Great video from YouTube

I was going to post something that required effort to write – but then I accidentally clicked on Amren and found this YouTube video (and I’m tired from a long day at work):


It speaks for itself really.

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  1. portland1realist says:

    I also saw this video linked from Amren. This is an excellent gateway piece for friends and family who do not have a clue that this sort of thing happens. I know , many people who completely believe that blacks are overrepresented in the media exhibiting criminal behavior. Obviously the truth is the exact opposite.

  2. Its important for people to understand that crime statistics are not a full accounting of the ethical state of different races. There is lots of criminal behavior that people do that is perfectly legal, lots of unethical behavior that is legal I mean. But yes crime statistics are a good way of seeing that it is more dangerous to walk through a black neighborhood than it is to walk through a white neighborhood. That being said I have met some blacks who are very law abiding.

    • destructure says:

      I think crime stats are a valid indicator because someone who is willing to engage in unethical behavior that is illegal is certainly more likely to engage in unethical behavior that is legal. I can’t imagine a murdering rapist being faithful to his spouse because adultery violates his ethics.
      Regarding the distribution of ethical behavior, one will find that a bell curve distribution describes a wide variety of qualities from intelligence to height, weight, birthweight, age of death, etc. I suggest that a bell curve distribution also describes ethics. So if a particular group has an extremely high number of serious criminals it suggests the entire bell-curve for that population is shifted to the right.

  3. E says:

    Aside from being under portrayed in negative aspects such as crime, Black people are also ridiculously over portrayed in anything positive such as being intelligent.
    For example in the movie Terminator 2, the brilliant scientist who invented the neural-net processor which lead to the development of Skynet was of course a black man.
    Yes I can imagine one day robots rising up against humanity and declaring war. I just can’t imagine a black man making that possible…a geeky Asian man yes of course!

  4. Methinks I need to look closer at the work of the intrepid Mr. Shapiro.

  5. (un)concerned says:

    The twisted part is that the guy admits he knows the truth. Most non-liberals assume that liberals actually live in a fantasy world and that they’re able to maintain these erroneous beliefs by (vigorously) ignoring anything that contradicts their view of reality.
    These interviews of Shapiro’s will no doubt put that assumption to rest. It’s kind of insulting: liberals think you’re obligated to believe things they don’t believe.
    It brings to mind the time that Bill Maher told Anne Coulter on his show that he doesn’t believe black people commit more crime than white people.

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