A beat up junker totaled my Lamborghini

A commenter called Phil requested that I publish my thoughts on the murder of the young Jewess Lauren Burk by a black thug who was trying to rape her.  I told him my answer would have to wait until after I returned home from my travels.
Obviously the murder of a member of my own people by an animalistic low-life troubles me greatly.  I am certain that Phil knows this so perhaps he simply wants me to elaborate a bit more.
Men are naturally protective of their women.  Men are (should be) especially protective of the women of their own people.  I’ll be upfront and blunt in saying that the murder of an African Hutu woman does not bother me as much as the murder of a Jewess.  Also, the murder of a Jewess bothers me more than the murder of a gentile woman.  Yes, I rank people in value and I readily admit that a I value the lives of my own relatives more than those of strangers.  I grieve more when a close relative dies than when a stranger dies and I grieve more when a member of my own people dies than when an outsider dies.   I do not say this because Frank Salter did a good job in making this point in his book “On Genetic Interests” but because this has been my natural instinct my whole life and I have never encountered a good reason to question it.
The murder of those I deem valuable bothers me more than their demise by accident or through illness.  It is a shame when a Lamborghini breaks down.  It is more of a shame when it is totaled by a trashy, cheap car – especially when the cheap car escapes unscathed.  Black thugs are cheap, worthless people.  They are mass-produced and carry a negative value to society and no, it doesn’t matter to me if they can throw a ball through a hoop or knock out their opposition in the boxing ring.  Ah, but I can already hear people shaking their heads and asking, “but what about white thugs?  What about Jewish thugs?”  I don’t like thugs of any race – but it is black thugs, and their wigger wannabes, who are the demons of the day.  The world is not being overrun with Jewish thugs as I write.  It is not thuggish Jewish culture than is being glorified around the world and it is not Jews whom the world seeks to emulate.  Though there is an Italian mafia, it is not Italian sperm that is creating single mothers all over the world at an alarming rate.  Of course the Russian mafia is to be feared – but it is not Russian men who are being idolized by the media and thrust upon every Western society.  Though there are those who claim the “evil Jew” is behind all this, the creature that sets the tone for modern criminality is the thuggish black male.  He is symbolic of modern degeneracy.
So, while Jewish women are not necessarily paramounts of virtue – their potential, and the potential of their descendants, is far greater than that of thuggish black men.  Now, thanks to the animal tendencies of one black thug, Lauren Burk’s potential is gone and there is no greater tragedy than this in my eyes.  Though it is likely that, had Lauren Burk known me, she might find me despicable for any number of reasons.  But now she is dead and I hope her murderer dies a slow and painful death.

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  1. Septen says:

    I think your comment on potential is especially important. A life for a life is not of equal value at most times. And this is especially true when it comes to Lauren Burk.
    It reminds me of the fate of Eve Carson a few years ago:
    UNC is a Public Ivy, and Eve was a top student at the school. Yet two of these thugs, that fester the earth and multiply at an alarming rate, is continually attacking women like Ms. Burk or Ms. Carson.
    This is the singular tragedy, that the genes that Ms. Burk carries are very rare, yet her aggressors are easily replaced.
    Ms. Carsons genes are not as rare, but the combination and the high intelligence of her genes are definitely rare.
    Yet despite the inherently much higher value of both of these women, there is zero value added on their lives from the viewpoint of society. There is no recognition whatsoever on how precious their lives are.
    And what’s worst, if one were to talk about this, if they had been alive, they would most likely have objected to the higher value of their own lives and even grown angry and irritated by your mention of it. That is perhaps the saddest aspect of all of this.

  2. fred says:

    Justice would be a short drop and a quick stop. But they don’t do that anymore. And the murder rate has been climbing ever since. Now, we’ll spend the rest of our lives giving him free room and board for the rest of his life.

  3. Reality Check says:

    The murder rate has dropped considerably since its high point in the 80s and early 90s.
    You look Sephardic. Why would you share ‘genetic interests’ with an Ashkenazi woman who’s almost a completely different ethnicity?
    If you’re don’t like the ‘idolization’ of thugs, you might want to take it up the people who own the record labels, the movie studios, the tv and radio channels, the sports teams, sites like youtube, the media and entertainment conglomerates etc.
    From what I gather, their names are all variations on Stein, Cohn, Baum, etc.

    • jewamongyou says:

      You shouldn’t assume that I am Sephardic just because I “look Sephardic”. In fact, my family is entirely from Eastern Europe.
      As for “taking it up” with other Jews, this blog is open and available to anybody who wants to read it, including the evil monsters who control the media (who are largely Jews). I would take it up with them if I were given an audience. As it stands, I have no more access to them than you do. What have YOU done to “take it up” with them?

    • hbd chick says:

      @reality check – “You look Sephardic. Why would you share ‘genetic interests’ with an Ashkenazi woman who’s almost a completely different ethnicity?”
      yes, but the key issue is that, if jay had been a sephardic jew, he would’ve been more related to an ashkenazi jew than to a european gentile or a hutu person.

  4. Manny says:

    Interesting thing about the Lauren Burk case: I remember seeing the mother of her now-convicted murderer appearing on television–but instead of proclaiming her son’s innocence, she weepingly accepted his guilt, and expressed sorrow for the victim’s family.

  5. Nietschean says:

    Frankly, the jury is still out on whether jews are collectively a net positive. Is those black animals that killed that girl any more destructive than, say, Lloyd Blankfein or all the jew profiteer parasites who run the porn industry?

    • jewamongyou says:

      How many wealthy, influential gentile whites are pro-white? If we were to consider high-income whites as their own ethnic group – couldn’t we ask the same question about them? Maybe we should regard all those “kulaks” as a net deficit.

    • countenance says:

      “The jury is still out.” Who is sitting on this “jury” of which you speak? I didn’t know every Jewish person on Earth was on collective criminal trial.
      There are plenty of laws on every level of American government to deal with financial and economic perfidy. But I don’t fear being mugged by Lloyd Blankenfein, I don’t avoid certain parts of certain cities because I fear Bernie Madoff will end my life. I look forward 50 years into the future and I don’t see possible irredentist control of an entire region of the country on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu. (From what I see, I’d rather have him run the American Southwest than the La Raza rabble rousers).

    • countenance says:

      And another thing — “Jews…who run the porn industry?” That’s a really easy “conspiracy” to defeat — Don’t buy porn. Like wise, that’s my reaction to black radicals who rant about the (probably true) theories that the CIA had a hand in running drugs — The easy way to beat this dastardly CIA conspiracy is not to do illicit drugs. See how easy that was? As a bonus, you stay healthier and have a thinner criminal record.

  6. fred says:

    I don’t think many would disagree that Hollywood is a demoralizing influence. Nor do I think many would disagree that Jews enjoy disproportionate influence in Hollywood – as do homosexuals and democrats. On the other hand, there are plenty of Jews and homosexuals who disagree with Hollywood’s antics. Not so sure about the democrats, though. Still, why break jay’s balls over it? I figure he’d be among the first to criticize them.

  7. Septen says:

    I can now begin to see why there’s few Jews committed to the cause, after reading the vile hate in the comments’ section.
    OTOH, it’s a self-perpetuating cycle.
    There’s plenty of Jews in high places who basically have the same view as them, but vice versa on the pespectives. And so the hatewagon keeps rolling well into the 21th century…

  8. countenance says:

    Why are we to presume that the crime stats showing a “drastically” falling murder or other crime rate are entirely truthful? Several major cities are known to fudge their crime stats downward. Also, just because “murder” rates are going down doesn’t mean that there isn’t an associated violent crime — A shooting victim that gets wheeled into the ER in 1991 is probably a bit more likely to die than a shooting victim wheeled into the ER in 2011. All that means is that they’re “murders” 20 years ago but only aggravated assaults with a firearm, maybe attempted murder, in 2011.

  9. hbd chick says:

    @jay – “I’ll be upfront and blunt in saying that the murder of an African Hutu woman does not bother me as much as the murder of a Jewess. Also, the murder of a Jewess bothers me more than the murder of a gentile woman.”
    perfectly natural sentiments, afaics. and, speaking as a gentile woman, let me say that i am not offended at all by your personal ranking system there. (^_^)
    hbd chick

  10. DFA says:

    Michael Medved has the numbers to prove that 70-80 years ago Hollywood was even more Jewish than it is today. Hollywood has actually become sleazier with more gentiles getting involved. Jews aren’t the problem, leftists are. As an Irish guy, I’d rather have JAY or any other anti-egalitarian Jew on my side than a bleeding heart, smoked-salmon socialist Irish leftist. But getting back to JAY’s original point, I’d rather have an anti-egalitarian Irish person on my side because I feel more for the Irish than I do any other race/religion/ethnicity.

  11. countenance says:

    I bet you’ll find the same is true of the financial industry, that it is getting (A) Less Jewish, and (B) More incompetent and/or given to perfidy, over time. What made me think of this is that some Indian whose name I can’t remember, who was a big name on Wall Street, is about to go up the river for a bunch of Federal convictions.
    Now, could it be that both of our examples are examples of correlation without causation? Yes. But the inverse is also an example of correlation without causation.

  12. Fellow jew says:

    Why would you care which car damaged your Lamborghini? That’s the seam in your argument. With it, you manage to focus the conversation on your bigotry.

    • jewamongyou says:

      When there’s an ongoing problem with a certain type of car, and nobody is willing to do anything about it, most people would be more upset (and angry) when that self same car totaled their beloved car. It’s not just the element of loss but also of anger and the fact that others are being victimized by the same type of car.

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