African babies are a girl's best friend – by Portland Realist

My stepsister recently posted an announcement on facebook that read:

I think most of you have guessed that we are planning to adopt from Ethiopia, an HIV+ baby!!!!!! Too many promptings by the spirit on this one to say no 🙂

I had an economics professor that taught the laws of supply and demand using real world examples.  Dr. Gilbertie explained to us that the diamond industry was a cartel that was controlled mainly by a family that owned the Debeers corporation.  They controlled a substantial amount of the most lucrative diamond mines in the world, and were rumored to have warehouses with piles of diamonds, which is how they manipulated the supply. The interesting and most pertinent part however, was how they manipulated the demand.  Although diamonds were already quite expensive, they devised a very keen marketing scheme.  They gave actresses like Elizabeth Taylor expensive and very flashy diamond jewelry, necklaces, earrings, etc.  This made every woman in the modern world literally demand a diamond from the man that loved her.
Nowadays the starlets have a very different obsession and status symbol: African and or black babies.  Madonna, Angelina Jolie, you name it the big stars have to have a black baby!  The demand has been stoked, the supply however is quite available, through adoption or insemination, it is a “free market” success for those that have manipulated this state of affairs.  I for one, will not stand for it and will speak up against anyone in my family who will bring disease and more “diversity” that is, as we all know, a destructive force in our lives.
My stepsister by the way, has received numerous accolades for her decision.  She was flooded with dozens of positive comments and “likes”.  She will be at the same time Christ-like and Hollywood fashionable.   These are extremely powerful motivators, to stop this type of thing, we have our work cut out for us.

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  1. countenance says:

    Some how, some way, the notion that a man must buy a diamond that costs two months’ of his own salary or wages was somehow part of the De Beers demand side manipulation, engineered through the same De Beers-Hollywood relationship that also saw the actress-diamond wearing propaganda you described.

    • portland1realist says:

      Yes. I think you are agreeing with me. That is exactly what happened, and now it is happening with black or African babies. Instead of two months’ salary we are collectively giving up our genetic future.

  2. Kiwiguy says:

    In an ideal world you could simply point out that she’s introducing a statistically more crime prone individual who will reduce the social capital of the community. That would be factually correct but, of coure unacceptable.
    Some better news – it seems British women aren’t as stupid as you might think 🙂
    “Ms Lombard jokes about the criteria on which their choice of father was based.
    “We were originally looking for David Beckham,” she says, “but we also wanted someone with lots of academic qualifications.”

    Ms Lombard’s family is an unusual one, she admits. When she takes her extremely Scandinavian-looking daughter to the park, people often ask whether her “daddy” is very tall. Ms Lombard just replies that he is – 6ft 4in, in fact.
    If this new European trend in insemination continues, Nordic genes could become more widespread than many would suspect.

  3. fred says:

    I think most of you have guessed that we are planning to adopt from Ethiopia, an HIV+ baby!!!!!! Too many promptings by the spirit on this one to say no 🙂
    Don’t you just love it when people do really stupid stuff and then try to blame it on god?

  4. says:

    The fact that Whites are adopting black Ethiopians and not visa versa is a racial commentary unto itself.
    To say that blacks are a dependent race may be an overstatement. After all, they survived for tens of thousands of years in sub-Saharan isolation.
    But for blacks to maintain a standard of living beyong grass huts, lip plates and bathing babies in urine requires Western culture; that is, White people.
    Honesty compels us to admit that, were it not for Whites, black America would rapidly deteriorate into a Haitian-like culture. Such is evident in Detroit, East St. Louis, and New Orleans and elsewhere when blacks are left to fend for themselves.
    So, in a sense, White America “adopted” black America. Without us, they cannot survive. Ironically blacks fail to understand this fundamental concept. They continue to hate the hand the quite literally feeds them.

  5. I suppose there is probably some health insurance or government agency that pays for the $ 500 000 bill for the AIDS treatment!?
    If at least it were a healthy black baby!
    I deeply believe, if Madonna et al. knew about the IQ and criminality research, they would probably rethink their adoption plans.
    Did you read
    Running skills are socially constructed and race is only skin deep?
    There is a HUGE discussion below it with very interesting issues. There is a link to Rushtons recent paper that settles issues once and for all.

  6. First I thought this is a bad joke. This is true?
    I have a better idea. She could adopt a 16 year old Somali pirate. Or a 15 year old suicide bomber from a Koran school.
    But she should make efforts to find a HIV positive one.

    • portland1realist says:

      I forgot to mention she has other small children. I hope they do not inadvertently share toothbrushes.

  7. FrankBD says:

    I wonder if 20 years, when these trans-racial adoption experiments have played out in the gossip press, if people will wake to the role of genetics.

  8. jewamongyou says:

    While the DeBeers had to use devious tricks to artificially inflate the value of diamonds, it’s the media and government that artificially inflates the value of black babies through constant propaganda, even though they’re becoming as common as house flies.

  9. says:

    Are there no black babies up for adoption in the USA? No White babies?
    The diamond analogy is dead-on accurate!

  10. Californian says:

    If she wants to adopt an Ethiopian child, then she should move to Ethiopia and live with the kid. Taking a child from his home country (and presumed relatives and home culture) seems to be a form of kidnapping, no matter how you look at it. I am sure she could bring all the joys of diversity and culturally enrich the Horn of Africa.
    I have a better idea. She could adopt a 16 year old Somali pirate. Or a 15 year old suicide bomber from a Koran school.
    Don’t get them started!

  11. Gay State Girl says:

    In Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen adopted an African child and in attempt to keep him in touch with his culture, gave him a traditional African name-OJ.

  12. Jill says:

    HIV rates in Ethiopia are not very high, so your stepsister probably had to specifically find a baby that was BOTH Ethiopean & HIV+. Tres chic! What an easily-led fool.
    Her child will grow up to be unintelligent at best, and a major burden on US tax payers. The fashion-mongering racial betrayal is far worse, of course.
    You have my sincere condolences that this is happening in your family. We went through something similar when a cousin got knocked up by a black bum while on vacation to a 3rd world resort country in the Caribbean. I actually went to her baby shower…it was awkward.

  13. Charles says:

    Is it too late to try and talk her out of this foolish decision? I think it is worth the attempt.
    Perhaps you can argue against her decision without voicing disapproval on a rational basis. She likely will not respond to the fact that her child will be a burden on society or to rational arguments against adopting such a child.
    Why not tell her that she’s unfit as a non black person to raise a black baby. That interracial adoption is the new colonialism.
    Tell her that she was born a racist and no matter how hard she tries she can never overcome it so it is unfair to subject a black child to a white adoptive parent. Tell her that as a non black she can never truly understand the child’s culture.
    I am sure reason will not be able to convince her to reconsider this decision, so why not use some irrational leftist arguments?

  14. Eugenicist says:

    Oy vey. JAY, is it possible to talk her out of this? Surely there must be a rabbi (or if she’s Christian, a pastor/priest) who sees your side of the issue.
    My heart goes out to her other children. It’s hard enough to deal with blacks at school, but to have one in the home, I can’t even imagine! And their mother feels like a saint for exposing her bio-children to the risk of catching HIV…
    What Charles said. I personally have a very hard time speaking in liberobabble, but you might be able to do so.

  15. Alberto says:

    Man I’m sorry to hear that. The Hollywood culture is so corrosive and vile. Facebook is an outlet for fame seekers. Why did she want the HIV + baby? To make herself feel better about herself?

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