Taking that first step – breaking the ice

My car broke down yesterday.  It happened without warning and I was stranded by the side of the highway for some time until the tow truck showed up.  When I got it back home, I contacted a random mobile mechanic from Craigslist.  Needless to say, this was not among the more pleasant, or cheap, days of my life.  What should have been a fine Summer day, frolicking in the sunshine, turned out to be an expensive day full of bad news.
The mechanic showed up and struggled with my car for a couple of hours.  We chatted and we took his truck to a parts store.  He mentioned he didn’t own a television and that he does a lot of reading.  On a hunch, I told him that television is full of anti-white propaganda.  I was right; the man was racially aware and, with any luck, a new friendship was forged.   To said mechanic:  If you’re reading this blog, as I suggested, feel free to chime in with a comment.
What if he wasn’t racially aware?  Then there might have been an awkward moment and I would do my best to explain myself.  Then we would probably have changed the subject.  Either way my car was toast*.
The moral of the story is:   Don’t be overly cautious in hiding your racial opinions unless you’re at work or a professional function where a careless comment could land you in hot water.  Mere awkwardness is not a valid excuse for silence.  Pro-white people need to find each other and we cannot do so if the thought of speaking our minds makes us tremble with fear.
* I bought a “new” one today; I was just finishing paying off the old one.

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  1. Did he mention what sort of books he liked to read?

    • jewamongyou says:

      He did but I can’t remember their names at the moment. Hopefully, he’ll read this and list them for us.

      • I am hoping the same thing. This is another Portland, at least another Portland-area resident? Three urban PNW types, same town no less, all race realists, all on one site? Caramba! Or however you spell that. (I’m ex-PNW myself; I lived in Olympia I believe when both Courtney Love and Kathleen Hanna lived there.)
        Anyway, my current plan, which I shall probably chicken out of, is to refer to the television as the “kill whitey box” a few times in casual conversation. Plucky little guy that I am.

  2. Doug says:

    I like to slowly transition into the subject with the over sixty crowd. As soon as they pick up on where I’m going they are quick to state they agree with me. The old timers know we are screwed (old anglo/saxon).
    When we moved back we joined the local Reform temple of carpet bagger libs. Most of the younger gen of yekke merchants have moved on.
    On Sundays I attend the adult book club. Old libs see that their quasi religion is crumbling. I love pointing out that our Israeli brethren are race realists out of necessity and we should cease imposing our ways on the indigenous. Bla bla bla on deaf ears.
    Keep up the good work. I admire your chutzpah on passing out fliers.

  3. portland1realist says:

    Hey! Why didn’t you call me for a ride?
    More importantly, a quote from Noam Chomsky:
    “They need to make us feel isolated, we are not.”
    Ignore the polls, they are pure propaganda. The majority of whites are at least race realist, at most white nationalist.
    There is no substitute for courage.

    • portland1realist says:

      I mean to say most whites are race realist they just do not know it, when you start to reason with them for just a moment, they realize it.

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