15 "black Jews"

I just found this presentation at Newsone, a black-oriented website.  I guess they subscribe to the “one-drop rule” for both blacks and for Jews.  It is also enough, in their view, if one’s father declares himself a “black Hebrew Israelite” (#14).  It’s funny how both Jew-hating neo-Nazis, and Newsone, have such a low bar for being considered a “Jew”.
As a Jew, I don’t want gentiles hating us too much – or loving us too much.  Either extreme is harmful.  Given the choice, I’d rather have a moderate amount of Antisemitism than rampant Philo-semitism.  We don’t need every Tom, Dick, Harry – or Rasheed, rushing to declare himself  “Jewish” because it’s the “cool thing to be”.  We don’t need “converts” like Modonna, Sammy Davis Junior or Elizabeth Taylor.  We don’t need converts at all.
Contrary to neo-Nazi belief, having “Jewish blood” does not make you Jewish.  In my opinion, even if she was your maternal grandmother, for all practical purposes, you are a gentile.  There is nothing wrong with that; be happy with what you are.  I say the same thing about those “black Jews” in the presentation.  Let them make the most of their blackness – but leave my heritage out of it!

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  1. jose says:

    As a Gentile, the “who is a Jew” question has always been perplexing to me. From what I’ve gathered, a person who has no genetic jewish ancestry whatsoever can still be a Jew if he converts or was born to converted parents. Likewise, a person whose ancestors all the way back to Abraham have been Jewish can be non-Jewish if he chooses to be. Is whoever decides to be Jewish, Jewish? Can a person convert back and forth? As between Jewish genetics and Jewish faith, is one or the other decisive in answering the the question about who is Jewish?

    • destructure says:

      I don’t believe in jewishness. It’s just a social construct. hehe

    • jewamongyou says:

      According to Judaism, once a Jew, always a Jew. You can convert to be a Jew, but not the other way around.
      As for converts, conversion is, to us, like immigration is to Western nations. It does not help us. It hurts the Jewish people and should not be allowed except, maybe, in extreme circumstances. I say this even though I have known some exceptional individuals who were converts.

      • Ian J. MacDonald says:

        Your reminds me of that Seinfeld episode involving Jerry’s dentist. Jerry’s dentist is some WASPy named (named Biff or some such) who converts to Judaism and starts telling Jewish jokes. Jerry feels very uncomfortable with it and complains to his friend Elaine that he believes the dentist converted to Judaism just for the jokes.

  2. Aoirthoir says:

    It does seem there are a great number of persons declaring themselves Jewish. I am solving the problem by defining all you Jews as Irish. One day of the year. Points if you can guess which day. But points only.
    Ah speaking of which maybe the Jews should do the same thing as We Irish so that way people that just insist on being Jewish when they are not CAN be Jewish, one day of the year. What think you Jew Among US?

  3. Irish people are Jewish on the 12th day of Hannukah. The day with the lords a-leaping, I think.
    Err, maybe the leprechauns a-leaping?
    I get all my ethnic stuff mixed up. I’ll go have some haggis au gratin, I think, and some jasper rice. (Go easy on me, my house doesn’t have air conditioning.)

  4. essbro says:

    LMAO, Fred. Priceless.

  5. countenance says:

    I may be speaking way out of turn and school here, but I think there is a difference between Philo-Semitism and Hebrew-Israelism (aka “Identity”). Philo-Semitism implies that one is not Jewish yet acutely interested in Jewish and Israeli culture, society, affairs, etc., while Identity is an actual religious faith where one thinks that one is a literal descendant of the “true” Jews, the “lost tribes,” ipso facto the real Jews are “diabolical fakers.”
    White Christian Identity types are historically full of it when they claim that their particular people are the True Jews. But blacks who claim it, the “black H-Is” you mention, are even more laughable, or would be if they weren’t so extreme. I’ve had run ins with black H-Is here in St. Louis, and I’m not in the mood for a reprise.
    Coincidentally, I just posted something very similar to what you said in this post, over at James Edwards’s blog, a post about Glenn Beck. My contention is that for those Jews who are so concerned, Philos scare them as much as Antis, because you can’t be a Philo without at least subconsciously buying into “Anti-Semitic conspiracy theory.” Point being, Glenn Beck is still credibly accused of anti-Semitism *because* of his philo-Semitism.

    • jewamongyou says:

      Regarding the distinction between Philo-Semitism and Hebrew-Israelism, I agree with you. But the former can easily lead to the latter. If it’s “cool” to be Jewish, then inevitably, some people will want to convert or claim that they are “the real Jews”.
      What REALLY arouses my ire is people who say, “I love Jews! In fact, my wife is Jewish.” To them I say, if you truly loved Jews, you would have encouraged your Jewish wife to marry a Jew.

  6. Mike Field says:

    IMO, Jews constitute an ethnic group, like many others not all of one “type” or all in one nation. A person of Jewish descent remains Jewish even if they were not raised in the Jewish religion. Even if they join another religion, they are still an ethnic Jew.
    No need to apologize for your existence. You don’t need the term “secular Jew” to describe persons of Jewish descent who are not in the religion. You don’t need to wring your hands and talk torturously about the “right to exist”.
    Obviously, as people experience greater degrees of mixed ancestry, they have to make decisions about what they think they are in an ethnic sense. But a person who has some degree of Jewish descent has as much right to think of themselves as Jewish as they do to identify with any other part of their family tree.

  7. JAY do you consider someone with a jewish father and gentile mother to be jewish? From what I understand according to jewish law a jewish mother and gentile father makes one jewish, but what about the reverse situation where its a jewish father and gentile mother?

    • jewamongyou says:

      According to rabbinical Jewish law, it’s the mother who determines Jewishness. I think this distinction is obsolete and both parents should be Jewish for the child to be Jewish – if it were up to me.

      • bob sykes says:

        The irony is that DNA testing has shown that the ancient Jewish migration was mostly a male thing. Once the Jewish males got to someplace they liked, they married the local girls.

      • If that’s true, it tends to discount one explanation I’ve heard for high Jewish IQs. With bloodlines determined matrilineally, and every Jewish father being required to teach Torah & Talmud (not just the text, but the skills to debate them) to his sons, a Jewish woman simply couldn’t marry an imbecile. Jewish imbeciles who did get married were, thus, not having any Jewish children, and after a few generations their part-Jewish descent would be forgotten. Thus, Jewish imbeciles became fairly rare and those averages moved upwards commensurately.
        The idea that debating Torah & Talmud (I know I’m leaving out important texts here; I know little about Hebrew literature so forgive me) can increase IQ in an individual (i.e. without genetic effects) seems to be discredited by Orthodox Jews not being any brighter than secular Jews.
        So I’m out of ideas. Must be that the winds that blow IQ down from Canada home in on Jews.
        That’s the ticket.

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