The death of a diversicrat; A reverse obituary

Civilized people are supposed to feel bad about the deaths of others.  But, at the risk of sounding insensitive and callous, I’ll reveal my feeling that the deaths of some people leave the world a better place.  Of course, I’d much rather those people change their evil ways than die.  Furthermore, their deaths bring suffering to their family members who, presumably, did no wrong.
According to The Daily News:

Alex Montoya, who devoted his life to providing education to minority students at Clark and Lower Columbia colleges, has been identified as the man who died Saturday night in an accident near Scappoose, according to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Alex Montoya, in other words, was a professional bigot who “earned” his living by discriminating against whites.  When the Daily News says that he “provided education to minority students”, a naive person might believe that Montoya earned an honest living – perhaps as a plumber or an electrician – and then donated his hard-earned money to minorities to help them get ahead in life.  Of course, Montoya did not “provide” anything.  The Columbian tells us:

… After serving as director of financial aid and a multicultural advisor at Lower Columbia College, Alex came to Clark as director of financial aid…
… serving on the Washington State Financial Aid Council, the Washington Aid Administrators, and the Washington State Latino Caucus.  Alex also served terms as both president and vice president of the Washington State Multicultural Student Services Director’s Council…

In other words, he was a parasite.  I don’t know why they describe what government bureaucrats do as “service”.  They are cogs in the machinery of oppression and, in this case, the machinery is specifically designed to deny opportunities to white people in favor of non-white people.  And just what is the goal of the “Washington State Latino Caucus”?  They are in favor of the unlimited, uncontrolled invasion of the United States by Latin Americans and they support the use of tax dollars to specifically promote their own ethnic groups through “research”.  It is unclear why tax dollars are needed for this purpose.  After all, we already have skilled researchers who work for free and produce high-quality reports.
What I find particularly galling is that the bulk of Montoya’s salary was extorted from whites as “taxes”, either directly or indirectly.  In the end, he was killed by a drunk driver.  According to Article Base:

According to a paper published by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration in 2002, Hispanics are often disproportionately impacted by drunk driving.  The Hispanic community is united in their opinion that drunk driving is a problem and that something should be done in order to curb its negative effects.  A poll among the Hispanic population in the United states revealed that over 90% believe that drunk driving is a very serious problem that must be addressed.
The statistics also show a need for a focus on the Hispanic population.  Many who come to the US may not be well versed in the traffic safety laws.  Other factors may expose the Hispanic community to a disproportionate level of risk from DUI.  Whatever the reason, below are some of the statistics reported by the NHTSA regarding Drunk Driving and Hispanics:
1. Motor Vehicle crashes are the single leading cause of death for Hispanics between the age of 1 and 44.
2. US-born Hispanics are about three times more likely to drive after drinking than are immigrant Hispanics.
3. Between the years of 1990 and 1194, approximately 12.7% of all alcohol related traffic fatalities were Hispanic persons.
4. Hispanic men have a higher rate of having ever been arrested for DUI than do blacks or whites, and on average Hispanics believed the number of drinks needed to affect driving was higher than what blacks and whites believed.

As is customary, the above article sugarcoats the facts and tries to portray Hispanics as “victims” of some sort of mysterious entity called “drunk driving”.  But the facts speak for themselves.  The organizations Montoya worked for, and probably Montoya himself, wanted the United States to be transformed into “North Mexico”.  It was one of the major Mexican vices that struck him down.
I know in advance that some people are going to comment and tell me that I’m a horrible person for attacking somebody who has died.  To them I give permission to attack me after I die.  They will write that I did not know the man so I should not disrespect him.  I did not know Josef Stalin either – but I still take the liberty of condemning him.  If he was kind to animals or respected his wife, then obviously it is not those traits I would condemn; I condemn him for the evil deeds he is known to have perpetrated.  The same applies here.  If Montoya was a great family man, that is good and well – but it does not absolve him of his crimes.

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8 Responses to The death of a diversicrat; A reverse obituary

  1. DFA says:

    And why do my tax dollars go to public schools k-college that pay staff for these worthless diversity and multicut offices? They say he spent his life “providing education”, what does that mean? He wasn’t a teacher and your parents are supposed to provide your eduction, but most of his “students” were getting it provided by evil, racist YT. Not only was he a parasite but so are most of the kids and their families that he helped and we need to start calling these riff-raff out for what they are. Bravo, Jay!

  2. destructure says:

    I printed a copy of Teddy’s obituary and taped it to the mirror in my bathroom. That way I can start every morning with a smile. I’m saving a spot next to it for Soros.

  3. countenance says:

    There is no such thing as a money tree. But this Alex Montoya almost worked in an orchard full of them. Notwithstanding any major league state and Federal budget deficit problems (which there are now), the funding stream to educational institutions is pretty much guaranteed.

  4. RN says:

    If you have a problem with organizations that promote diversity, check out the kind of people involved in the ACLU and SPLC. They don’t tend to have names like Montoya.

  5. RN says:

    You said…
    “Alex Montoya, in other words, was a professional bigot who “earned” his living by discriminating against whites.”
    ” I’ll reveal my feeling that the deaths of some people leave the world a better place.”
    If that’s the case, would you admit that the deaths or departure of the great many Jews who seek to undermine White gentile societies would be a good thing? Are we in agreement that the removal of Jews who subvert the nation through media, finance and government plus those Jews who promote ideas like diversity, feminism, homosexuality etc. can only be good for America?

  6. Annoyed says:

    It would have been amusing if he had been stabbed or shot, or beaten by one of his fellow hispanics or other nonwhites.
    None the less I am satisfied with knowing one less of these lunatics exists.

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