Southern English, old men and white advocacy

I have noticed, much to my chagrin, that very few of the white advocates, whom I have met, speak Southern English – at least not in public.  A recent article, linked to at Amren, claims that the Southern dialect of English seems to be dying.  Here’s a link to the original article.  This should be a subject of concern for those at Amren, which boasts many supporters from that region.  The subheading at Amren reads:

The best way to preserve it is to keep talking that way.

Indeed.  But the Southern dialect is notably absent at Amren gatherings (with one or two exceptions).  For a regional people, like Southerners, dialect is an important part of their identity.  I think it should be consciously taught and maintained especially when it is under siege, as it has been for several decades.  As long as radio and T.V. stations do not broadcast to Southerners in their own dialect, it is under siege.
On the other hand, the forces of evil have done a fairly good job, through their propaganda, of equating Southern English with “racism”.  A white advocate stands little chance of being heard by the wider public even if he speaks in Northern English.  Does he further hurt his chances of being heard if the first thing his audience notices is a Southern drawl?  Does he risk even further ridicule?  Of course I would never suggest that a Southerner modify his accent in order to please others.  But the question remains, in an academic sense, if a white advocate presents his case in a Southern dialect, does this dialect constitute a distraction?  The hostile elite has already succeeded in marginalizing Southern English.  The ignorant masses, if they hear a pro-white case being made in Southern English, would probably see this as vindication of the message they’ve been fed their whole lives:  Southern English represents backwardness and bigotry.  In their minds, seeing the two together is all the “evidence” they need.  This is a sad state of affairs but I do not believe that compromise is the answer.
Should gray-haired old men attend white advocacy conferences?  The perception, spread by the hostile elite, is that white advocacy (I.E. “bigotry”) is a thing of the past and this is why it is mainly older men who flock to it.  Is it preferable to have 200 people show up at an American Renaissance conference when 150 of them are wrinkled old men or perhaps it would be better if only 70 people showed up – with a majority being young or female?  Perhaps it would be a good idea for organizations such as American Renaissance to provide discount face-lifts and hair dying prior to conferences.  Or perhaps some of the older people might make a strategic decision to stay home rather than reinforcing the stereotype that white advocacy is just for old people who, just like the movement, are going to die soon anyway.
Is my above question silly?  Perhaps, but I’m allowed to ask silly questions now and then.  The reality is, of course, that many of the foolish young leftists (who poke fun at the rest of us for being a bunch of old people) will themselves grow older and wiser.  Some day they will be the ones warming the chairs at pro-white conferences and wondering if it might have been better for their cause had they stayed home.

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  1. FrankBD says:

    One of the Amren commenters noted that they need to combat the stereotype that people with Southern accents are less intelligent. Unfortunately, this stereotype is in the same league with “blacks commit the majority of crime.”
    Remember in January, the National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that black eighth graders have the lowest science proficiency? Guess which states’ non-Hispanic whites scored lowest:
    And please don’t say the test was culturally biased. That’s what all the inferior scoring groups say.

  2. says:

    A few thoughts . . .
    1. Remember Abbie Hoffman’s “trust no one over 30?” That was part of the leftist agenda of the 1960’s; to alienate the young (with malleable brains) from the influence of conservative elders.
    2. Southern accent following the degradation of the South. Not much we can do about it.
    3. While AmRen may cater to older folks, there is Youth for Western Civilization reaching out to the young.
    4. Example: Southern men have always referred to each other as “boy.” Blacks took that as an offense; not realizing that they call EVERYONE “boy.”
    5. The alternative right movement (pro-white, paleo-con, or whatever you prefer to call it) is tiny. If the movement allows itself to be further divided by such cliques as regional, age and gender, it will be even more ineffective.
    6. I’m not certain AmRen will be able to pull off another conference. Their opponents are emboldened, having shut down that past two conferences.
    7. AmRen is one of the few altright efforts that hasn’t embraced Jew bashing. That, alone, lends tremendous credibility to their endeavor.

    • I agree, I see nothing wrong with older whites attending. The youth of today lack mentors and that has been a major harm to them. Many social problems result from people disowning their elders.

  3. Half Sigma says:

    In the same way that blacks should learn to speak proper English, so too should prole southern whites.

    • Matt Parrott says:

      You can stick your “proper” English in its proper location.
      And for the record, the sort of elitist and supremacist garbage Half Sigma, Auster, and others indulge in is every bit as tasteless and immoral as the anti-Semitic garbage you’re all so sensitive about.
      Sure, the taboo against anti-Semitic bile is stronger than the taboo against anti-Black or anti-“prole” bile. But it’s just as bilious.
      Even if I did ditch my criticism of the organized Jewish community, my accent would preclude my ascension into the heights of respectability. And if it weren’t that, it would be my lack of a college degree. Even if I got a law degree and become an attorney in D.C., you would still find some way to figure out I’m a prole.

      • In the pro-white community it is taboo to not be anti-semitic. So those of us who are against antisemitism and are also pro-white are the ultimate rebels. Because not only are we rebelling against political correctness but we are also rebelling against dogma created by people presenting an alternative to politically correct thought.
        I am pro-southerner though and I so not share the sentiments expressed about southerners adopting a more universal english dialect. I respect the uniqueness of southern heritage,

      • I regard Jared Taylor as pro-white and neutral to Jews, and I don’t buy that his views are taboo or rebellious within the pro-white community.
        Bloggers e.g. Guy White and Mencius Moldbug and writers e.g. Michael Hart have also been accepted. Those of us who are against antisemitism and are also pro-white are uncommonly sensible, perhaps, but not total pariahs.

  4. jewamongyou says:

    I should have known this post might stoke some passions. Even though most of us are pro-white, we can always find things to disagree about – but please, let’s not get too carried away in our condemnations of each other.

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