Why have I not read/reviewed the manifesto?

What manifesto?  You ask.  You know… THE manifesto.  The one written by that Norwegian guy who mowed down almost 80 young people unlucky enough to have been born to leftist parents.
According to some of my fellow bloggers, Breivik is a good writer when he’s not plagiarizing from others.  At almost 1,500 pages, it contains enough fodder for many a blog post.  Far be it from me to condemn my fellow bloggers who choose to mine it for good material.  To each his own, I say.
I have also refrained from reading the unibomber’s manifesto, the one he practically forced newspapers to print.  I hear he had some pretty good ideas too.  I don’t hold it against other bloggers for utilizing that material either.  To each his own.
But, aside from the fact that the sheer length of Breivik’s manifesto intimidates me, I ask myself:  “If Breivik had not murdered all those people, would I have still been tempted to read it?”  As I recall, this was my reasoning for refraining from reading the unibomber’s manifesto as well.  If ideas are currency, then this is blood money.  I do not want to soil my hands with it – and I do not want to encourage other malcontents to go out and take random lives so that others will read their works.  It sets a bad precedent.
But in reality, that precedent had already been set a long time ago.  There was another man, who lived long before Breivik, and also used violence to promote his ideas.  His name was Muhammad.

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  1. It’s probably useful to understand that the Left has produced a number of ideological manuals, and Breivik’s 1500 page tome is the right’s equivalent –and is longer, better written, very detailed, and very convincing to the audience he is targeting. ie: it will produce followers.
    Ideologies are by definition reactions to the status quo, by a minority. He has produced an ideology that accepts that the race argument has failed, and that the culture argument is all that is left.
    My point has been that whites are acting, and will continue to act, as a minority.But then, western civilization is a minority strategy. It always was.
    I’m not advocating anything. As a student of economics, politics and history I’m simply explaining why these behaviors continue to emerge.

  2. Jay says:

    to anyone worried about size: It’s broken up into 3 books. books 1&2 make up half of it, and they’re mainly a compilation of anti-Islam essays relating to European history and contemporary Europe.
    book 3 is mostly original writing and it’s.. interesting. it talks about the ongoing (since 1999) 3 phase European civil war that the cultural marxists apparently started, how the EU and other cultural marxists are genociding the “native peoples of Europe.”
    it has descriptions of how to make weapons, poison, hollow point bullets like he made and how to carry out attacks.
    it describes the code for a Justiciar Knight to follow. it’s anti national socialist and anti racist. he says Muslims can convert to Islam rather than be deported.
    I’m still reading through it.. take a look.

  3. Matt Robson says:

    They weren’t Mo’s ideas. His Catholic cuz-in-law Waraqa interpreted his dreams for him. Mo was illiterate and there is no way he could have had familiarity with the Bible.

  4. countenance says:

    I’ve read excerpts, and those are ten minutes of my life I wish I could get back but never will. Yeah I agree with a good percentage, but there’s really not much of anything that profound in his writings. Certainly not Francisian or Taylorish.

  5. Apuleius says:

    Don’t be so sanctimonious. You do know what happened on 22 July 1946, don’t you?
    Is this another “bad precedent” or don’t you want to “soil your hands” considering the consequences? These murders led to the founding of the state of Israel. Justified or not?

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’m not sure how familiar you are with my opinions regarding the State of Israel. But let’s just say that I do not feel that the founding of that state worked out in the best interests of the Jewish people long term. It should have been done a lot differently.
      Any time you kill a bunch of people, there is no way to know what the consequences will be. It’s a crap shoot. The only certain thing that can be said about it is… that you killed a bunch of people.

      • Apuleius says:

        Please explain your previous post then. Who’s the coward–the American people or the civilian controlled military who “fail to do their jobs” or just the intellectually irresponsible denizens of the blogosphere who play with rhetoric then avert their eyes when faced with tragic events?
        Bewailing the fate of the multiculturalist elite’s children, heretofore insulated from the consequences of their parents’ genocidal policies, along with their race replacement Paki allies strikes me as more than just a little disingenuous. More so than any DWL.
        Do you really know anything about the antifa youths pictured with their Palestinian flags? Do they intimidate and silence those without the “correct” views. Do they precipitate the catastrophe? Do you really care about the issues you profess to have an opinion about? Or is it just a cynical pose?
        You have an incisive mind and a responsibility to examine the truth, however unpleasant. Otherwise, your credibility is suspect at best. Don’t shirk your duty if you want to be taken seriously. You owe to those of us who frequent your blog and appreciate your perspective. This isn’t a gossip column, is it?

      • destructure says:

        This is JAY’s blog. He doesn’t owe anyone anything.

  6. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Apuleius,
    I kinda figured you’d bring up my shooting illegal immigrants post. This is a matter of defense. I don’t think it’s a matter of cowardice, either by the military or the civilian population. If anything, it’s cowardice by the politicians, judges and bureaucrats who make the decisions.
    As for the murdered elite’s children in Norway, I think I explained myself pretty well in the previous Norway massacre post, “initial thoughts…” Most liberals, and certainly most Jews, would consent the the murder of a young, 16 year old Hitler if they knew what he was destined to do when he grew up. The trouble is, nobody could possibly know such things. I will admit that there can be a fine distinction between those who are being raised to destroy our civilization, and whom we are better off without, and those who are engaged in invading our nation – even if their immediate motive might be to “better their lives”. Both are agents of destruction.
    I also wanted to point out, as I already hinted (“to each his own”) in the post, that this is a matter of personal sensibilities for me; I’m not claiming that it is wrong to read the manifesto, just that I feel uneasy about reading something I would not have read if not for violence that was perpetrated in order to publicize it. That was my original intent – but maybe I could have been more clear about that.
    It’s early in the morning for me so perhaps I failed to fully understand your comment. Please elaborate if I missed something.

  7. If I had my druthers, everyone would read anything by Peter Brimelow, Diana West, Lawrence Auster, or practically any real rightist before reading what ABB wrote. There is no reason to read a johnny-come-lately triggerman when the established writers are as good as they.
    Oops, forgot Jared Taylor and Sam Francis.

  8. jewamongyou says:

    Re: Destructure,

  9. Apuleius says:

    @Destructure–True. If a writer doesn’t want a readership and just wants to talk to himself, he can. Btw, the easy way out is never easy…
    “The two pillars of ‘political correctness’ are:
    a) willful ignorance
    b) a steadfast refusal to face the truth”
    –George McDonald
    In parting, a couple of examples of honest and courageous commentary regarding the “young people”.
    I’ll trouble you kind folks no more.

    • jewamongyou says:

      From the above first link:
      “I don’t condone violent massacres on innocent civilians, and I condemn what Breivik did. He is a terrorist just like the 9/11 hijackers, Hezbollah, HAMAS, and Nidal Malik Hasan. But what goes around comes around. You support terrorists against innocent civilians in Israel, then you get attacked by terrorists who are upset with your support.”
      Not too different from what I was saying – except I wasn’t aware of their anti-Israel stance. Still, this does not warrant killing them.

      • destructure says:

        I wrote about their politics on the 25th. I even called them leftwing nazis in a follow up my comment. Which was kind of edgy because at that point no one was willing to criticize the dead kids. That was before Beck made the comparison so he obviously reads my blog. 🙂
        I’m not sure its a completely accurate comparison because those self-righteous little pricks support moslem terrorists over their own people as well. Still, I’ve got to give it to debbie schlussel for putting it out there. I’ve kind of been thinking the same thing. I just haven’t had the nerve to say it.

  10. Apuleius says:

    I confess my last remark was…insincere…just a wee bit more trouble, if you can bear it.
    While I remain convinced that one should use the right organ for the right job…brain for thinking, heart for feeling, etc…events such as these can pull one all different directions at once.
    If I want pablum, there’s always the MSM and the rest of the establishment. It’s in no short supply there. If I want the truth, honest and thoughtful opinion, or at least an approach to either, I tend to look for it in places like your blog here.
    But if you’re going about with your eyes closed, you’re no help to me for sure. After all, there are other blogs where interesting and important questions get asked, evidence examined, answers proposed, opinions proffered, etc…
    Like this one:
    WARNING: Contents include one of Aesop’s fables(misinterpreted?) and excerpts from Breivik’s “tome”, and, even more shocking–opinions.
    I’d still like to see you weigh in on this event in a deeper way than you have to date. I hope you get over your squeamishness.
    Nice blog. Bookmarked.

    • jewamongyou says:

      That “Unqualified Reservations” is a good blog. I’ll probably be quoting him in the near future. I read the accounts of Oslo there. Very sad, and infuriating.

  11. countenance says:

    Related news: http://goo.gl/6Y5li
    The trial should be closed. Otherwise, you’re only begging for people to shoot up other people just so they can be heard.

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