Smoking cigarettes can cause your baby to be born black

Thanks to Charles for bringing this to my attention.  This MSNBC article highlights new warning labels that cigarette manufacturers will be required to include on their packaging by 2012.  I quote:

One of nine new warning labels cigarette makers will have to use by the fall of 2012. In the most significant change to U.S. cigarette packs in 25 years, the FDA’s the new warning labels depict in graphic detail…

Apparently, MSNBC uses affirmative action employees to do their proofreading.  But beware!  Smoking cigarettes can cause your baby to be born black:
Once he is born black, he is at increased risk for deadly diseases such as AIDS or diabetes.  Jewamongyou recommends pregnant women smoke marijuana instead – if they absolutely must smoke.

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11 Responses to Smoking cigarettes can cause your baby to be born black

  1. Ryan says:

    It’s just advertisement that is trying to appease the masses, but it won’t work in the end. Liberalism never does. I don’t know if I am exactly right about this, but today’s world feels completely similar to the romantic era, you know, the type of era that happened before the major wars. Afterwards people become completely disillusioned with romantic ideas. I believe this is happening now.

  2. bob sykes says:

    Two points:
    First, marijuana probably has all the negative health effects of tobacco with the exception that cannabis is less addictive than nicotine.
    Second, environmentalism is plainly in the Romantic camp and opposed to the Enlightenment. The Nazi movement, which had an environmentalist component (Darre et al), was also strongly Romantic.

  3. countenance says:

    Bad marketing. People don’t much respond to horrific negative consequences. The most effective arrow in the anti-tobacco quiver is the “smoking causes impotence” billboards. Marketing steered around the angle of “your using this product or service robs you of some measurable joy or happiness” works the best.

  4. Zimriel says:

    countenance: impotence may also result from bicycling. But “White People Like” bicycles even more than They like marijuana.

  5. With the thoughts you’d be thinkin says:

    Have any of you seen any of the Australian Anti-Smoking stuff.

  6. Jamerson Mckracken says:

    LOL!!! You are hilarious, Jewamongyou!

  7. Californian says:

    Jewamongyou recommends pregnant women smoke marijuana instead – if they absolutely must smoke.
    The thing is, with all the government anti-tobacco propaganda, marijuana will become perceived as the better choice. In any event, it’s another example of the state trying to control people’s lives…though let us note the state shows little interest in defending the borders from illegal immigration. And while there is a a declared war on drugs, drug cartels can move pretty much freely over open borders.
    Another item for the file marked Anarcho-Tyranny.

  8. Irish Savant says:

    Laughed out loud at this. Excellent

  9. a random user name says:

    What is it with race realists and comedy? Race realists are often some of the funniest people I know. I think it might be a combination of IQ, testosterone and the fact that poking fun at taboos is always a comedy gold mine from which they can freely dig. Especially given that these are the biggest taboos of our time.
    The reason I say testosterone is because in order to be race realist, you kind of have to be a contrarian, risk taking, not give a s*** about what other people think type of guy. The kind who has high Psychoticism as per Eysenck (related to testosterone level). Good comedy is in part the gift of being able to relate two different things in a funny way, or see things from a crazy angle. Creativity in other words.
    Maybe it’s also that a lot of white race-realists at this juncture of time have a Hebrew in the woodpile. The ethnocentrism (along with IQ, comedic ability, chutzpah to actually think such thoughts) required does raise questions.

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