"Sexual Utopia in Power" by Roger Devlin

I just finished reading Roger Devlin’s essay “Don’t Marry“.  It is extremely well-written and I highly recommend it.

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8 Responses to "Sexual Utopia in Power" by Roger Devlin

  1. Anonynews says:

    I saw a link to the essay yesterday in Alternative Right comments and thought it was a very enlightening read. One thing that bothered me was that whoever runs this “Occidental Quarterly” publication clearly hasn’t heard of proofreading. It’s annoying little mistakes like “tales” for “tails” and “Philadelphia Enquire” for “Philadelphia Inquirer” that make one wonder if the article is worth finishing.
    That said, I believe the title of the work is actually “Sexual Utopia in Power” and not “Don’t Marry”. That bit in the URL comes from the name of Don’t Marry blog, which apparently posted the PDF file in March of 2003 and still has it hosted on the WordPress servers.
    The blog can be found here: http://dontmarry.wordpress.com/

  2. Very good, well written, a summary of all feminist illogic and injustice.
    Only there is absolutely no mention that birth control, DNA testing could allow a different Utopia that does not require chastity. That would be a different Utopia, that could be an alternative to traditional roles. And that could, probably, be set up in ways that are just and feasible.
    Unlike the feminist Utopia he described, of all rights and no responsibilities to women.
    The author is a very conservative male family man.

  3. hbd chick says:

    excellent read. thanks for recommending it!

  4. Interesting Connections says:

    Hmmm, well, you might consider it well written, but from my point of view, it is simplistic. For example, take this paragraph:

    Nature has played a trick on men: production of spermatozoa occurs at a rate several orders of magnitude greater than female ovulation (about 12 million per hour vs. 400 per lifetime). This is a natural, not a moral, fact. Among the lower animals also, the male is grossly oversupplied with something for which the female has only a limited demand. This means that the female has far greater control over mating. The universal law of nature is that males display and females choose. Male peacocks spread their tales, females choose. Male rams butt horns, females choose. Among humans, boys try to impress girls—and the girls choose. Nature dictates that in the mating dance, the male must wait to be chosen.

    Firstly, the fact that males produce enormous numbers of spermatazoa compared to ova in females is essentially a non-sequitur with respect to the rest of the para, but secondly, and more importantly, the argument that females choose and males wait to be chosen is simply wrong, at least as far as humans are concerned.
    1. For those females who are genetically inclined to have offspring, which includes pretty much every mother who has ever lived, males are the only game in town. They have to choose one male.
    2. Secondly, not all males are equal. Especially amongst Europeans and Asians, they are looking for a male who has good genes, but more than that, they are looking for males who have resources and who are going to stick around to help with the offspring. I would claim that this creates an oversupply of females with respect to the males that satisfy the criteria they are looking for.
    Life is more complex than these simplistic views that have been going around for a long while. I certainly know of females who are pissed that certain males did not pay them any attention …

    • jewamongyou says:

      I think you misunderstood Devlin’s words. He did not say that human males “wait” for females to choose them. He said we “display” and females choose. In other words, males try to gain the favor of females – by asking them on dates, wearing fine cloths, bringing them flowers, dancing with them etc. So yes, the male is expected to do something in order to display himself, but when push comes to shove, it’s the female who decides in most cases.

      • Interesting Connections says:

        And yet, females spend a lot of effort on their appearance? Why is that?
        Consider that in the rest of the animal kingdom, the sex that gets to choose is the dowdiest. This even applies to those birds where the males guard and etc the eggs …
        I think that someone is really confused here, and it is not me 🙂

        • jewamongyou says:

          I’ve always figured it was because that’s how they’re raised and it’s expected of them to care about their appearance. Also, they do like the attention – this doesn’t mean they necessarily want the sex.

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