All assault/rapes committed in Oslo committed by non-whites

Thanks to Human stupidity for sharing this link with me:
This is one of the many facets of the ongoing genocide of whites being perpetrated by their “own” governments.  I do not believe, for a second, that those in power are unaware of this state of affairs.  They are aware and they facilitate it.
Obviously, not all non-whites in Oslo are rapists and clearly some of those “asylum-seekers” are decent people.  But a trend as stark as this deserves to be openly spoken about and addressed, not swept under the rug.  The same pattern exists in the U.S. regarding black on white rapes.  The government and media ignore it and this makes them complicit.
In his “annual report” Stephen Lendmen, writing about the suffering of Palestinians, writes:

Nonetheless, the international community doesn’t enforce their international law obligation to stop human rights violations and hold those responsible accountable. As such, they’re complicit, guilty through silence and failure to act.

His subheading reads “Because silence is complicity!”
Speaking of the Nazi Holocaust and the Vatican, The Dancer writes:

The Vatican has long since (sic) the subject of criticism for it’s silence during the Nazi Holocaust during the World War II years. Atrocities that occurred right beneath it’s very nose were treated with deafening silence.

Among the odd behaviors, characteristic of leftists, is the claim that their pet causes are “taboo”, that “nobody talks about them”, that there is a “conspiracy of silence” – even though these claims are  in obvious contradiction to reality.  Thus we find Al Gore referring to man-made global warming as an “inconvenient truth” even though we’re bombarded with such claims on a daily basis.  Thus we find Eric Reeves, writing:

Darfur Humanitarian Overview: The Consequences of International Silence

… Such “collusion” and the accompanying silence concerning humanitarian conditions in Darfur are apparently justified by the claim that they prevent Khartoum from further expulsions of aid groups. But the expulsions and withdrawals have not ceased; humanitarian space continues to contract; violence is accelerating, not diminishing; and most dismayingly, Khartoum becomes only more convinced by the accommodating UN posture that it may do as it wishes in Darfur.

Reeves, though mainly targeting the government of Sudan, also condemns the international community for its “silence” despite reports that

As the first genocide of the twenty-first century, Darfur became the test case for what the United States and the international community would do to uphold the mantra of “never again.” This is the story of the individuals who organized protest marches, lobbied government officials, and raised funds in the belief that the outcry they created would force world powers to save the millions still at risk. Hamilton details how advocacy for Darfur was an exuberant, multi-billion dollar effort…

Whether we accept the claims of “genocide” against Palestinians, Jews or Darfurians is beside the point; there is an international consensus that silence (even multi-billion dollar silence) in the face of atrocity is tantamount to complicity.  By allowing so-called “asylum-seekers” into their borders, and then allowing them to prey upon native women, the governments of Europe are participants in the crime.  And if silence is unacceptable under such circumstances, how should we describe the laws that consider it “hate-speech” to even discuss this state of affairs?

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  1. Perfect timing that Jay is talking about this today, Sunday.
    I was just in the process of marvelling at a similar story being reported in France :
    I will come back later and provide details.

  2. No rape + Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism + A Blaze in the Northern Sky + De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas = Norwegians.
    Sounds to me like the secret to keeping your culture might be (a) treating ladies with utmost respect and (b) painting yourself in black metal corpsepaint. What could be scarier to a foreigner than unveiled women in trousers and men wearing leather & spikes singing about inverted crosses?
    (Do you know in 1940 they sank the Blücher with a shore-based torpedo? Germany didn’t have many cruisers back then.)

  3. Jewish Eugenicist says:

    Jew Among You – would like to see you comment on or review JEWISH EUGENICS; d-load for free @
    They did at The Occidental Observer –

  4. Flavia says:

    Good post. Care to address the role of Jews in the Islamification of Europe?
    Ya’ll need to stop that. It’s bad for you, and it’s bad for us.

    • Charles says:

      I think JAY has made it clear that he’s not a fan of non-white immigration into Europe. What would you have him do? He’s already got a blog where he expresses his support for the West, he also goes to Amren conferences.
      It’s easy to blame someone else but ultimately whites are responsible for the demise of the West. How many children have you had? What age did you marry? Are you speaking out against feminism? You white women need to stop having so few children you know…
      Are Jews forcing white women not to have children, or do the women themselves choose not to? Are Jews forcing white women to take birth control pills, marry late in life and work outside the home?

    • So, I guess there is still a Spectre haunting Europe. Ugh. She should be deported. Let those Americans deal with her.
      Oh, right, I live in America.
      She should be deported to Rwanda.
      Europe isn’t multicultural enough, huh? While Sweden welcomed her (apparently that’s not enough), where are ethnic Swedes welcomed? To multi-ethnic Finland, of course, where Finns share a general lifestyle (but not a closely or even distantly related language) with Swedes, and a related language (but not a similar lifestyle) to the Saami people.
      And how much inter-ethnic violence is there between them? None that is worth mentioning. And it certainly wasn’t Jews that taught them to get along.
      Scandinavians, like Britons and North Americans, have been highly Jew-friendly for centuries and this the thanks we get from leftist dirtbags like Spectre. It nauseates to me think of one of my countrywomen going over and shaking her finger at Europe over multiculturalism.
      Austro-Hungarian Empire (Hungarians had their own prime minister, parliament, and army)
      Christianity (Europe embraced the teaching of a southwest Asian, because the liked his message of love)
      Anti-slavery (Europe abolished slavery before many Asian countries, while it took Italian to free Ethiopia, in 1935)
      And to think that she’s gung-ho to put Jews in danger to feed the multikult god. Blekh, what a piece of work.

  5. Charles says:

    I forgot to add, could you make me some dinner? You have time to make online posts I see…
    I like my steaks well done. 🙂

  6. Wenche says:

    “But a trend as stark as this deserves to be openly spoken about and addressed, not swept under the rug.”
    Ha. But it is being swept under the rug.
    Only one of Norway’s newspapers, Aftenposten, reported on this during the week.
    They came out with an article entitled “Foreigners over-represented in rape statistics.” The article (sorry, it’s in Norwegian, but you can use Google translate to translate it) included some of the statistics including: 65% of a rape suspects in Oslo in 2010 had a non-Norwegian background; some of them are second-generation immigrants; 70% of the victims are Norwegian; 20% of the rapists are African; 15% from the Middle East; and 14,5% from Asia (probably South Asia).
    Shortly afterwards, that article was REMOVED from Aftenposten’s website and REPLACED with another one (the new one is at the same URL as the original one). The new version is entitled: “New sexual culture shapes attacks.”
    All — ALL — of the statistics about who the rapists are have been removed. And, basically, the article blames Norwegian women for not being more cautious.
    This is a shocking occurance. Just shocking.

  7. Flavia says:

    Well done eh? Must be a city slicker.
    I do agree whites are responsible for their own destiny, however it is not helpful to be constantly undermined by those that pretend to have our best interests in mind.

  8. says:

    Who is Jay?

  9. fred says:

    I’ve long thought many Jews were primarily xenophobic whereas many gentiles are primarily racial. Expressed another way, gentiles are 50% ethnic and 50% white whereas Jewish loyalties are 99% jewish and 1% white. Percentages aren’t meant to be accurate but to make a point.
    This creates a situation where Jews can have their cake and eat it, too. In other words, Jews are generally received as being “same” while still having their “own thing”. This angers some people who see this as being duplicitous.
    I think there is too wide of a range of Jewish opinions for all to simply be dismissed as duplicitous. Some Jews are neutral. Some (probably most) are ethnocentric. Some are pro-white. Some are anti-white. Some are well-meaning. And some really are just sneaky bastards. The same could be said for most groups. But what is different is that the 99% jewish and 1% white creates an unequal situation.
    But whose responsible for it? Obviously Jews are partially responsible because the situation wouldn’t exist if they didn’t place so much emphasis on being Jewish. But neither would the situation exist if other whites didn’t place so little emphasis on their own ethnicity. I realize it’s difficult for an American who is 1/4 German, 1/4 Polish, 1/8 British, 1/8 Irish, 1/8 Italian 1/16 French and 1/16 Cherokee to see themselves as anything other than just white. Nor do I think they should. Nor do I think generic whites (for a lack of a better word) should accept Jews as same when Jews don’t accept them as same.
    I do, however, think you should make an effort to distinguish between despicable trolls like Spectre and righteous Jews. Just as I think Jews should make an effort to distinguish between despicable trolls like Metzger and righteous Gentiles.
    By all means, criticize Spectre. Just keep it in perspective. People should realize that not all Jews are a problem. Nor is it only Jews who are a problem. There are plenty of left-wing gentiles as bad or worse than Spectre. But others should also realize that some Jews really do deserve criticism.
    PS- I apologize if my extended reply places too much emphasis on your brief comment. I’ve been wanting to express this for a while. And your comment was simply convenient.

  10. fred says:

    I’ve had the “whose fault is the declining birthrate” discussion before. And I’m not convinced that women necessarily deserve all the blame. Its true that, on average, working women marry later and have fewer children. That’s simply a fact. On the other hand, I know plenty of wives who would have loved to have had a 2nd, 3rd or even a 4th child but their husbands said, “no”.

    • Charles says:

      I am sure there are many men who don’t want to have children or who want to have very few children to put it another way, however in my experience women are usually the problem here.
      I know many men who want to get married and have families but they simply cannot find any white women who are similarly interested. These are intelligent men who have jobs they aren’t losers. These are also men who want to provide for a family.
      Frankly most white women today have no values they whore themselves out until they are in their late 30s or 40s after they’ve put on some weight too. Sometimes they finally figure out they might like to have a husband and children then they get angry when they find that men are not interested in purchasing damaged goods.
      Most white women have embraced feminism which makes them hostile to children, to being housewives and hostile to men. Women see men as competitors they need to outshine thanks to feminism. They define themselves through their career and material things instead of being a mother or housewife which women used to take pride in.
      White women drive away white men through their selfishness, their meanness and their harlotry. White women are driving men to seek greener pastures under the affectionate companionship of Asian women who actually listen to them and treat them with respect. Women who don’t mind cooking for them, who are interested in what they have to say and who don’t bitch them out all the time.
      For every white man who marries an Asian, I say a white woman should be punished. White women drive white men to marry non-white women. I think white women are largely the reason there is no hope for our race.

  11. fred says:

    Nice blog. I love the “everything that is wrong with everything part 6”. Nothing would make me happier than for someone to kick that pimply faced geek in his gonads.

  12. Charles says:

    “No group has a monopoly on being nasty. And no group has a monopoly on being nice.”
    There are nasty people in all races, in both genders and in all social classes however they are not equally spread out among them. You will find some groups are less pleasant than others.
    “Did you see that video I posted the other day where Lisa Lampanelli is explaining why she dates black guys? She says that at her age and her looks she can either get a really hot black guy… or Jared, the fat guy from Subway.”
    Frankly Lisa Lampanelli is a hideous example of a white woman. A woman should be feminine and meek. White women who are attracted to black men disgust me.
    “Its the same deal with guys. They’re dorks and can’t get the girls they want so they go get an Asian girl. And don’t tell me I’m wrong, either. Because I’ll admit that I’ve dated Asian girls before. Not all of them are the sweet little things guys think.”
    By dorks do you mean intellectuals? I have noticed when white women go outside their race it is usually with a black. That tells me they aren’t looking for someone with brains or a great intellect. I don’t approve of interracial marriage or dating. What I am saying is that in general Asian women are nicer than white women and that the unpleasantness of white women combined with their feminist views drives away white men.
    Some Asian women are sluts or angry and abusive people, I have never denied that however from what I can tell generally they have higher moral standards than white women and better character.
    It also speaks volumes as to their discerning taste that you almost never see Asian women with blacks but you often see them with white men. Where I live I see white women with blacks all the time. That tells me white women either have no standards or they have the wrong ones.
    “My advice is to lighten up, forget about looks and find a girl with brains, values and a nice personality. Because brains and personality last a lot longer than looks.”
    I wouldn’t discount looks so easily they are a sign of good breeding. Good values are more important than anything else unfortunately it is about impossible to find a white woman with any values left.
    If you know where they are please let us know!

  13. Californian says:

    Some thoughts on the issue of rapes in Scandinavia:
    The video cited 86 rapes reported total in Olso over a five year period, in which 83 of the perpetrators were perceived as “non-Western.” Compared to any American big city, this is a relatively small number of total rapes. And also we might point out that were it not for the “non-Western” perpetrators, does this mean there were only three reported rapes committed by Western looking men (presumably, Europeans)? If so, rape seems to be an otherwise non-existent crime in Oslo [this is where the report was made, correct?].
    Of course, there are the un-reported rapes, but even if they are equal in number to the reported, this is still an overall low number: those committed by Western men would come out to, what, one a year? Has the crime wave been spurred primarily by presume immigrants?
    Will the multicultists give this a PC spin? You know the party line, “racist” Norwegian women claiming to be assaulted by “people of color” when the real perpetrators were blue-eyed blond men, blah blah?
    What are the cultural implications? How do societies, such as Scandinavia, which have low violent crime rates respond when there are large numbers of violent criminals on the loose? Will the same formulae which work with Scandinavians deal with people of other ethnicities?
    Or will the Scandinavians find themselves unable to deal with the situation? Do these rapes have a political angle, a means for the invaders to demonstrate their power over indigenous women and the helplessness of indigenous men?
    The USA has some experience in dealing with violent criminals: right-to-carry firearms laws; three strikes; SWAT teams kicking in doors; prison-industrial complex. These can beat down crime, but at a considerable cost in civil liberties (at least for the latter items).
    Will Scandinavian nations now be forced to take these measures in order to provide some security? Or will they flounder about like a civilization overrun with barbarians approaching a new Dark Age?

    • Wenche says:

      Californian said: “The video cited 86 rapes reported total in Olso over a five year period, in which 83 of the perpetrators were perceived as ‘non-Western.'”
      The video is maybe a little confusing because the translation is not the best. It’s not 86 total rapes reported in Oslo over a 5-year period — it’s 86 “attack rapes”, meaning being assaulted (and raped) by a stranger while, say, walking home alone along the street at night — as opposed to maybe being assaulted while drunk at a party or something.
      So, almost all of the attack rapes by strangers in Oslo over the last 5 years were committed by non-Norwegians.
      Last year in Oslo, there were 189 reported rapes. (In a city of 600,000 people, that’s maybe still a pretty low number. I don’t know.) And, as I quoted in my post above, 65% of a rape suspects in Oslo in 2010 had a non-Norwegian background; some of them are second-generation immigrants; 70% of the victims are Norwegian; 20% of the rapists are African; 15% from the Middle East; and 14,5% from Asia (probably South Asia).
      These figures were completely scrubbed out of the media earlier this week, as I mentioned in my post above. Absolutely disgusting.

  14. Septen says:

    Oh man, the Swedish media went NUTS this week! 😀
    They raged that ‘this would never happen in Sweden!'(Sadly, they’re right) by explaining that they would not talk about this since it can ‘fuel ignorance and hatred’ and if they would, they would add page and page of columns and comment ‘giving context’. (A.k.a propaganda and brain programming).
    Nontheless, things are moving in Europe. Even in Sweden. We have a very active identarian scene, far more intellectual and vibrant than any other nation in Europe, I would say, but this is partly because the situation is so extreme.
    Nontheless, in Sweden, they’ve actually increased mass immigration in recent years. It’s the last push before their final breath. Desperation is abound. In one sense, it’ll be easier to oppose them because we’re solely taking in the bottom-rung of highly civilised socities such as Somalia or Afghanistan(one single municipality out of Sweden’s total 238, took more Iraqi asylum seekers than the entire continent of North America in the year 2006 alone, which sort of gives you a picture of what the situation is here).
    I’m not that concerned that the tide will turn now, I’m much more concerned about the end game. Clearly stopping immigration isn’t enough, it simply stops the bleeding but the poison’s still in. And how do you remove 20 % of the population, which has come for the last 3-4 decades, in a timely and efficient manner, especially with very serious economic unrest just around the corner?
    This is part of the reason why I’m moving out of Sweden. I’ve given up on the nation in some ways and I don’t think it’s fair that a small minority bears all the burden. In the end, I want to lead a normal life among my fellow Europeans and I can do that easily in Finland or Denmark.

    • Good to hear you say that, Septen.
      Can you confirm that Sweden doesn’t use secret ballots? And that this isn’t true of the rest of the Nordic countries? I was sort of shocked to hear that about Sweden but it did help to explain the low score of the Sweden Democrats in a situation that cries out for them.
      Why Finland or Denmark and not Norway?
      If the Nordic world does wake up except for Sweden, it will be odd to have post-Sweden right in the middle. But if Europe and America wake up, except for the UK, it will odd to have post-Britain right in the middle.

    • fred says:

      I’m curious. Given your current opinion, was there ever a time when you were drinking the multi-cult’s kool-aid?

      • Septen says:

        Yes, up until about the age of 18.
        One of my best classmates was actually a muslim(a lot of prejudices were true about him in particular, lazy and nasty view of women, but he was also pretty laid-back, and non-aggressive).
        And I read a terribly large amount newsmedia when I began entering my early teen years(I’m lower 20s now), and it was a seasional peak for leftism at that period(especially radical feminism but also Europhobia in general as well as oikophobia), so I absorbed it.
        My city was overrun with somali immigrants but I didn’t party that much at that age, so I heard about the increased rapes, theft, but our local media is essentially not even reporting on this out of fear.
        In the end, however, my awakening was not a personal encounter, or an attack against my family. It was just plain intellectual curiosity. I began reading the very far left and far right and everything in between, a lot of science etc. I came onto the Bell Curve time and time again, and after reading it, I started to do serious research. I was doing heresy!(But it was so tempting).
        After about 6 months I was another man, but still relatively mild. The years since, as I absorb more and more, read history and science as well as countless articles and books on the subject I would claim I’m fairly well-informed but still critical of some aspects(such as the rampant anti-Semitism, although I can understand it to some extent due to the central role organisations like NYT, ADL et al have had in America. In Sweden, it was the same thing, from the same people).
        Nontheless, I think the time has passed, as I said, for patient reform. This has been going on for half a century. To remove the poison would require terrible deeds, and swiftly. If not, it would be to choose to fade away into nothingness. Perhaps there would be a ‘european’ people in the future but they would be like today’s Greeks. Trapped by their own history and humiliated by their inability to acheieve greatness.
        The choice is between two disasters, and we must pick the one we dislike least. At least this is a situation we haven’t chosen ourselves, and we can be forgiven for our transgressions given our desperate conditions.

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  16. Unamused has a glorious post on this very topic. J.A.Y.’s earnest manner and Unamused’s … less earnest manner make excellent complements.

  17. Californian says:

    And how do you remove 20 % of the population, which has come for the last 3-4 decades, in a timely and efficient manner, especially with very serious economic unrest just around the corner?
    The easiest way would be for White people to have more children. Then no one would have to be removed. A growing White population would reclaim cities and such.
    In any event, the problem is not so much third world migrations as it is the treasonable behavior of ruling elites in the West. Pro-Westerners need to regain control of governments, media, academia, corporations, and so forth. And then implement nationalistic policies when it comes to immigration, globalization, education, etc.
    As for the cities, in the USA we have seen some success with policies such as gentrification and “wars” on crime. The latter removes troublesome populations, albeit at some expense in civil liberties. (Noam Chomsky has made this point, by the way, that the war on drugs is being used to remove surplus population…a bit of an extreme statement, but with some accuracy.) Then via gentrification the middle classes reclaim urban territories.
    It’s interesting, is it not, how immigration and counter-immigration policies take on the form of low level ethnic warfare.

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