A feeble attempt at debunking HBD

A blogger named Zek Evets, or one of his followers, posted a link to a race-denialist version of my treatise “Reflections of a ‘Racist’ Father” as a comment to my last post.  Following the link brought me to Evets’ blog and to his pathetic attempt to debunk common sense.
Here is the link to his “Racist Father” essay.  As you can plainly see, there are plenty of assumptions therein.  He assumes that only blacks experience daily racism, that “raising a black man” is a task more special than simply “raising a man”, that somehow the offspring of a Jewish man and a black woman will carry on his Jewish heritage in a meaningful way.  And how many Jewish men marry black women anyway?  I don’t like insulting people for no reason, and I don’t take pleasure in demeaning others for the pleasure of my readers – but I’ll be blunt:  Evets excels at rhetoric.  He’s a good writer.  His words sound nice and they stir the heart.  But is he saying anything of substance?  All I see is a jumble of conflicting emotions, with no novel concepts, no statistics, very little wisdom and a lot of fluff.  If, hypothetically, I had a child with a black women, would I love that child?  Of course I would – and I would raise him as best I could.  I would raise him to be a good man.  But I would not worry about raising him to be a black man.  I suppose this is one of the points where Evets and I differ.  I place a lot of emphasis on my Jewish heritage and its future.  He places a lot of emphasis on black heritage and its future.  I don’t understand why he sees black heritage as more important than his own Jewish heritage.   After all, for every Jew, there are millions of blacks.
As for his attempt to debunk common sense (AKA HBD), here’s the comment I posted on his blog:

It’s hard to tell if you are ignorant or trying to mislead people. But no, race does not affect your I.Q. Rather, there is a correlation between AVERAGE I.Q. and the geographical area your ancestors evolved in. You make it sound as if a black genius is actually a bit dumber as a result of being black. Individuals are what they are.
Your list of race-realist scientists conveniently left out Armond Leroi – who IS a molecular biologist. You should read some of his work.
You should also check out my review of Guns, Germs and Steel; that book does NOTHING to refute race-realism.
The Mismeasurement of Man has already been shown to be fraudulent and it’s hard to believe you don’t already know this.
The Bell Curve was never disproved; it was attacked – by people like you, but this does not disprove it. You do realize that there have been plenty of counterattacks defending the work, don’t you?
Your cute cartoons and insults might convince a simple-minded person, but they are, in the end, only cartoons and insults.

Of course, much more could be said about it – but I doubt whether it’s worth the effort since his underlying objection to HBD is emotional.  Maybe he should visit Chicago and let some diversity beat some sense into him.
Now that I have vented my spleen, I’ll point out that Evets appears to be young.  When I was his age, I didn’t know any better either.  Well… maybe I did, but not that much better.  Hopefully, some day he’ll grow up and learn to see things for what they are, and not what he thinks they should be.

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  1. Eunice says:

    That Zek kid is just strange, poor guy suffers from white guilt and liberalism.
    I consider such interracial relationships to be sexually sado-masochistic in nature, and racially and socially degrading. Both parties are paying a high price for what they most desire; the Black woman for craving a mixed-raced child; and the white Jew for going against the wishes of his domineering Jewish momma.
    I feel nothing but an aching pity for the father and mother. They are a tragic twosome united by self-loathing on the one hand, and social rebellion on the other. There son, therefore, will be both a ‘divided Jew’ and a self-loathing Black.
    Just tragic.

  2. essbro says:

    Nah. Zek worships at the alter of Howard Zinn. There’s no awakening in that boy’s future. He’s too far gone.

  3. Unamused says:

    You should give up debunking him, as I have. He’s full of it, and he knows he’s full of it, but he’s not actually after the truth. He’s out to convince people of his politics, and he is willing to lie to achieve that goal.
    You will never make progress, because he’s not reasoning. He’s playing a different game.

  4. Kiwiguy says:

    There were a few clashes over HBD on this site. After Evets complained about how HBD proponents weren’t geneticists, a person claiming a background in genetics showed up & schooled him.

  5. Would be good if you always defined your terminology. Not everyone knows what HBD is. Human Bio Diversity? Not every reader is in the know.
    I was quite shocked about your racist father article, because I can not refute it. But until then I had held the belief that at least well behaved, educated, intelligent blacks (Iike Obama) should not be discriminated against.
    Actually, I was thinking of writing a post about that article. Can I quote or reprint it with comments?

  6. a.n.animus says:

    Wow, I just read a few of his posts, and I don’t think I’ve read anyone as unreflective as that in years!
    I followed through some of the links to the abagond site. The poster Chuck (with the hippo) has superhuman reserves of patience. I am completely in awe of his ability to persevere in the face of idiocy.

  7. (un)concerned says:

    “He’s a good writer. His words sound nice and they stir the heart.”
    I think you’re giving the guy too much credit. The ideas he expresses are so trite that I can’t help but see him as a dependent conformist thinker who isn’t capable of originality. Check out his blogger profile, paying special attention to that occupation part – it says it all. I’ve met a lot of these flaky types. It’s a shame so many intelligent people have to be so shallow.

  8. As always great stuff from JAY.
    One quick question though: where is your review of Guns Germs and Steel?
    I have to admit I read that book when it came out, but since I read it before having morphed into a race realist, I was unprepared for the shock I felt while reading it. I didn’t know at the time that Diamond was playing for the other side, but even as an as-yet race unrealist, that book seemed ever so WRONG to me. Without the years and years since of reading Amren and other sites like it (this one, thankfully, since recently), it was hard to make sense of it all.
    Anyway, thanks again JAY for a great site, one of the best ones out there.
    I was happy for you when Steve Sailer blogrolled you – what a distinction!
    As it is I feel quite honored that you blogrolled us, over at COTT. That site is not 1% of this site though; however, we are trying to put more time and effort into it (Please see today’s postings).
    Where do you find the time to post such lengthy, thoughtful posts? I don’t think I’ve spotted a single typo on this site. Truly impressive stuff. Keep it up! (And tell us where to find your review of Guns Germs and Steel).

  9. Olive says:

    I do not mean to be cruel or degrading to him, but I hope Zek Evets never reproduces, either a White or Black child. I think either child would end up despising him. What a weak, pathetic father he would make, so full of doubt, handwringing, guilt, confusion, self-loathing. He has nothing positive, no strength, to give to either a white or black child! It’s honestly sickening, not to mention frightening. And his girlfriend will wear the pants in the family, and be the head of the household, and he will cringe every time she calls him a racist.
    He assumes that […]“raising a black man” is a task more special than simply “raising a man”, that somehow the offspring of a Jewish man and a black woman will carry on his Jewish heritage in a meaningful way.
    If, hypothetically, I had a child with a black women, would I love that child? Of course I would – and I would raise him as best I could. I would raise him to be a good man. But I would not worry about raising him to be a black man.
    Of course. It would be sick if you wanted to raise a “black” man. I don’t even believe “black” people should raise their sons to be “black” men … I think it is cruel to shove culture and identity down a child’s throat. Let them unfold as they would unfold … whatever the father is at his core, they will unfold in his image. If he is a good man, a loving father, a strong father, not smothering but nurturing, they will bond to him, and they will be free to discover for themselves, and they will carry his standards and his essence into their future and their future families.
    It makes me think of Fiddler on the Roof. Although none of his daughters married the kind of man he wanted them to marry, he was a strong and decent man, and his daughters carried his image within them and married strong, decent men. They may not have carried on his Jewish traditions to a T, but … in a sense they all carried on his spirit, hence, Judeo “traditions”, abeit in differing ways.

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  11. Californian says:

    “Zek” is Soviet era slang for a gulag inmate, i.e., a political prisoner. I wonder if this fellow gets the irony insofar as he is a prisoner of multicult ideology?

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