Wells Fargo goes 365black

I was visiting my local Wells Fargo branch and, as I was standing in line, I noticed the ubiquitous bald black man sitting behind his desk.  Every bank in America is required to have a bald black man among its staff.  Preferably, the bald black man should not be a mere teller; a teller is too humble.  The bald black man should be an actual banker – complete with his own filing cabinet and business cards.  The bald black man must be within the ages of 20 and 50 and he absolutely cannot have any hair on his head.  Each morning, as he arrives at work, his head is inspected for signs of hair.  If hair is found, there is another bald black man waiting to take his place behind the desk.  Furthermore, the bald black man cannot be a “light-skinned black” and I’m pretty sure there are minimum height requirements as well.
But this post is not really about bald black men in banks.  After all, it is not only banks that have the bald-black-man rule.  Where I work, we also have a bald black man engineer and, as far as most of us can tell, he does practically nothing; he gets paid to sit at his desk and be a bald black man.  What this post is about is what I noticed as I was leaving the bank:

Apparently Wells Fargo is not interested in marketing their mortgages to whites – or even Hispanics or Asians.  These were the only depictions of people in the entire entrance area.  Isn’t there some sort of law that says there must be at least one white face in every group?  Can’t we have some inclusiveness?

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  1. portland1realist says:

    I have also noticed this. I happen to have a Wells Fargo calendar. It marks June as “pride month.” Which is of course gay pride month. May is marked “Asian Pacific Heritage Month.” February: “Black History.” They are uber cultural Marxists.
    In adherence with their cultural Marxism they must worship the blacks, just as our children will be taught to do.

  2. TrueJew says:

    don’t you know that wells fargo is a bank for proles?

  3. sestamibi says:

    I am a Wells Fargo customer and stockholder. I keep the account because it’s still free checking (OK, “basic”, but the requirements to keep it free are pretty easy to meet), but it is pretty nauseating to go to a branch and see this stuff. About a month ago while checking my balance on their web site I saw a photo of a gay couple at the top of the page shilling for mortgages.
    Apart from basic checking, a safe deposit box, and a ubiquitous ATM network, there’s nothing Wells Fargo can provide that I can’t get cheaper from either a community bank or a credit union. I would never do business with them otherwise.

  4. I think it was Wells Fargo that alerted me to one of the iconic figures of 21st Century advertising – the light-skinned black woman with curly hair who looks utterly ECSTATIC. She is always absolutely overjoyed. I think there are a few models who fit the bill, but for a while I was sure they were the same lady. She is overjoyed to be opening a checking account, enraptured to be buying cat food, blissed-out to be riding the train, and some synonym for happy to be getting her shoe size checked.
    Pretty silly. Beats morning drive-time radio though.

    • destructure says:

      I probably should have made some comment rather than just posting the video. The first few minutes of the video highlight the gross over representation of blacks in the Target store displays of a town that is approximately 99% white. And the last few minutes are fairly good discussion of the topic of why diversity tends to emphasize blacks while ignoring whites.

  5. FoxSnooze.com says:

    In our state we have a Department of Fat Black Women, otherwise known as the Department of Revenue.

  6. 365black = economic intimidation
    Businesses hedge against discrimination claims from individuals and government by proving themselves bastions of diversity BEFORE lawsuits are filed.
    Corporations embrace 365black, not because they like diversity, but because they don’t like law suits.
    The same is true of municipalities that compete for federal grants. To be considered for cash from Washington, cities and towns must prove themselves racially righteous.

  7. Brandon says:

    Yeah. It’s one giant protection racket. All the big bisnesses get hit up by the shakedown artists-Jackson, et al and agree to pay for protection, although it doesn’t look like the folks who “visit” McD’s have gotten the word…

    • jewamongyou says:

      It does disgust me that whites still patronize McD’s. Perhaps I should print out some anti-McDonalds flyers and hand them out in front of their restaurants.

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