The Hmong: Not a "model minority"

A few years ago I read “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” by Anne Fadiman.  It is an interesting and complicated story that illustrates the challenges of trying to integrate a primitive people into American society.  The story ends in tragedy and I was left wondering who decided those people should be brought here and why.  I still have no good answers.  The Hmong, though Asians, seem to be as crime-prone as NAM’s.
Today, I had a conversation with a young Hmong.  He told me how, when he visits family in California, he must be careful how he dresses so that other Hmong don’t mistake him for a member of a rival gang.  The Hmong seem to live in fear of each other.  He told me disturbing stories – and I asked him why it is that there is so much crime among his people.  He had no idea.  My mind drifted to the Kurds, another stateless people, and the problems they cause in places like Sweden.  A rough hypothesis worked its way to the surface of my consciousness:  A people that has had little, or no, representation in its home country for many generations is likely to have little respect for the government of its home country.  By extension, it would also lack respect for the laws of that country.  Persecution might even work to make a life of crime more attractive.  Over the course of those generations, a criminal mentality might develop.  In their native country, tradition, harsh justice and segregation of various sub-groups would work to suppress this mentality.  But the moment they leave their traditional lands, and settle in a permissive and mixed nation like the U.S. or Sweden, all those criminal elements are free to express themselves.  Like a soda bottle that has been shaken, they erupt at the first opportunity.
My own people would be an exception (for the most part).  Our strong traditions of discipline and adherence to the law (our own religious law) promoted a more reserved and law-abiding culture.
To help emphasize the extent of Hmong criminality, I’ll quote from Don Stacey at Freedom Writer:

BIRCHWOOD, Wis. A Hmong immigrant from the 24,000-strong “Hmong community” of St. Paul, Minnesota crossed the border into Wisconsin on a hunting trip. Armed with a high-velocity semi-automatic assault-style rifle, Chai Vang, 36, wandered onto private property, ignoring the bright orange “no trespassing” signs and took a position in someone else’s hunting platform.
Locals have complained that the Hmong, a tribe from the jungles of Southeast Asia, have no respect for the concept of private property and hunt wherever they see fit. Apparently this is true. When Vang was confronted by two White people — a man and his son — instead of moving on, he shot them both. Before dying, the father managed to radio for help. Six of his hunting companions converged at the scene on two ATV’s and were immediately fired upon. Those who were not hit fled into the woods but were chased down and shot.
Unfortunately, the eight Whites had only one gun between them. It is not known if they fired even one shot in return.
After killing the five Whites and wounding three, the Hmong immigrant reversed his orange vest to the camouflage side to avoid capture, and attempted to flee the area. However, lost in the woods, he required the assistance of two more Whites to find his way out. Luckily for the two Whites, Vang was out of ammunition. For a complete report see the AP link below.
In February of 2003, the FBI released a law enforcement bulletin warning that throughout the United States, the level of Hmong criminal activity was increasing in severity. Extracts from the FBI bulletin:
The Hmong have become involved in a wide range of crimes, such as homicides, gang rapes, prostitution, home invasions, burglaries, auto thefts, and, most recently, the sale and distribution of illicit drugs.
In the St. Paul/Minneapolis area during the summer of 1999. Within about a 6-week period, at least 22 shootings were reported.
Hmong gangs have considerable mobility. It is not uncommon for gang members to drive from California to North Carolina, stopping en route to visit fellow gang members in other states, such as Minnesota or Wisconsin. Many times, these gangs transport guns to another state and commit crimes in transit. Because of this mobility, law enforcement agencies investigating these gangs must maintain a high level of communication to effectively track gang activity.
Hmong gangs also present a violent threat to people who are not members of gangs. The most frequent and violent crimes against nongang members are rape and prostitution.

I sympathize with ethnic groups that lack sovereignty in their homelands.  As good people, we might care about them and perhaps even render whatever (voluntary) aid we can.  But such aid should take the form of helping them in their homelands.  If, and when, they work out their problems and advance to the point where they no longer pose a danger to those around them, at that point we might consider some sort of limited immigration.  Until then, bringing them here is akin to releasing a pack of brutalized pit bulls into a playground full of children.  Whoever does this is responsible for the resulting carnage.  Here too, the government officials, and interest groups, that brought about the Hmong influx bear responsibility for the resulting death and suffering.
If my hypothesis, or any other culture-based hypothesis, is correct, then it would be interesting to see how long the Hmong remain a crime-prone group.  Will their Asian genetics prevail as their dis-functional culture fades away, leaving them as docile as other Asians?  Or perhaps they will remain a nuisance for centuries.  Maybe their genetics differs from other Asians to the point where they should be considered “honorary NAM’s”.
I look forward to comments that will direct us to articles on this topic.  No doubt others, more enlightened and prestigious than I, have already tackled this topic.

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  1. essbro says:

    Coincidentally, I just read an article yesterday by David Yeagley about this group and the Clint Eastwood film, “Grand Torino”. Find it at

  2. Ray says:

    Here’s a shot in the dark: A tribalistic nature has been adventageous in our evolution and therefore has been selected for. This tribal behaviour could be more pronouced in some ethnic or racial groups than in others. Gang = Tribe.
    Maybe us humans don’t have the unlimited free will that we like to think we have ( The God man complex) and we are just as enslaved to our genetically predetermined behaviour as any other species of animal.

  3. CelloPlayer says:

    The Kurds closest genetic relations are Jews… another troublesome minority.
    “My own people would be an exception. Our strong traditions of discipline and adherence to the law promoted a more reserved and law-abiding culture.”
    Reserved? I don’t think anyone could call Jews ‘reserved’ with a straight face. Law-abiding? Ha. Thousands of Madoffs might prove you wrong.

    • jewamongyou says:

      It’s a different kind of crime. I didn’t think I would have to spell it out – but I am making a distinction between violent street crime and white-collar crime. Anyway, I am getting tired of these periodic anti-Semitic jabs. What do the rest of y’all think? Should I just delete them to begin with?

      • Charles says:

        Please delete them. I believe in free speech but this is your blog. If they want to express views against it they can do so by starting their own blog or posting on another one. Comments like those remind me of stormfront.
        By the way you should see “Gran Torino” if you haven’t yet. It was one of the most interesting films I have seen.

      • Annoyed says:

        It’s your choice and ones that are being douche-bagy should be removed but sometimes allowing ones which are critical in a non-douche-bagy way might actually benefit your message.
        Obviously you can’t address all of them but occasionally it might provide a good chance to eliminate certain myths…

      • Mike Spiker says:

        LoL … a “different kind of crime”. Now this chosen one is trying to define what is good crime and what is bad crime. How many families have your good crime broken with loan sharking and stock cheat?

    • countenance says:

      Except I don’t fear going into certain parts of my own city at night or even during the day out of the fear of Bernie Madoff. I’ve been a violent crime victim three times, and neither time was it at the hands of someone who looked like Bernie Madoff.
      BTW, if there were “thousands of Madoffs,” we would have really no economy remaining. The only tempting part about that scenario is that since the Southern Poverty Law Center’s money was tied in so deeply with Madoff, it would mean Morris Dees and Mark Potok would actually have to work for a living.

    • J. L. says:

      “The Kurds closest genetic relations are Jews . . .”
      Actually, it could well be argued that this may support the proposition that the Kurds, once removed to the United States and implanted in American society, would become as productive and law abiding as their Semitic kin. Note that Israel, which I may add I strongly support, had done an excellent job of becoming, by necessity, a warrior society in a part of the world where being a warrior is necessary. Perhaps the Kurds are the same . . . they have been and are, after all, like the Israelis, surrounded by Arabs.

  4. Knuold says:

    You can read more about the ‘blessings’ of Hmong invasion and its misguided, foolish and sometimes evil handmaidens here.

  5. John says:

    The Hmongs are tribal people living in the marginal part of Cambodia. It requires a different set of genetics and behaviors to survive on these conditions. Of course you would expect different them to have a different genetic profile compared to the others of their peers. I think you would see something similar if the Afganis were to migrate to a Western nation.

  6. I think you would see something similar if the Afganis were to migrate to a Western nation.
    Only way that would happen if were engaged in some sort of “well-meaning” campaign intended to help out Afghanistan, which will figure out in a decade or two actually caused chaos, which will cause us to feel remorse and let them immigrate to the US.
    So I wouldn’t worry about it.

  7. J. L. says:

    Let me preface this by saying that I largely (not always) agree with the views expressed on your blog, and am a believer in Human Bio-diversity.
    In the post regarding the Hmong, you stated “The story ends in tragedy and I was left wondering who decided those people should be brought here and why. I still have no good answers.” I think the reason that the U.S. has been so willing to receive Hmong people as immigrants is because they served in large numbers on the anti-Communist side of the Vietnam war, on the side of the United States. The Hmong who are largely a Laotian tribespeople (not Cambodian, as another commeter stated) were turned to, and armed, by the CIA to combat the Communists in Laos. This was done, in large part, because the Lao army wasnt doing such a good job of that job themselves.
    See this Wikipedia article:

  8. J. L. says:

    On the other hand, there is this, from the VDARE article cited by a previous commenter:
    “UN officials consider permanent resettlement in another country to be a last resort. And they and others say that it is now safe for the Hmong to return home. According to a State Department spokeswoman, “The United States believes the Hmong can go back to Laos. We have been watching [repatriations] all along. Our people investigate. There never has been one verifiable story of anybody being persecuted for having been repatriated.” ”

  9. EW says:

    Weell.. as I searched for a Hmong IQ data – it doesn’t seem to be too high – 80-90. Maybe that’s the reason for their not being a model minority.

  10. Drake says:

    Hello, I found your blog by accident actually. I was looking for “no trespassing” signs in the Hmong language. I live in Wisconsin and have for three years now. I gave the Hmong a great deal of leeway initially reading what I could about them online. In three years I can tell you this, they are one of the worst cases of neanderthal mentality I’ve yet to come across in any minority group. I left Colorado with the increasing gang related violence and home invasions, much of it perpetrated by Hispanic illegals. The Hmong are worse. For three years I have been living in a near war zone. My animals have been repeatedly abused and terrorized, my home damaged, no respect for property or community standards and the noise at all hours of the day and night wants to trigger a postal response in me. I’m praying my father’s estate is settled soon so I can afford to get the hell out of Wisconsin altogether. And trust me, I have looked at areas of the country including demographics to see what the racial mix is. I may sound like a bigot but after three years of this, I and my dogs want somewhere that does NOT include Hmong. I lived in Hawaii as a child among a diverse group of Asians who were intelligent and considerate, respectful of others and role models for me.
    As for IQ? Let me cite a few examples of what I’ve seen to date. Two different Hmong neighbors, on either side of me, open the doors to their homes. When it won’t close they stand there and repeatedly slam the door until it finally dawns on them to look at the deadbolt. In both cases when they opened the doors, the deadbolts slid out and remained out as they slammed the doors continuously tearing up the door frames. Eventually those had to be repaired and replaced. When their toilets break, and both neighbors’ have, they defecate and urinate out on their lawns. I’ve gotten no action from either the Sheriff or county health here. My friends and family have begun referring to this county not as Dunn but as Dung.
    It’s not a matter of race, it’s a matter of consciousness. The Hmong are too lazy by and large to improve themselves individually or as a race. The majority of Asians loathe them. No matter where they live or move to, there is a history of destruction, drugs, prostitution and abuse. So far in three years I’ve met two Hmong in this county who are out of the norm. And both of them are disabled, one being deaf, and the other being mute, and both being somewhat outcast from their own community. What does that tell you? There are exceptions as with any race but from what I’ve seen most are little more than rabid animals. And we have gotten quite a few Minnesota gang related issues. A car was shot up and then blew up this year after a Hmong confrontation behind my home. Last year five Hmong were shot at a mobile home park in Menomonie over alcohol. Not only were three killed who lived there but then the shooter turned his gun on his friend driving the car and then himself. The friend survived. There’s a community garden here in the area I live. I’m waiting to see just how much of a crop of heroin poppies are grown and harvested this year. Sheriff did nothing about it last year either. I’ve had to build an enclosed deck on my home with eight foot walls just so my dogs can go outside with some degree of safety. As I say, it’s like living in a war zone.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Wow. I have seen/heard over and over again that you cannot depend on law enforcement to solve problems with neighbors. Not with barking dogs and not with out-of-control people. In both cases, the only effective action is to take matters into your own hands. The law won’t help you.

      • Drake says:

        I’m not a fan of vigilante justice but I’m approaching that mindset. Actually, what I’m doing is putting pressure on not only the county but on the state. I’ve already written a strongly worded letter and sent it off to the Dunn County Commissioners. That resulted in a visit from a Sgt. Mayer of the SD. We talked for an hour and a half and like you noted, nothing has been resolved. They claim in three years I have ONLY called six times. You’d think the second call would have been enough. I looked in my vonage records however and in two years have 14 calls logged into them. I sent those records off to the Sgt. and no response in over a week now. County health was also not helpful nor was the fire department after the Hmong next door were burning painted wood and plastic, filling my home with thick, black smoke. Fire Department told me no burning bans were posted and they could burn whatever. Sgt. Mayer said otherwise but again, no action taken. So, I’m sending out a similarly strong worded letter to the Governor, State Attorney General, Director of State Health and Human Services Department, the State Treasurer, all Representatives, Senators, and local businesses. Since Dunn County won’t adhere and enforce the laws presently on the books I am now enlisting the unwilling aid of local businesses by informing them why I won’t be buying locally anymore. I’m also putting in reviews on all of these departments online giving them the lowest rating possible and the reasons why.

    • Hahn says:

      Drake… you’re a piece of work. If I know your race I could google and find millions of things that would make your race look worst than the Hmong. I’ve lived with white/black/latino neighbor and some of them are worst then what you described about the Hmong. You you’re a racist, you would be able to find anything to suit your agenda. Just from your writing, I wouldn’t want to live in the same state as you.

  11. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Drake,
    In your position, I would purchase a tent and camp out in front of City Hall. I would then pass out leaflets to passersby detailing what I’ve been through, that the government has done nothing to alleviate the situation, and that this is why I’m here in this tent. You would get some publicity and, maybe, shame somebody into doing something.

  12. Drake says:

    I might have considered that an option but I’m disabled and I have my dogs to consider too. I feel the letter will be enough. With Wisconsin going through so much uproar right now over recall elections, the state being bankrupt and the Governor calling for exposure and reporting of government tax wasting, I think this will hit home. If nothing else, people do not like getting hit in their wallets. I may be a single voice but I suspect after businesses read what I have to say, the County Commissioners and the state may be hearing from them too. Our overall national economy is so bad right now, businesses are desperate to bring in custom.
    And in time I will be moving. For which I am profoundly grateful. I will be leaving Wisconsin and never look back.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Just make sure you check the demographics of wherever you move to; verify it’s mostly white/Asian (non-Hmong). But, until whites gain the right to live among our own, we’ll be running away until there is no place to run to anymore.

  13. Drake says:

    I have been. Three years now I’ve been looking at demographics showing crime rates, racial percentages, etc. I found an area with 98% whites and that suits me just fine. If blacks, Hispanics and others that call themselves something other than simply American want to keep beating the discrimination drum, I’m perfectly willing to let them do it but I still retain the right to live my life as I choose, where I choose among those I choose. I choose to live among other Americans. Not that they’ll get the point but their lack of comprehension and intelligence is certainly not my problem. Thanks for the dialogue Jewamongyou. It’s been refreshing.

  14. Hmong guy says:

    Hey JEWAMONGYOU, last time i checked the ISOGG y-dna tree, Hmong and the Han Chinese (whom you probably admire along with other “NEAs”) are blood brothers (y-dna haplogroup o3a2b-m7 and o3a2c1-m134). We are still transitioning from our tribal ways by the day and we aren’t doing so bad as you want to believe and from reading all of your crap, you obviously don’t know us very well but we know your kind very well you see. VERBAL INTELLIGENCE is not PERFORMANCE intelligence (which is what really matters). Words are not as important to us so we always get things done and your kind doesn’t like this. Your kind prefers jargon and political GRIDLOCK.

  15. Hmong says:

    I agree with Hmong guy! He’s saying who decided to let Hmong live in the USA did he forget thwy didn’t have a home either. They forced and took this land from the Native Americans and claimed that it was their land. So don’t tell me you you have a land because you are just an immigrant as much as Hmong. Pathetic fool who knows nothing but assumes the worst. You have all these issues with Hmong because you are too immature to even ask and to even know the culture. You hate Hmong so much that you give no leeway to anyone who does do good for the community.

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