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In the end, I did not end up handing the leaflets to passersby.  If I could get somebody to accompany me, even if he doesn’t actually participate, then I might do so.   Instead I affixed them to utility poles that others had clearly been using for that purpose.  I don’t know if, technically, it is legal to do so but if it is a violation of some sort, then a lot of people are ignoring it.

In addition to the leaflets, I’ve put a large sign on the back of my car that reads “QUESTION DIVERSITY”.  I was inspired Countenance (see comment below).  I have it set up so that I can remove the sign on work days.  Hopefully, it will get some people thinking.

Ultimately, I’d like to have a collection of leaflets, each one highlighting a different “taboo” subject.  One could be about black/white rape statistics.  Others could have more libertarian messages.  I would set up a chair and small table and allow people to take them as they pass by.  The theme would be “taboo subjects are good for your mind” or something of that nature.

I’d like to point out that these activities, and this blog itself, were largely motivated by the interference, and sabotaging, of the last two American Renaissance conferences.  If the leftist power structure will not allow us to assemble peacefully and in private, then we must take our case to the streets.  It is the only logical course of action for us.

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  1. Greenlander says:

    I’ll repeat what ‘True Jew’ asked in the previous thread:
    What’s the endgame here? Raising HBD awareness?
    Look, if even self-styled high-IQ people in the HBDsphere have a hard time separating their emotions from logical considerations, how do you expect the masses to accept this in a rational manner?
    If you want to end the welfare state and enjoy freedom of association, vote for Ron Paul. If you want to clamp down on immigration, vote for Tea Party candidates. This HBD activism is just going to bring you a whole heap of trouble while accomplishing absolutely nothing.
    You’ve already stated that your views have strained your relationship with your daughter and family. I doubt that being caught putting up or handing out these flyers will help matters.

    • jewamongyou says:

      If you believe that voting will make a difference then, by all mean, you can continue voting. See where that gets you. The party in power, and its special interests, have total control over education and the media – so how do you think enough people will vote for the right candidates or parties?
      I have already answered True Jew’s question. But yes, I do want to raise awareness. It is a cause I believe in. Our emotions are there for a reason. When we feel angry about something, our anger is the catalyst for action. When we fear something, our fear is the catalyst to run or protect ourselves. This is not a “problem”. It is how the world works. Would you tell a lonely person to stop dating because his has a hard time separating his emotions (loneliness) from logical considerations (his need for companionship)? That would make no sense.
      There are no longer strains between myself and my family. That was a long time ago. But thanks for your concern anyway.

  2. Greenlander says:

    I’ll add that you seem to want a state of affairs in which Whites are racially aware and nationalistic and yet magically not anti-Semitic. I don’t think you’re going to get your Holy-Grail of Euros and people of Euro-descent disliking all non-Whites but being fond of Jews. The Jewish community as a whole understands a lot better than you do that Jews are far safer in a multicultural environment (look at Brazil).
    Nationalistic sentiments among White goyim have never boded well for the Jews.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Most Jews are white. In any event, I will not take part in a grand “social experiment” (AKA “genocide”) in order to bring about an imagined benefit for my people. You point to Brazil as being safe for Jews. Do you think Brazil’s Jews live among blacks? Why don’t you point to Europe, where Jews are getting attacked by Muslims? How many Jews live among NAMS here in the U.S.? Those who have a choice choose to live among other Jews (in a homogeneous society) or among whites.
      In any case, standing up for whites, in their time of need, is the right thing to do. You should be doing it too.

      • Jews need to be conceived of as a broad cluster of Caucasoid ethnic groups. There is no really good analogy. A weak analogy would be immigrants from Yugoslavia – they’re not the same ethnicity but they hail from the same region and speak related languages. Jews only “hail from the same region” if you go really far back, of course.
        What I’m saying is that our conception of Jews can be made normal while still recognizing Jewish uniqueness. What is needed is a whole lot more honesty and a whole lot less walking on eggshells over “anti-Semitism”.
        There are some nasty “Nordic supremacist” types who loathe everyone but Nordics (that includes Greeks, Italians, Slavs, etc.), and there are some nasty Jew haters. They look more important than they are because they are always under a microscope. Outreach like J.A.Y.’s, or something that John Derbyshire or Jared Taylor would say are quite capable of reaching out to pro-white nobody-haters.
        Jews are not made out of fine china; they do not need to be wrapped in tissue paper to keep from shattering. Unfortunately, Jews are no more bulletproof than any other Caucasoid grouping, and if Death Angels or Zetas or Crips decide a Jew is The Man, it will become clear that weird Nordy theories that Jews are from some other race don’t really matter a whole lot.

      • countenance says:

        Brazil isn’t safe for much of anyone, except if you’re ultra-rich. Even then, I highly doubt I would want to be ultra-rich in the third world, because the hordes could expropriate all your wealth at any time. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone, and you never know how much a stable first world political system with private property rights, the relative freedom to contract, a fairly unbiased (but not perfect) civil and criminal judicial system, respect for civil liberties (for the most part) and the company of people whose habit is to eschew vigilantism for legalistic solutions, is worth, until you’re in a society without them. I’d rather be middle class in the best and whitest country on Earth than the richest man in Brazil
        Olave d’Estinenne (below): To prove your point: Crown Heights. I think I can say with a high level of confidence that the blacks who victimized Jews hadn’t recently finished reading Mein Kampf or the Protocols, much less anything by Hunter Wallace or Kevin MacDonald. That’s back in the news today because ole Weiner used “racism” to win his first political job, so we found out, in the aftermath of Crown Heights.

      • countenance says:

        Here’s an irony of that mentality. Assume for a minute that this “let’s diversify and bring down the world to make it safer for Jews” is a seriously held doctrine in the Jewish body politic. The irony of it is that it’s the sort of Charles Mansonite personal power motive phoenix rising out of the ashes mentality that is also heavily favored by groups and people none too fond of Jews, William Pierce and his followers as an example.
        The problem with playing with fire in that fashion is that you never know who is going to get burned or who will be the ones picking up the pieces in the charred remains.

    • portland1realist says:

      A Muslim controlled Europe is on the horizon. This will not be good for Jews. The left wing of the democratic party is very anti-Israel, even questioning her right to exist, considering her ethno-nationalist ethos which the left is opposed to. If immigration continues the way it is now there is no doubt the democratic party will have complete power. That will not be good for libertarians. Even if Ron Paul could get elected once, a libertarian policy toward the border would bring a welfare-wanting horde that would assure his defeat the next election.
      An white ethno-nationalist state could exist that included Jews as they are mostly white. Anti-Semitism is mainly a hatred for the uber rich elites that run the world, and could be refocused as anti-establishment class warfare.
      If the question of race is not confronted we will live in a black and Chinese controlled world and that will be the worst thing I could imagine for my children.

      • Reactionary_Konkvistador says:

        Well I can imagine something slightly worse: East Asian elites selling them out like ours did and importing hundreds of millions of Muslim South Asians and Africans.

    • Do you really think J.A.Y. wants someone to dislike someone?
      Do you think an end to racial preferences requires people to dislike the race in question.
      Jews are certainly not safer in a multicultural environment. Jews are fairly safe in Israel, but that is only multicultural compared to its neighbors. Its reason for existing was to be a Jewish homeland, and immigration laws favor Jews. Police departments protect Jews against violence even if the sad-sacks who attack them are downtrodden. That is hardly multicultural.
      Another place where Jews were safe was early America, also not multicultural. No one is safe in a multicultural country, if those countries include a lot of people who glorify impulsive violence, Muslims who abide by Sura 9:29, etc.

    • Kiwiguy says:

      ***Jews are far safer in a multicultural environment (look at Brazil).***
      As others have pointed out, that is not the case if you mean increasing the Muslim share of the population:
      “Even after a previous EUMC report produced in 2003 was not released by the Centre, reportedly because of the report’s conclusion that Muslim immigrants were responsible for the sharp increase in anti-Semitic violence in the Spring of 2002, the EU still appears unwilling to acknowledge its own findings that Muslim immigrant youth are increasingly responsible for anti-Semitic violence”

    • Kiwiguy says:

      ***I don’t think you’re going to get your Holy-Grail of Euros and people of Euro-descent disliking all non-Whites***
      Just helping them realise that having a sensible immigration policy can have significant financial benefits would be a start. Ideally, people would at least realise that populations are not interchangeable. If they think they can ameliorate the effects of falling birthrates by importing millions of Africans or Arab Muslims, then they are deluded. A basic understanding of HBD might help open their eyes to this. It might also spare them some of the guilt & responsibility for the continued underperformance of these populations.
      The Danes seem to have figured out the financial benefits at least – maybe this article would be worth distributing?
      “According to the report, immigrants and descendants of immigrants from non-Western countries cost the state 15.7 billion kroner per year, while immigrants and descendants of immigrants from Western countries contribute to the economy with 2.2 billion kroner per year.
      The government and its main ally, the Danish People’s Party (DF), intend to use the findings from the report to further tighten the immigration rules.
      “Now that we’re seeing that it is not inconsequential who comes into the country, I have no problem with further tightening the entry requirements for those who could be suspected of becoming a burden to our society,” Søren Pind, the immigration minister, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper. “Conversely, I will gladly let in more of those who clearly seem willing and able to contribute to the Danish economy.”

  3. Jamerson Mckracken says:

    I agree w/poster above that alot of jews are white. I think that alot of the bullshit needs to be wiped clean(do bulls have Toilet paper?) I’m only kidding my friend, but I think if Jews like you (our ally) would do more to separate yourself from the total ZIONISTS, We may even have a chance, though I’m not sure how much you can do, We, together, possibly, could make a decent world here- Insane as it is….

    • destructure says:

      Are you sure you mean he should separate himself from the “Zionists”? I’m not convinced Zionism is necessarily a problem. I may be naive but I thought Zionism was merely support for Israel as a Jewish state. I suppose it could be taken to extremes. But I actually consider myself to be somewhat mildly Zionist. I also support Russia as a Russian state, Germany as a German state, Italy as an Italian state and Japan as a Japanese state.
      At any rate, I don’t really see how Jay could do any more. He’s already doing more than most. Which is a sad commentary to be sure. The truth is, most people just aren’t doing very much. And that has a lot to do with people not knowing what to do.
      Let’s say someone hands out a million flyers and every single person who reads one agrees? Now what? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Until people are organized politically and economically nothing will change because knowledge in itself does not effect change. The actions brought about by the knowledge effect change and if there are no actions then there is no change. And that’s where we’ve always been stuck. Once one has the knowledge what actions should one take to effect change?
      We really need the services of those with a knowledge and background in economics, marketing, public relations, law, etc. People who know how to perform studies and know how the system operates and know how to effect change within it. But we also need to develop some sort of grass roots dues paying membership that can support and fund that kind of work. Kind of like the NRA does with the 2nd amendment.

      • I’m inclined to say Zionism is a logical ally (not necessarily a real ally, right now) of the pro-white movement(s). Zionism not only determined Israel’s national language but also its immigration policy. And I daresay I doubt Israel has any anti-Jewish (or anti-white) quotas in hiring and university admissions.
        Israel protects it citizens from Islamic violence better than most countries. That leaves only one question: how much do Israeli Jews pay in taxes to subsidize the Arab birth rate? That one I don’t know, but four out of five ain’t bad.
        Now I’ll grant that there are a lot of US leftists with a double standard on ethnostates: “Israel for the Jews” is okay but “[even part of] the United States for whites” is not okay. My quarrel is still with leftism, rather than Zionism, in any case.

  4. jose says:

    I think the leaflets are a great idea. If I were anywhere near you I would gladly accompany you and pass out leaflets too. Good work.

  5. Mac says:

    Hey JAY if I lived out your way I’d gladly join you just to stuff up any antifa stormtroopers who arrived but I unfortunately live in SA one thing I notice in the America and Britian is the right has no concept of security in all other countries like eastern europe understand it better in South Africa the far right deploys armed perimeter patrols and around key speakers the AWB {Afrikaans resistance movement} has a division called the ‘ystergarde’ or iron guard that guards the leaders at rallies and blacks despite being larger in numbers don’t dare attack these gatherings (ok the ystergarde are highly trained and armed to the teeth)

  6. countenance says:

    I am “Question Diversity” on AR. I admit it on my own blog, so I don’t have any problem saying it here. I came up with the new moniker (I was “St. Louis CofCC Blogmeister” before then) when I saw a crummy van full of leftist bumper stickers. “Question Authority” and “Honor Diversity” were next to each other. A simple transposition is all it took. Questioning diversity is questioning authority, almost “blasphemously” so.
    As for that other top of discussion, it is my educated observation that most American Jewish voters (or even non-voters) really don’t care one way or another about Israel. Of those that do, I think there is more and stronger anti-Israel and anti-Zionist mentality than pro. That would make the center of gravity on I and Z issues among Jewish voters slightly anti-I and anti-Z. I also think that the organization known as AIPAC is way misunderstood — Some people envision it as this vast K-street munch machine that eats up politicians and spits them out, waving wads of cash and a “promise” of favorable “Jewish media” coverage for them to chuck their “good instincts” and cave in and be pro-Israel. Really, it’s nothing like that. There are lots of lobbying groups whose stock in trade is legalized bribery, but AIPAC isn’t one of them. AIPAC’s strength comes from pro-Israel sentiment that already exists, some from interested Jewish voters, but the lion’s share comes from Christian fundagelicals who think that Revelation is physical and unfulfilled prophecy and are therefore waiting on the rapture. It also seems that AIPAC’s strength in Israel proper centers on the Likkud wing of the body politic, that the Israeli left eschews AIPAC because they’re scared of it being a monkey wrench in their pursuit of their precious 3.1415926-in-the-sky “peace process” with the lumpenproletariat on the other side of those walls.
    I could go on about similar things, but I have my own blog, and I’ve already vented my spleen in that regard.

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