Reparations for the victims of North Carolina's eugenics program

Charles, who sometimes comments on the blog, sent me this link to an Al-Jazeera article.  The article reads, in part:

The US state of North Carolina has apologised to thousands of people who were forcibly sterilised under a programme undertaken to improve the genetic composition of the population.
Now the victims have come forward to tell their stories to a state advisory panel that is considering how to compensate them. But money cannot heal the scars, some say.

… and it includes a video showing a victim being interviewed.  The woman tells us that the state “took away something that was not their’s to take away”.  I agree with her.  The government should not have the authority to decide who may procreate and who may not.   But the video is misleading; it claims that the state’s eugenics program ended in 1977.  Technically, this is true.  There is no more eugenics program.  In its stead, they have a dysgenics program – just like every other state in the U.S. and the Federal Government.  This dysgenics program is, of course, their brazen robbery of the middle-class and the use of these stolen monies to subsidize lower-I.Q. people.  Though they’re not cutting people open to surgically sterilize them, the results are the same:  Responsible, hard-working people cannot afford to have their own children because so much of their income is being diverted to pay for the children of inferior people (generally speaking).
So, Charles, I am not against eugenics.  It is just government eugenics that I do not trust.  But, as long as government keeps its grubby hands off our money, natural (free-market) eugenics will work its magic.  It was, after all, natural eugenics that created the miracle we now call “Homo Sapiens Sapiens”.
As for genuinely mentally defective people, as long as they are a burden on others, they have no right to have children and they should be sterilized.  If they can support themselves, then they should be left alone.  Granted, more defective people will be born – but, overall, it will all come out in the wash.

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  1. destructure says:

    I once knew a woman who had her mentally retarded daughter sterilized. She said it wasn’t that she thought her daughter would have sex. It was that no matter how protective she was there would always be the chance that some degenerate would find an opportunity to abuse her. And that wouldn’t be right for either the retarded daughter or the child born from the abuse. Sterilizing the mentally retarded is a kindness.

  2. Charles says:

    Hi JAY,
    Thanks for posting the article. I certainly share your distrust of the US government and I can understand your reasoning, although I personally wish the US would steralize low IQ individuals, third world immigrants and those with serious hereditary defects. I don’t trust the government either, but I also don’t trust low IQ individuals to make responsible reproductive choices. The US government did it before though and I am sure it prevented the birth of many rapists and murderers. I am grateful for that and its rare for me to thank the government for anything.
    Unfortunately even whites with money have chosen to have few children so dysgenics in a free society will continue and grow. I personally don’t believe the free market will work it out. People are selfish by nature and children cost a lot of money and require time. Money and time they could spend on themselves. Only an authoritarian racialist state could turn things around at this point and that won’t happen.
    In a perfect world, I would like the government to subsidize the birth of high or even average IQ white children. In Russia couples are being rewarded for large families by the government. I think they have the right idea provided these are healthy couples producing quality offspring. That will never happen in the US though. We are a multi cultural nation unfortunately whether we like it or not and our society I believe is too far gone. The very idea of rewarding people for child birth or prohibiting others from it offends most people.
    You make a great point about the US supporting dysgenics through the welfare state. The taxes I’m forced to pay are diverted to welfare programs for mothers with children out of wedlock, free housing for inner city blacks, free school lunches for minorities. Its theft, it is dysgenic and I would say its immoral. I certainly agree with you there.

  3. eugenicists says:

    These articles and videos make the best case against governmental eugenics I have ever seen. Incompetence and inefficiency doesn’t even begin to cover it.
    This said, I would rather have eugenics, even of that type, than aggressive dysgenics, which is what we have today. If the ethical solution is not going to happen, what do you do? This question is odious, but it should be considered nonetheless.
    I believe that the best solution, at the moment, is to pay people who should not have children to get sterilized. Not everyone who is retarded, for example, has parents who are smart enough to get their children sterilized. Some drug addicts may never have enough money or werewithal to get the operation unless someone offers it to them. And psychopaths, who largely view children as an inconvenience, could be persuaded to get sterilized if it came with enough money (i.e. power).
    To me, this isn’t just a matter of dysgenics, but human suffering, as you can see from this disturbing photo:
    There’s a charity called Project Prevention that pays male and female drug addicts to get sterilized. What they’re doing is great, but it’s only a fraction of what needs to be done.
    Sadly I don’t have a trust fund, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are on some insane crusade to inoculate Africa against malaria and AIDS. (How do they get their priorities so crooked?) So, until more people lose their fear of saying what they think, I fear this is just idle talk.

  4. Ryan says:

    I find it hard to believe that there was a state sponsored eugenics program in South Carolina, something seems fishy to me.

  5. NCfellow says:

    There is a group helping out those who have been sterilized by force or coercion. They are working with the NC victims. Their group is called the Justice For Sterilization Victims Project (its a coalition of legal scholars and attorneys):

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