and as more and more will become unemployed, a lot of faux positions will be cut. And blacks are very reliant on a big state, naturally.
    We will now have a shrinking pie which needs to need more mouths. People cannot be so gentle anymore and overlook what’s been obvious from the start: that blacks are far less capable than whites, asians and jews. When your house and feeding your family is on the line, the soft racism of lower expectations will be replaced by the hard realism of survival of the fittest.
    Even a lot of liberals will be reluctant to follow their words as a lot of smart college kids today, and yes many of them white, have trouble getting a job that matches their degree, while being saddled with debt.
    I don’t think the U.S. will get bankrupt, at least not now, but there will be huge unemployment problems ahead, and in a time of crisis, people tend to see things clearly and with a lot less fear because so much is on the line. There won’t be time or even energy available to pussyfoot around the stark truths that have to accepted: trust and take care of your own. Everyone else does it. So do you.
    I’ll follow the U.S. with great attention from now on.

  4. Another request to the esteemed JAY to blogroll us:
    It’s kind of relevant !

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