Muhammad Ali tells it like it is

This is an old video and I hope he hasn’t since changed his mind about these things.  The way he shoots down his white leftist interviewer (a D.W.L.) is priceless (though I would have been happier if he’d also gotten up and smacked him in the face):

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  1. The ironies of that interview are quite quite intense. Everything Mohammed Ali said was true, and I say that though I’m not a Muslim and I don’t even feel quite comfortable saying “God didn’t make a mistake” making us who we are. (I’m sure there wasn’t a mistake but I myself am not sure about God.)
    I’ve had conversations with Britons where they are light-years from a raised voice or even a ruffled feather. “No, I’m sorry, you’re quite wrong,” said in the proper calm Anglo-Saxon cadence is very effective when the person saying it is correct. When the person saying it is a leftist who got his brain sucked out by Comrade Karl, Comrade Gunnar, St. Stephen of Cambridge, and the rest of the gang, his steady Anglo-Saxon cadence is like a scalpel moving toward a jugular.
    I like both people, because I think while Mr. Ali does very well acquitting the correct philosophy, the Briton is also quite articulate in defending the politically correct (i.e., pigheaded and goofy) philosophy. The Briton seems like such a nice guy that I think it was nice that Ali didn’t rub his nose in his stupidity.
    In a way, though, I think “short-term nice” is a worse outcome in the long term, because people like our kindhearted, softheaded Brit think that this is all an academic debate. A big, powerful Black Muslim could have torn him limb from limb, but the Brit took his safety for granted! If that conversation weren’t happening under the hot lights of TV, a white man could pay for his mistake with a lot more than just the audience laughing at him.
    On the whole, an amazing exchange. I’ve seen way too much of the punch-drunk Ali and not enough of the young one. He managed to pay the proper respect to Chinese, white people, Pakistanis, and pretty much the rest of the human race just by applying an eyedropper full of a religiously-tinged look at human biodiversity. A+

  2. Eunice says:

    God leesh that old clip of Mohammed Ali is priceless!! He told that SWPL off. Interracial relationships are sick and disingenuous too bad most black men don’t understand that. Especially white men is this country they marry the most interracially with Asian women!! Just disgusting!!

  3. His charisma out of the ring is really underrated. Why this video isn’t brought up more often as an argument against multi-cultism I don’t know. He’s the epitome of cool in the western world outside of pop music, and the way he communicates this appeals to people of all levels. And it’s coming from a black guy. People will listen more to a black guy’s criticism of race mixing than that of a white person.
    Parkinson is a good man but for sure he epitomises the “we’re all the same” naive rhetoric that polite white society has swallowed.
    Funnily enough I’m probably not as anti-race mixing in and of itself as many other people of my political bent (I know some good mixed-race people – but they tend to be ones who have a docile whiteness about them), but it’s more about the ramifications on a collective, long-term level that concern me.

  4. James says:

    I have seen this clip before. It is rubbish that his IQ is only 79. That number is often mentioned on the blogosphere. He is clearly more intelligent than someone with an IQ of 79.

  5. bob sykes says:

    The real irony is that Ali is mixed race himself.

    • This is technically true, but African-Americans are certainly an ethnic group unto themselves. That combination of mixed-west-African and mostly-British origin is common only in the United States and some of the Caribbean islands, so I consider this group an indigenous (not aboriginal) North American group.
      Incidentally, I also considered mainly-Anglo-Celtic-mixed-Europeans born in the US & Canada to be a distinct ethnic group, also indigenous to North America.
      After the same mixed group is together for a few generations, it’s a new group rather than a mixed group. This applies to ethnicity rather than race, though, so what you say is true.

      • bob sykes says:

        I agree totally.
        By the way, there are many French-English mixes in New England (like myself), but they appear to have totally assimilated to the predominant English culture and do not form a separate subculture.
        At leas not today. My French great grandfather would not allow English to be spoken in his home, and he insisted that my grandfather send my mother to a French-speaking Catholic parochial school.

  6. BritRob says:

    From BritRob
    From BritRob
    Have not heard this clip, (in a cafe, no sound). However the interviewer is Michael Parkinson in about 1971. From memory at one point he is asking about his membership of the Nation of Islam. He asks if he thinks all white men are devils then why does he have Angelo Dundee as his trainer.
    Parkinson actually thought Ali might hit him at one point, but carried on asking questions.
    Parkinson is a very good interviewer/journalist. Not left wing, not a political type at all. Big film fan, interviewed all the Hollywood greats that were still alive, Wayne, Astaire, Stewart, Hepburn etc. Knew the Beatles, he is on the cover of ‘Band on the Run’.

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