Facebook group against wiggers

Personally, I try to stay away from Facebook; I don’t need to publicize my private life for all to see and I don’t need my various friends and family getting to meet each other.  Sometimes they can  be like oil and water.  But there is definitely interesting stuff on Facebook.  For example, the group against wiggers – I mean “against white kids trying to be gangsta”:

This group is for those people who are tired of suburban white kids trying to act like thugs. We all know they really look like idiots. Being a trashy person does not make you a “thug”, a “gangsta”, or a “nigga”, so pull your head out of your ass and realize this isnt Compton. Around here, there are no “hoods”, so quit acting like something you’re not.

I wish them luck.  Sometimes I wonder how many of those wiggers are smart kids who, for some reason, want to be seen as morons, and how many of them are bona-fide morons.  The same applies to Asian (non-Hmong) kids.  It’s pathetic when they try to emulate the lowest sector of society – the same sector that harasses them and victimizes them.  They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery so why would anybody want to flatter “gangstas” who show their boxers to the whole world, speak a primitive form of pidgin English and cannot even walk erect?  Incidentally, at least 5 members of this group are black.  Not all blacks condone “ghetto culture”.
But I caused my own teenage son a lot of anguish by mocking his form of English – which is how many young whites (non-wiggers) speak to each other.  I even picked up his phone once when it was ringing, and got his friend to think I was him.  By the way, I’ve coined a name for the current adolescent white form of English:  Doodish.  I realize it’s not a new word, but I don’t think it’s been used in this context yet.  In Doodish, every sentence must start with “Dude…” – except for phone conversations, which typically start with “who-ya-with?”  We can’t call this language “Dudish” because people wouldn’t pronounce it right.
In other news, tomorrow is the first day of Summer, but you wouldn’t know it here in Portland.  We’ve hardly seen the sun in months.  There was no Spring to speak of and they keep forecasting a “sunny weekend” only for it to turn out cloudy.  Perhaps this is God’s punishment for all the Northwest leftists, who are constantly shrieking about “global warming”.  God says, “you’re afraid of warming?  No sun for you!”  But it’s not fair because not all of us are leftists here in Portland.  So your prayers would be appreciated.  Even the  albinos are getting rickets.
I have an idea.  We should rig some of the plows, from snowplows, onto the noses of airplanes and push all the clouds further South where they could probably use the rain.  When you see those plow-planes in the sky, remember – you heard it first from jewamongyou!

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  1. countenance says:

    Another distinguishing feature of “Doodish” is that every sentence starts with “It’s like,” and ends with “you know,” especially for young female speakers of Doodish.
    Personally, I try to stay away from Facebook; I would have to give up any pretense of having a life or any pretense of being a functional adult that can afford eating and living indoors if I bothered with F/B. I notice that it is starting to lose people in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada. What makes me laugh are all these smartphones with “one touch access to Facebook” — What if Facebook becomes passe? Five years ago, there would have been smartphones with “one touch access to MySpace.” How silly would that look today?

  2. Annoyed says:

    Wiggers, I can only laugh. Anyway…
    This is a bit off topic but I thought I would ask.
    Does anyone know what happened to Tiki Magazine?(I hope I am naming it correctly).
    It consisted of paleo-conservative articles, some on race. Jared Taylor use to write for it.
    I can’t find the website.

  3. Whenever I have talked with wiggers it always seemed like I was talking with an actor who was playing a role.

  4. FrankBD says:

    Reminds me of a column I saw about a book Ghettonation, whose (black) author believes ghetto culture had pervaded white high schools and “worries about a downward cultural spiral where suburban boys work as pimps, middle-class girls aspire to dance like strippers and dropping out of school is often seen as a badge of honor.”
    Of course, this article from USA Today (a.k.a. The Negro News), doesn’t mention this phenomenon having anything to do with public schools teaching their students that all races and cultures are equal. The endgame is students believing that dealing drugs and giving birth at 16 are mere lifestyle choices no inherently inferior to studying and preparing a fulfilling career.

  5. portland1realist says:

    Dude, I’m like totally gonna join that group! Peace out!

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