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Some of Jewamongyou's ancestors

I was just sent this photo.  It is of my grandmother’s grandparents.  Apparently, the little boy in the photo had made a name for himself in the Yiddish theater and in radio.  His name was Menashe Skulnick.  He is not … Continue reading

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Mivtsoyim* update for today

While out shopping yesterday, I got upset at the blatant pro-black bias of Office Depot.  Upon returning home, I wrote the following flyer: STOP THE HATE TAKE A STAND AGAINST ANTI-WHITE BIGOTRY AND VIOLENCE Certainly you have heard of the … Continue reading

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My new work-safe bumper-sticker

I ordered several of the following bumper-stickers, and now sport one on my car: It’s hard to see how this could offend anybody but, at the same time, it might get people to start thinking.  I’ve got a few others … Continue reading

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Hispanic drunk drivers in Texas

Eric Peters has informed us that it is now legal, in Texas, for cops to extract blood from drivers whom they stop randomly. Next time you get pulled over by a cop – or stopped for absolutely no specific reason … Continue reading

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A feeble attempt at debunking HBD

A blogger named Zek Evets, or one of his followers, posted a link to a race-denialist version of my treatise “Reflections of a ‘Racist’ Father” as a comment to my last post.  Following the link brought me to Evets’ blog … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders found not guilty

The verdict is finally in and Wilders has been acquitted of all charges.  It is only a partial victory, as the outcome does not actually guarantee freedom of speech.  The Australian reports: At the end of his trial, prosecutors again … Continue reading

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Reparations for the victims of North Carolina's eugenics program

Charles, who sometimes comments on the blog, sent me this link to an Al-Jazeera article.  The article reads, in part: The US state of North Carolina has apologised to thousands of people who were forcibly sterilised under a programme undertaken … Continue reading

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Who loves the Mestizo?

I’ve been reading Jared Taylor’s book, “White Identity” and, though little of it is news to me, it does remind me of many things and, going through the section on Hispanics, I was amazed at how much loyalty Mexican-Americans have … Continue reading

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I told you so!

A while back, I posted about my travels in Europe (Europe is Doomed) and wrote that there seem to be more natives having children than we’d been lead to believe.  Some commentators pounced on me and said I must be … Continue reading

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Countenance quotes Penelope Trunk

Countenance, whose blog does not allow comments, wrote: Penelope Trunk:  Repulsion is part of diversity That’s a funny thing to think about something that’s our greatest and most important strength. But the “diversity” that we oppose is not the diversity that … Continue reading

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