Gay curriculum in California

It turns out that the gay curriculum law I blogged about recently has been signed into law (thanks to Mangan for the link):

Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Thursday that makes California the first state in the nation to require the inclusion of the contributions of gay, lesbian and transgender Americans in school history lessons and textbooks.

This might put homosexuals on the same trajectory as blacks and Hispanics.  At least it puts them on the same trajectory as women.  I cannot help but wonder how long it will be before we have homosexual quotas that must be filled.  Will people feel pressured to include “I am a homosexual” on their college and job applications?  Or perhaps subtle hints, craftily inserted into their personal essays, would be more acceptable.
I personally know of a person who got preferential treatment for being a transsexual.  She was horrible at her job, cost the company a fortune – and yet, when they finally had the courage to let her go, she got (reputedly) a huge severance package so she wouldn’t sue for discrimination.  Granted, there is a difference between a transsexual and a homosexual – but they both have to do with sexuality and they are both considered “protected classes”.  This means any situation, that might even remotely be construed as discrimination, or harassment, must be avoided.
The very idea of quotas for homosexuals leads one to wonder… just who would be responsible for determining the validity of a candidate’s homosexuality?  Images come to mind – of well-furnished offices, inhabited by the “experts” on homosexuality, whose job it would be to verify such claims.  Competition for such positions would be fierce.  All of the secretaries would know not to disturb such important meetings.
One day we would have a homosexual president, who would appoint like-minded “czars” in strategic positions.  High-level military positions would be subject to the homosexual quota – and we can only imagine the abuses that might transpire in places like the armed forces.
Far-fetched?  Not really; there is precedence.

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8 Responses to Gay curriculum in California

  1. Actually, homosexuals seem to be very competent and successful in life.
    Probably not in need of special quotas and protection. Any hard data on this?

  2. Half Sigma says:

    I always assumed that Kagan was appointed to the Supreme Court because Obama wanted sexual-orientation diversity.

  3. Aoirthoir says:

    Competent homosexual men just want to be left alone. And I assure you at least one half of most gay unions have no interest in marriage. New York’s anti-gay gay marriage law proves how much the left hates these gay men.
    And now they are going to be forced to be told things about them in school. I’d put my eye out rather than listen to an incompetent teacher tell me about Irish history. I can only think it will be the same for gay men. (And I mean the manly gay men).

    • destructure says:

      All the surveys I’ve seen ask what percentage of Americans favor/oppose gay marriage. But I’d really like to see a survey asking homos what THEY think about it. And whether or not they personally intend to do it. I’d bet that a lot support it but few have any intention of ever doing it.

      • Aoirthoir says:

        Gay persons fall into three categories:
        Manly Gay men.
        Womanly Gay men.
        Ugly feminists who couldnt get a man so they converted after they took women’s studies.
        There are no attractive lesbians because the attractive “lesbians” are just doing it to get the attention of men.
        Based on these statistics we can confirm that roughly 2/3rds of Gay persons want gay marriage. Ugly feminist lesbians because they are stupid. And womanly gay men because they think they need to like marriage to act like women.
        Manly gay men, like manly straight men, just find the idea of marriage annoying because it means they would have to marry someone neurotic enough to WANT to be married. And many men, gay or straight, aren’t that stupid.
        So, you can see with all of this incontrovertible proof, that New York and the other several States that are forcing gay marriage on manly gay men, HATE gay men.

  4. Cynthia D Allen says:

    Gay curriculum will NOT be taught in California schools – I release the Blood of Jesus to stop it – in the name of Jesus.

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