We should learn from the Hispanics

Amren recently linked to a story from the NCTimes that read, in part:

A San Diego County sheriff’s deputy pulled over a vehicle with two men inside at 7:40 a.m. after he saw the vehicle violate a traffic law near the 200 block of Civic Center Drive, Lt. Jim Duffy said.
The driver, who was later identified as Ismael Martinez, 51, did not have a license, and neither did his passenger, Francisco Martinez, Sgt. Mike Arens said.
The driver began calling people to come to the scene while the deputy was ticketing him, Duffy said. The driver refused to stop calling people and struck the deputy on the hand, he said.
The deputy was arresting the driver when the passenger got out of the car and attacked the deputy, Arens said. The three struggled.
A tow truck driver who was standing nearby jumped into the fight to help the deputy, Duffy and Arens said. The deputy used his stun gun to shock the passenger during the struggle.
More deputies came to help control the situation and finish the arrests, Arens said.
A few minutes later, about 25 people showed up in response to the driver’s earlier phone call, Arens said. Most of them were men and appeared to be the driver’s relatives.
The people were disruptive and tried to free the driver, but they quickly dispersed and moved to the other side of the street once the deputies started arresting people, the officials said.

All the comments, at Amren, paint the Hispanics in a negative light.  While I can see their point, since they are violently invading our country, I also see an important trait that whites should learn from:  A fearless, and aggressive, solidarity in standing up against government excesses and tyranny.  While it’s true that giving out a traffic ticket may not constitute an “excess” or “tyranny”, it is all too common for U.S. government agents to overstep their authority, enforce unconstitutional laws or otherwise terrorize citizens.  When whites are the victims of such actions, we never read of them reacting as these Hispanics did.  Instead, they might write a letter to the editor of their local newspaper, write their congressman, or complain to their friends and family.
I’d like to take the solidarity, and fighting spirit, of the Hispanics and transplant it onto whites.  That way, government agents will think twice before trampling on our liberties.  The next time a cop knocks over a cyclist for no good reason, or arrests a peaceful citizen for videotaping him, he should be confronted with hordes of angry citizens.
If Russians had the same attitude as the Hispanics in this story, Stalin could never have gained, or kept, power.  The way our liberties are being eroded, we are well on our way to transforming ourselves into something like Stalinist Russia.
It is sad to say, but if Martinez’s friends had been white, each one would probably have responded to the phone call thusly: “Who me?  I’m watching my favorite T.V. show.  Besides, I don’t want to get into trouble…”  But they were not white.  They were Hispanic and their group identity was more important than their individual concerns.  All it took was one phone call to each of them – and 25  showed up.  If a white person was in a difficult situation with the government, how many people could he count on to show up on short notice?  He’d be lucky if one person showed up.
Granted, white people have jobs, families and social sensibilities to worry about.  In other words, they probably have much more to lose than Martinez’s friends.  Nevertheless, I seriously doubt the results would have been as good, even if his white friends were all unemployed and single.
Which brings me to another point:  It appears that women are among the greatest enforcers of the status-quo.  Once given power, women use it to suppress acts of rebellion against the status-quo by their husbands and boyfriends.  Hispanic culture is decidedly more patriarchal than American culture.  Family.jrank describes it well:

The underdevelopment of state systems in most Latin nations led to the dependence on the family for support of the individual. Family systems tended to be patriarchal, and men were the prime protectors, mediators with an often-hostile world outside the bounds of the family. A number of common cultural strategies developed to protect the family. One was simply an extreme form of patriarchal relations, sometimes called the machismo/marianismo dyad, which served to reinforce the prestige of the male in this difficult mediating role.

In such a culture, a man does not ask his wife, girlfriend, for her opinion (or permission) to participate in risky endeavors such as the one described above.  Of course there are pros and cons to such attitudes.  I would say that, given the current predicament of whites, this sort of male independence would be more of an advantage – unless, of course, we can change the nature of women and make them more willing to challenge the status-quo.
There is no doubt that whites used to be more patriarchal than they are now.  But there is a fine line between patriarchy and machismo.  The former gives the man a measure of freedom from his wife, and allows him to effect change in his society (which would otherwise remain stagnant).  The latter is more dangerous and is more likely to be combined with drunkenness and irresponsible behavior.
Can a behavior be both irresponsible, and responsible, at the same time?  I think so.  The 25 Hispanics, who came to the aid of their friend, were acting irresponsibly at the individual level.  But, if such a reaction becomes common and expected, it is not difficult to see how it might bring great advantages to Hispanics as a whole.  Cops would think twice before stopping them, rival ethnicities would avoid confrontation with them, a “jury of their peers” would almost always acquit them and politicians would pander to them*.  It’s a dirty game that Hispanics are playing – but thanks to the multicultural reality that has been forced upon us, we will have to play it as well.
*Of course, all this is already happening to one extent or another.

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10 Responses to We should learn from the Hispanics

  1. destructure says:

    I’ve read that moslems do that also. Not only here but overseas. In fact, one friendly moslem has actually advised whites on an online forum to start doing it. He said they have a network of relatives they call whenever blacks harass businesses. Within 5 minutes a half dozen muslims show up to chase them off. I wonder what happens when the blacks start calling their own networks, too. Anyway, I don’t think the origin of this has so much to do with police as harassment from other public elements, ie gangs, etc. It’s just that once their homegrown 911 network is established its too easy to use it to bully others, including the police.

  2. essbro says:

    I wonder if such groups may indeed exist. If not, this article has definitely established a need that we may not have realized. I’m sure Italians, Irish and other ethnic groups had stuff like this in past centuries. Now, whites as a group need to unify in this way.

  3. g says:

    Dude, I think its more that people in the US know that cops are not likely to engage in serious brutality, especially if a large crowd is around. In Stalins Russia this incident would have ended with numerous dead and numerous others in the gulag condemned to life with hard labour (in other words dead after 5 years of hell).
    Its simply a calculation of consequences, which in the US are fairly low. Even after arrest these idiots probably got quickly released, with probation perhaps. Basically what this was, was hardened Mexicans with very little to lose taking a very small risk, and quickly backing off when the stakes were upped even a little.
    A truly brutal tyranny will never have the slightest problem enforcing its laws so long as it has a willing soldiery, and tactics like these would be utterly ineffectual and quickly dropped.
    But yes, in general whites should be tougher, sure, no argument from me there. Its a question of education.

  4. Their is a citizen patrol in NYC organized and enacted by Hasidic jews and this seems to be in the spirit of what JAY is talking about:

    • jewamongyou says:

      Yes, though not exactly what I was talking about – as Shomrim works entirely within the law, and supplements it – it definitely is in the same spirit. The article mentions there have been complaints that Shomrim has targeted blacks. Well naturally; who do they think is responsible for most of the crime in Brooklyn?
      When I lived in that area, and was with Lubatvitch, I heard stories of spontaneous attacks on threatening blacks. I also heard that, among the Satmar (a large Hassidic sect mainly found in Williamsburg), all one must do, if accosted by blacks, is yell “Schvartses!” and others will come to his aid. I also noticed, when I was there, that the women never ventured out alone but always in large groups.

      • It’s really neat how the satmar hasids dress up in very old fashions, I especially like the white tights the men wear. It gives us a hint of the way people used to dress back in the old days.

  5. jewamongyou says:

    Re: SOJ, Yes… except that they dress that way even in Israel in the Summer. Yikes!

  6. Snow Walker says:

    That is the easiest way to always have 15 good buddies with you. And let me add that the concealed carried handgun is a great equalizer for the use of White Women.

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