Fast food and diversity

Sometimes it seems as if an entire generation of Americans is growing up without any knowledge of cooking.  Many young Americans would probably starve if all the fast food joints closed down.  They wouldn’t have a clue how to make their own french fries, burger or taco.  They’ll continue to patronize the same establishments, even as they complain that “they never seem to get it right; I specifically said to leave out the tomato!”  In their eyes, there are only two options:  Ordering prepared food or going hungry.
This attitude goes hand in hand with the “I want it now” mentality so many of us have grown accustomed to.  It’s the reason so many minimum-wage workers live off of vending machines and convenience stores rather than take the cheaper, and healthier, route of preparing their own food from what they buy at discount grocery outlets.  There was a time when Americans took pride not only in cooking their own meals, but even in growing it themselves.  These days, not many can honestly make that claim, nor is it even practical for city-dwellers to do so.
The “I want it now” attitude also applies to matters other than food.  For example, diversity.  When I want to experience cultural/ racial diversity, I travel to other parts of the world.  But this approach will never do for generation “I want it now”.  They expect diversity to be delivered to their doorstep, like a pizza or Chinese food.  Why go to China when “Chinese” is only a phone-call away?  Why go to Mexico when “Mexican” is only a phone-call away?
It is possible that the affluent leftist elite looks upon third-world immigration, and ethnic neighborhoods, as a convenience.  Perhaps some of them see it as a way of saving the expense, and inconvenience, of travel.  I think this attitude exists among rank and file leftists, while the elites have more nefarious motives.
So many things that used to be the privilege of the well-to-do are now available to the common man.   I am grateful that most of us can now enjoy the finer things in life, that the poor among us needn’t live in mud huts and subsist on gruel.  That we can all enjoy the music we like anywhere we wish.  That we have cheap meat, three dollar bottles of wine and plentiful antibiotics.  But please, do not import “diversity” to our doorsteps.

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  1. RandyB says:

    Random musings:
    1. A lot of younger women today consider not cooking to be a socio-political statement. OTOH, I remember reading a poll a couple of years ago that 60% of mothers would prefer to work part-time but only 24% do. I suspect there’s a lot of “women often don’t know what’s good for them” feminism at work there.
    2. The size of the chain fast food industry is largely driven by illegal immigration. It’s not really an industry whose growth should be encouraged; it develops little new technology, does not improve urban planning (it consumes prime real estate, rather than diversifying land use), develops few skills in its employees to move on to better jobs, and feeds us a bad diet.
    3. Ethnic eateries are about the one good thing about intra-neighborhood diversity; but it would still be better if everyone could live in an area in which the neighbors shared common expectations of community behavior. Let Muslims, Koreans, Mexicans, etc. live in an enclave where everyone has the same standards.

  2. countenance says:

    What really gets my goat are people that go on roadtrips but then turn right around and patronize the same national fast food chains they do at home. The point of going somewhere else is to eat the kind of food you can only get at that “somewhere else.”

  3. Stealth says:

    There must be some nefarious motives, indeed. But the whole thing seems to makes so little sense that, for the life me, I can’t figure out what they might be. It’s not as if the Chinese are collaborating with European and American elites to rule the world once we semi-educated middle-class white people are out of the way.

  4. White need to boycott basically all fast food until that whole industry is gone. We need way more health and vitality than the Sad American Diet affords us. Since I’m about as addicted to convenience as most (not through choice, but through a scattered, divided schedule that I stumbled onto through my bad planning and the bad economy), I have introduced whey protein (ON double chocolate) to fill in the gaps. Several fast food restaurants beckon. They have hours and locations that regular restaurants lack, and the best choice, family meals around a table, is impossible six days a week since we can’t afford day care and we can’t afford the mortgage unless my wife works.
    Whites need innovative solutions. The best is to move to live away from where mortgages and property taxes are high, grow your own food, etc. It sure would be nice if we didn’t have to pay property taxes to warehouse other people’s children older kids’ day care, but then … a lot of things would sure be nice.

  5. eugenicists says:

    I think part of the problem is social isolation. I love to cook––for other people. If I cook for myself it’s a depressing experience. It takes at least twenty minutes to cook what can be eaten in five. Many young people are isolated or only have surface friendships with others, so they don’t get in the habit of cooking for others. I think if you cook for other people 3x/week, cooking for yourself the rest of the time wouldn’t be so strange.

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