Getting in the spirit of "mivtsoyim"

There was a time, very long ago, when I was involved (by default) with the “Chabad” (AKA “Lubavitcher”) sect of Hassidic Judaism.  I was very young and seeking my roots.  Chabad was the only form of Judaism around, so I connected with them.  I never internalized their philosophies or their habits and, as soon as I could, I rejected their movement as unsuitable for me and more worthy of the name “cult” than “sect”.
But Lubavitch does have some positive points and one of them is their very aggressive outreach program.  They use the term “mivtzoyim*” to describe the obligatory practice of two or more men hitting the streets, or businesses, in order to bring estranged Jews back into the fold.  Activities include handing out brochures, talking to people, inviting people to services or classes and facilitating the fulfillment of various commandments.  In those days, though I was very shy, I also participated in these activities.
Now I find myself with a stack of Unamused’s leaflets and many thousands of brainwashed whites who need to be exposed to reality.  I have no illusions; out of hundreds of people, perhaps one will actually read the leaflet.  But this scenario was dealt with, by the Lubavitchers, with an analogy:  If a person is deathly ill and cannot even swallow on his own, we pour medicine into his mouth in the hope that a few drops will make it in and cure him.  Later in life I heard a similar analogy regarding sales:  “It’s like throwing shit against the wall.  Some of it’s going to stick.”  I’m fairly certain I didn’t hear that last one from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, even though I saw him many times.
I am still shy and it goes against my nature to go out in public to do something unpopular but I am distributing them regardless.  It looks like handing them out in person to passersby is the most practical way to do this.
Here is the PDF of the leaflet I am using:
*From the Hebrew word mibhsa‘, which means “campaign”.

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  1. TrueJew says:

    I think that unless you HBDers start discussing clearly what you want society to do about HBD in the form of policy, people will view you as nothing more than bigots– which you might very well be. You see, just because HBD is real doesn’t mean your motivation is pure. From reading HBD blogs it seems like you motivation is actually resentment and hate.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Anybody who spends a decent amount of time on HBD blogs should not have many doubts about what most of us want. We want an end to anti-white bias in the media, we want to be allowed to practice our right of freedom of association, we want to educate the public about the gross double standard in all levels of government and we want that double standard to cease. Those are the more obvious goals that come to mind.

      • It’s difficult to do better than that in such a small space. Kudos.
        J.A.Y.’s four goals (in order of presentation):
        1. end anti-white media bias
        2. begin freedom of association
        3. identify government double standards
        4. eliminate government double standards
        If I may elaborate on (3) and (4) – these include both affirmative action AND integrated, unsecured prisons. Whites have been fighting AA since at least 1978 with no reward except speaking truth (this is not a reason to give up, just to realize that this is a tradition).
        Prisons can either be made secure (no interprisoner contact – replace it all with closed-circuit TV contact, only with visitors who are not ex-cons), or they can be segregated. I don’t care which. Every time a white guy who gets caught drunk driving gets the choice of being gang-raped or joining the Aryan Brotherhood, our national soul dies a little. I feel that as strongly as I feel the pain that our troops are not home from the sandboxes (sorry, off-topic).
        I do think, however, that we need to be prepared. No matter how many times we repeat a few simple policy goals, people are going to say, “So what? So ya gonna kill all the blacks now?”
        It’s a little easier online. In person they will just talk over you and then accuse you of interrupting them.

    • To J.A.Y.’s most specifically pro-white goals I would add:
      a moratorium on immigration. This goal is pro-white, pro-Amerindian, and pro-black and, in my humble, is also helpful to those Hispanic and Asians who are currently US citizens.
      (Some will disagree, on the dubious notion that only having oodles of Hispanic voters will make America livable to Hispanics. America is more livable than any Hispanic country in the western Hemisphere. Then again, wite peeplez r teh scary, d00d.)
      The moratorium can be lifted when unemployment drops below 3%. At that point we can replace with a strict criminal-background and English-skills test.

      • icr says:

        Nothing will be done about immigration until the current ruling elites are replaced.
        But the whites of the hegemonic power in the West are joined at the hip with their elites due to the war against “radical Islam.” The elites “invade ’em, invite ’em” strategy wages war against the Muslims in their homelands while inviting
        them to join the great dispossession fiesta in the West. When whites object to Muslim immigration the elites accuse them of racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia. .
        The left has always used simple slogans to advance their agendas. Put the elites on the defensive by demanding they stop the war against Islam. It’s gone on long enough-9/11 has been repaid in blood many times over. They’re waging war against Muslims and then importing them as potential Fifth Columnists. Given the zeitgeist , this is their most vulnerable point. If they start discriminating against Muslim immigrants their whole loony ideology starts to crumble.
        Not that I’m a fan of Islam.

  2. Sounds like an adventure, be careful. Let us know how it goes.

  3. RS says:

    I agree with TrueJew, there should be more about policy on the leaflet, and more towards the front thereof, so one can see that it’s not just a gratuitous put-down of Blacks and others. The fact that it’s not just a put-down is probably more important to get across than the fact that it is true. I think the majority of people have a partial subconscious and semi-conscious awareness that it is probably true; reaching this awareness with some level of certainty does not actually require formal study.

  4. RS says:

    TrueJew, our goals have three or four types I guess. The first normative conclusion you could draw is that you (anyone) want to be in a high-IQ and low violence society, speaking of both large and small scales. For example, you yourself are likely someone who can afford to live away from violent people. Many people, including probably some individuals more or less connected to yourself and to most people, are not able to. It should not be illegal for people to form their own residential communities or workplaces where they exclude whoever they feel like, most of all individuals they consider likely to be violent or just extremely crass. Freedom of association.
    Nor should we have affirmative action, thinking it is going to change the situation and nature of, say, Blacks. It’s not going to. It is just a way of buying votes, and it’s likely to cost around 100 billion dollars a year or more, primarily stemming from the fact that it is dyseconomic to have less capable people organize the activity of more capable people.
    Nor should anti-immigration activism constantly be compared to fascism. Basically, Americans present here in 1975 and their descendants, which includes basically all African-Americans, are going to wind up put-upon in terms of supporting Latin American immigrant populations. As long as you give them a schooling running something on the order of $10,000 a year, and give them health care in an emergency or semi-emergency, their presence is very costly to others. But not to give them these things, yet live alongside them in their suffering, will be considered extremely undesirable. Since they absorb a ton of charity, and the amount of charity via public and private avenues is somewhat fixed, especially when charity is transferred across races, Black Americans have been completely hammered by the Mestizo mass immigration occurring since the early 80s. It shouldn’t be some sort of a moral failing for Americans to care more about Americans than they do about the rest of the world’s people, it’s just human nature. If I may employ a rhetoric that is ordinarily somewhat hostile – I don’t intend it that way here – I don’t see a lot of pro-immigration types of today or yesterday moving to Mexico or Tunisia. Apparently they think they will get different results somehow or other by bringing Mexicans or Tunisians to the West en masse. In fact this expectation is scientifically untrue.
    Third, it’s likely that the major determinants of human economic, academic, and intellectual achievement — IQ and Conscientiousness (basically industry, responsible behavior, honesty) — are declining fairly/kinda rapidly within each race. Declining substantially faster, in fact, in American Blacks and Hispanics than in American Whites, yet those who claim to care a lot about non-Whites are the same who keep information like this severely stigmatized. Download this and go to page 114 (as I recall) for data:
    These things have been going on for a long time, but the Flynn effect, which continued up through 1980 or so, probably represents a real increase in IQ due to increasing volume of consumption of higher-quality food. So a decline in /genotypic/ IQ was probably masked until 30 years ago, but now a decline is likely taking place. Unfortunately it is hard to evaluate whether there has been a Flynn-like effect on Conscientiousness; also, the decline in genotypic C cannot, I think, be measured quite as accurately. Suffice to say that this has the potential to produce palpable effects on a short timescale such as 55 years, but it is hard to be certain just how bad it is.
    I’ll reserve the fourth thing perhaps.

  5. Gay State Girl says:

    I don’t think you’d get quite a reception. Most lapsed jews who support Chabad do so because of guilt that they do not follow jewish tradition or out of sheer pity. Somehow, abandoning one’s “white heritage” does not carry the kind of stigma that turning one’s back on Judaism does so your best bet is to try to appear as ridiculous as possible in an attempt to gain the pity vote 🙂
    On a more serious note, it would be wise to appear more plausible if you want to attract more moderates who are equally fatigued by insane political correctness even if they do not share your views about race realism.

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  7. icr says:

    Just heard on the news that the Germans are worried that the US will be pulling too many troops out of Afghanistan. DC says “Don’t Worry.”
    No matter that they often cry “Peace” , it’s clear the elites are all on board with this crazed
    Wilsonian project. Reminds me that about a year ago the Greens voted for an extension of Sweden’s presence in Afghanistan. And Sweden is not even a member of NATO.

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