I told you so!

A while back, I posted about my travels in Europe (Europe is Doomed) and wrote that there seem to be more natives having children than we’d been lead to believe.  Some commentators pounced on me and said I must be mistaken.
Now, through Amren, we find this:

Many European governments have been concerned about falling fertility rates, because of the welfare implications of an ageing population and a shrinking workforce. However, ‘Doomsday’ scenarios of fertility spiralling downwards and European populations imploding have not yet materialised. Recent statistics for childbearing even suggest some recovery in Europe’s fertility. RAND Europe therefore decided to update its 2004 study into the causes and consequences of low fertility in Europe. The report analyses the latest data, reviewed recent literature, and examined the situation in Germany, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK in depth.

So it was not my imagination after all.  But let us not become complacent;  keep making those babies!
How many of these babies are born to native Europeans?  I don’t believe there is any way to know for sure.  We do know that in the U.K. about a fourth of new births are to immigrant mothers, at least according to the Mail Online:

The Eurostat analysis showed that Britain’s population rose by 412,000 in 2009, up 182,000 because there were more immigrants than emigrants, and up by 231,000 because of rising birth rates.
Much of the new baby boom is a result of immigration, and one in four children born last year was born to mothers who were themselves born abroad.

But there can be no doubt that even the one in four estimate, for immigrant births, is too low.  What about those whose fathers were born abroad?  What about those whose grandparents were born abroad?  What about those whose immigrant mothers lied about where they were born?  Are native Brits aware of the problem?  Judging by the comments, to the above article, we would think so.  Here’s what was posted before comments were shut down:

These statistics only confirm what is known already. With a an ever higher birth rate from immigrant mothers our country will become eventually unrecognisable. I am not against strictly controlled immigration but it has gone TOO far and it must be halted if we are to retain our identity. Immigration was the number one issue in the election and now everyday there is backtracking. Listen to the people before it is too late.
– Mrs. B., Ipswich. Suffolk, 28/7/2010 08:33

Farewell to England and the English race as soon we will all be extinct what a sad country this has become, and we are living like white slaves
– L Giblin, Reigate Surrey, 28/7/2010 08:32
How can tis country cope with any more migrants and immigrants. God knows what will happen if Turkey is admitted into the EU.
– shirleyrose, Yorks, 28/7/2010 08:31
Thats more than 10% of the population of New Zealand!!! What are your Government doing?
– Jeff Royle, Auckland, 28/7/2010 08:27
Please please please will someone do something. We are full up, we can’t carry on like this. I already feel like a foreigner in my own country. I am 55, my country as I knew it is unrecognisable. Go to London or any large city. It’s dreadful.
– Jax, No Longer Great Britain, 28/7/2010 08:18

I hope Vince Cable is reading this!
– Malc, Bolton, UK, 28/7/2010 08:18

On another note, if those European governments are so “concerned” about falling fertility rates, perhaps they should consider reducing taxes so that the natives can afford to have children.  Perhaps they should reconsider their population-replacement policies so that would-be parents do not refrain from having kids because they believe there is no future for them anyway.  High-level government types are only concerned about one thing:  Their own personal profit and power.  If they cared about anything else, they could not have made it to the top.
What the pro-white movement needs is a fund people can donate to.  Any native European couple that has a baby would be eligible to receive a cash reward from this fund.  That way, even pro-whites, who, for whatever reasons, cannot have babies themselves, could contribute to the effort.  Also, non-white sympathizers could pitch in.  What would it take for some whites to get together and do this?

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3 Responses to I told you so!

  1. “if those European governments are so “concerned” about falling fertility rates, perhaps they should consider reducing taxes so that the natives can afford to have children”.
    Taxes cant be reduced due to the massive demand placed on the welfare services – unemployment, housing benefit, hospitals, police, judiciary, etc, etc, by the cultural enrichers.

  2. Irish Savant says:

    “How many of these babies are born to native Europeans? ”
    This is indeed the whole point. I know that here in irelandif you see a female cultural enricher, black and/or muslim, she’s invariably surrounded by a squad of kids. In Europe it’d be deemed unseemly to differentiate between natives and immigrants in the statistics.

  3. CanSpecy says:

    In the US the scale is clearly tipping the other way:
    Census shows whites lose US majority among babies.

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