Mivtsoyim* update for today

While out shopping yesterday, I got upset at the blatant pro-black bias of Office Depot.  Upon returning home, I wrote the following flyer:



Certainly you have heard of the recent, racially-motivated mob attacks in Chicago against whites, the savage beating, by racist blacks, of Carter Strange in South Carolina, the anti-white pogroms in Philadelphia and the brutal beating, by blacks, of white transgender Crissy Polis in Baltimore.
All of the above incidents, and many more, occurred within the last few months.  If you haven’t heard of them, it is because you get your “news” from a media that does not want you to know about them.
Interracial crime is overwhelmingly black on white, or black on Asian.  The Justice department tries to obscure this fact by counting Hispanics as “white” when they are perpetrators, but as “Hispanic” when they are victims.  Even so, the trends are clear.  White people are being victimized, because of their race, all over the country.
It is high time that whites grow a backbone and stand up for their group rights – just as every other race, and ethnicity, has done.  It is time to stop being ashamed of your own heritage, to tell your teachers, college professors and the media – most of whom openly hate whites as a race – to keep their hatred to themselves and to stop infecting vulnerable young people with self-loathing.
When you hear the following expressions, and words, from the powers that be, here is what they actually mean:
“Affirmative Action” = anti-white discrimination
“Diversity” = the denial of freedom of association for whites and the destruction of white societies as cohesive communities.
“Hate Crime” (in the racial context) = a crime committed by whites against non-whites.
“Not a Hate Crime” = a crime committed by non-whites against whites, even when racial epithets are used.
“Racist” = a white person.
For more information, please visit www.jewamongyou.wordpress.com

Today, I distributed 50 of them door-to-door.  I am happy with the results, not because I opened anybody’s eyes (that has yet to be seen) but because I did my duty well.  As I walked down the street, putting the flyers on people’s doors and giving them to people directly if they were home, I held my head high and smiled at them.
It is not difficult to walk down a quiet residential street, in early Summer, and distribute flyers.  It is also not expensive or even risky.  Nobody went “antifa” on me and no vicious dogs were let loose on me either.  Now that I’ve done it once, it will be even easier in the future.
Hopefully, some of the rest of y’all will do the same and y’all can write of your adventures here.
*”Mivstoyim” is the Habad-Lubavitch term for public/street activism.  I have adopted the term because it’s appropriate and because I’d like to co-opt  it to mean the specifically pro-white activism I encourage in this blog.

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22 Responses to Mivtsoyim* update for today

  1. destructure says:

    Like you, I’ve been following the incidents that have been taking place the last few weeks. It’s been going on for years. But what is new is the frequency and blatancy of it. They are no longer isolated incidents. They are becoming part of the new normal. But I see the actual attacks as only being half the problem. The other half, arguably the larger half, is the way it’s being squelched by the mainstream media. And I do think that media malpractice is the larger issue. If this were getting proper coverage the situation would be addressed. By hiding it and glossing over the problem is allowed to grow. Anyway, I wrote an articleabout media bias over the weekend and briefly mentioned some of these incidents. In some ways, it’s just a rehash of what you may have read other places. But I still think it’s a worthwhile summary that puts forth a solid argument.

    • (un)concerned says:

      They can’t just continue being PR firms for the black community. Sooner rather than later, this wall of silence will fall because white readers and viewers will no longer be able to force themselves to ignore what their lying eyes tell them. That’s when things will get interesting. But, for now, the mainstream media go out of their way to reassure white people that these attacks are NOT racially motivated.
      Most white Americans don’t like to think things are not A-OK, so most of them who weren’t affected by the attacks will go along. Won’t last!

  2. Kiwiguy says:

    Great flyer and great work distributing it door to door!

  3. Unamused says:

    Well done is all I have to say.
    (Well, that and there’s a typo in the title: “ant” should be “anti.”)

    • jewamongyou says:

      Crap! Now I’m going to have to return to all those houses and get my flyer back, so I can replace it with the corrected one!

  4. This tactic reminds me of the tactic mormons or jehovahs witnesses use to proclaim their beliefs to people

  5. (un)concerned says:

    The denial can’t last forever. Anti-white violence is occurring in too many places, and none of them are post-Katrina New Orleans. It’s too difficult to sweep such things under the rug when they happen in places like Chicago and Philly on ordinary days. This “issue” will have to be dealt with, and the longer it takes the mainstream media to do their jobs, the more credibility they will lose.
    They want it to just go away, but it won’t – like the nausea you deny as you lay in bed that eventually forces you to go to the toilet to vomit. These “youths” are forcing us to acknowledge the racial nature of violence in America.

  6. joe says:

    Good work. Let us know if you get any feedback from the flyers.

  7. Michael L.C. says:

    Good job and thumbs up!
    I’m curious, did you hand the flyer to any non-Whites?

  8. With the thoughts you’d be thinkin says:

    Wow great work.

  9. Steve the Hebe says:

    Great job! I remember meeting you at the last “legal” AR meeting.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think I remember you too, come to think of it – but I couldn’t pick you out of a lineup. Anyway, thanks! Hopefully you can also participate in this effort some time.

  10. ANTHRO says:

    Just wanted to say that I saw this post yesterday, and today, I decided to print up a few and post them up on the bulletin boards all around my old university. Yeah it’s the summer but there’s still a lot of students taking classes (and transient students too. Should be good for having them spread out with the message if it does make an impact) Also, I think when I go for a run around my neighborhood this weekend, I’ll carry a bunch with me and cram them in the flyer box under people’s mailboxes as I jog by.

  11. The Mighty Tig says:

    Two thumbs up for passing out a great flyer. Sadly, if anyone were to try something like that here in Zoo York City, the first “White” person to take umbrage to it would likely call the police. While you wouldn’t technically be doing anything illegal, in short order the lamestream media would put your name, face and address all over the boob tube. You can figure out the rest. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen. Decades ago, when there were still White ethnic enclaves here, this city could be a beautiful place. Now I have come to hate it. The only reason I look forward to reaching retirement age is so I can leave.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’ll make it a point, then, when I visit New York, to distribute some of those flyers. Somehow I doubt they’re going to put my face and information in the New York Times. They can put me on New York T.V. I’d smile for the camera.

  12. I have professionally designed flyers for my website Diversity Chronicle. Anyone who wishes, may dowload them and distribute them for free. Here is the link:

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