My new work-safe bumper-sticker

I ordered several of the following bumper-stickers, and now sport one on my car:

It’s hard to see how this could offend anybody but, at the same time, it might get people to start thinking.  I’ve got a few others in the pipeline as well – and a new flyer I designed.  You can read about that later.

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10 Responses to My new work-safe bumper-sticker

  1. The fact that when people say diversity they tend to refer to skin color rather than intellectual diversity just demonstrates how surface oriented people have become as opposed to being mind oriented.

  2. Unamused says:

    it’s far, far too reasonable for me
    maybe if it had the n-word in there somewhere…?

  3. bob sykes says:

    If any of the stickers are commercially available, please let us know where to get them.
    I like the subversive quality of the sticker you show.

  4. anon says:

    My bumper sticker simply reads: “BO Stinks.”

  5. eugenicist says:

    I like this bumper sticker. If you plaster the entire back of your car with bumper stickers though, I am so judging you.
    I’ve always wanted to put a really offensive, beyond-the-pale bumper sticker on the back of a liberal’s car (one of those cars with a million “peace” stickers on it…oh please) but it would have to be just text, so they wouldn’t notice it right away. I like imagining that person, months or years hence, blubbering their disbelief and disavowing the content of that sticker to their friends. Makes me feel very warm inside.

  6. jennibanks says:

    I just bought   car stickers for my bumper and love to show them off!

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