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Countenance, whose blog does not allow comments, wrote:

Penelope Trunk:  Repulsion is part of diversity
That’s a funny thing to think about something that’s our greatest and most important strength.

But the “diversity” that we oppose is not the diversity that Penelope is talking about.  She is clearly referring to diversity of environment, experience and ethics.  This is the kind of “diversity” that leftists oppose.  Or, more accurately, they relegate this type of diversity to minimal importance when compared to the only diversity they really care about:  Racial diversity.  I think her post is a good one – even though I take issue with her approach to cats.  Then again, I never worked on a farm.  I think Countenance is simply using the title as a nice soundbite against the sort of diversity that is crammed down out collective throats every day.  Fair enough.
Let us not get caught up in the details of Penelope’s post.  It is more important, I think, to focus on the larger message she is conveying:  That there is a diversity that is a potentially positive thing.  Can we usurp the concept of “diversity” from the left?  If enough of us promote “alternative diversity” through bumper-stickers, t-shirts, leaflets and word of mouth, can we make a difference?
I’d like reader feedback on a bumper-sticker I’m about to order.  It says “CELEBRATE DIVERSITY OF IDEAS”.  If a few of y’all think it’s a good soundbite, I’ll order a few of them and send them out, for a nominal fee, to whoever wants one.

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  1. WMarkW says:

    I like it. Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw:
    Politically Incorrect
    Free Mind
    Free Market
    Free Society

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