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This comment (to a recent Amren article) is so good, and I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do today, that I’m just going to quote it in full – and I would have asked Margaret’s permission had she included an email address.  I’ve edited it a little for typos and such:

The Hispanic “race” was invented by the federal Judiciary and the communist controlled, anti White racist Ford Foundation, a multi billion dollar non profit which is dedicated to the destruction of American Whites.
It was the Marxists at the Ford Foundation, on the orders of Russia; that funded and created MALDEF, LARAZA etc and also took over and radicalized existing Latino organizations like LULAC.
Other Marxist, anti White racist non profits such as ACLU, ADL, NOW etc joined in.
A law suit was filed. the Judiciary ruled that anyone with a Spanish name was of a separate race called Hispanic. Didn’t matter of it was a blonde blue Spaniard, a pure Indian from S. America, a pure black person from Spanish Morocco, or a Polish immigrant to Mexico who changed their his last name to a Spanish one.
All are Hispanic.
In its continuing well organized genocide against Whites, the Judiciary also decreed that affirmative action aristocratic status be awarded to anyone with a Spanish last name.
Hispanics are classified as a protected aristocratic class entitled to special privileges forbidden to Whites. These laws are ferociously enforced by a plethora of government gestapo agencies.
The various government gestapo agencies, EEOC, FEPC, Civil rights for all but Whites unit of the DOD immediately began ordering every employer in the country to start hiring anyone with a Spanish name instead of Whites.
This was I believe, in 1972.
A real example of special privileges a Spanish surname person is entitled to is the employment history of 2 women I know.
J is of German and English ancestry. Family has been in America for more than 150 years. Blue eyes, very fair skin, light brown hair.
In 1961, when America still had the merit civil service system, she took a civil service exam, passed it and got an entry level job. She took several promotional exams during the 1960’s and prior to 1970. She failed them all. This meant that unless she managed to pass the next one, she would not be promoted for years if ever.
In 1972, (I remember it well because my daughter was flower girl) she married a man with a Spanish last name. She took the next promotional exam. Surprise surprise she passed. She got the promotion quickly. She then got a major promotion about every 5 years, especially after her employer eliminated the written exams entirely and hired and promoted solely on the interview, actually, the only criterion was race.
Virtually every government agency in the country does this.
J ended up deputy head of the agency, she who failed every written exam she took but the entry level exam.
The ironic thing is, her husband was not Hispanic or Spanish. He was pure German, blue eyes, light brown hair, fair skin.
He was born in Germany, East Germany under Russian occupation.
His parents managed to get out when he was about 3. They settled in Nicaragua. They set up a small business, learned Spanish, started speaking it at home when he started school and changed their name from Muller to Medina.
The dictator Samoza had a separate tax program for himself. Businesses were forced to pay 10 or 15 percent of gross profit to Samoza. The collectors came around every week and the payment had to be in cash. Withholding meant beatings and rapes.
So the family left Nicaragua and came to the United States when J’s husband was about 12.
So here we have a non Hispanic woman with her non Hispanic husband’s Hispanic last name who got promoted from entry level to deputy head of the department simply because her in laws changed their name to a Hispanic one.
Another woman, N who was Spanish Mexican with a Spanish last name took and passed the entry level exam, got the job and got a promotion. She then married a man with an English last name.
Because she had an English last name she was denied promotion for the next 30 years, like every other White in the agency.
There are some truly bizarre things about affirmative action.
For instance, there are some federal agencies, NASA, State Department, FBI, CIA and others that still require a written exam. The grading of those exams is what any sane country would call cheating. The examiners simply subtract 20 or 25 points from the scores of Whites until the White scores are all below passing.
At the same time they add 20 or 25 points to the scores of blacks and Hispanics until the blacks who scored 50 out of 100 points rise to 75 so they can be passed.
In some agencies, such as FBI, CIA and State, White women whose scores end up above 80 even after the 25 points have been subtracted are classified as White men for purposes of discrimination. It is called White male profile.
This shows the lengths our government goes to to discriminate against Whites, especially men. Consider the Judicial decree that 50 percent of medical school admissions be women. A reasonable person would think that along with this the Judges would decree that nursing schools be forced to admit 50 percent men. But they have not and never will.
As Bon has written so many times and anyone who reads history, will notice, discrimination in government hiring is often a first step in genocide. After all, it is easier for government troops to massacre people of a different ethnicity, religion etc.
An excellent example is Nazi Germany. Hitler was appointed, not elected,  Chancellor of Germany January 30 1933. Many historians, especially Jewish ones, claim that he had been preaching the Holocaust since the early 1920s and at the time of appointment fully intended to exterminate German Jews.
Hitler’s first, very first act against the Jews was to forbid any government agency and state schools and colleges in Germany from hiring new Jewish personnel. This was in April 1933.
Next step, forbidding any government agency or school from using a Jewish contractor or supplier including medical providers for government employee insurance plans.
This was just a month or so later.
At the same time, Nazis and government workers were directed to harass Jewish government and educational employees to either drive them out voluntarily or make false accusations and fire them for cause.
In 1935 I believe, all Jewish govt. and education employees were fired. Even private schools who had say, a Jewish piano or dance teacher twice a week had to fire them.
Meanwhile of course, a massive anti Jewish propaganda effort got going in schools, colleges, civic, social and occupational organizations and especially in the media.
We all know how that ended.
French revolutionaries against everybody who disagreed with them, American revolutionaries against Americans who either remained neutral or sided with the legal British government before the revolution, Lenin and Stalin who massacred anyone who disagreed with them, Sunni Muslims against Shia Muslims, these are examples of official government and establishment actions against whatever group they want to exterminate.
Americans who remained neutral during the revolution were often driven out of town by a mob and had their property confiscated and auctioned off.
Read about genocides through the ages.
Read about German Jews during the Nazi era. Read about the history of English Catholics who were forbidden to work for government agencies or attend college from 1533 to about 1870. Read how Lenin used propaganda to turn his heroic proletarians and peasants into class enemies, deviationists and kulaks as preparation for extermination.
The signs are there. Every school and college preaches incessantly that Whites are inherently evil and the world would be better off without them.
Why do you think the Tutsi faction in Rwanda spent a couple years whipping up hatred against the Hutu faction before the massacres? It takes time to convince a people in this case the Tutsis that their neighbors are monstrous villains that need to be slaughtered.
The media hides black and Hispanic crime and goes insane over White criminals or suspects who are not criminals such as the men in the Duke U. rape case. Apropos, at the same time the media and the professors were whipping up a lynch mob against the Duke rape accused, there were several black on White rapes at the university and in the town that were totally covered up and often not even reported in the news.
The feminazis of Duke naturally claimed that the black rapists were totally innocent.
There are numerous indications of our government’s plans for us.
For instance out of control government sanctioned black on White crime. Before the Nazis took over Germany, Nazi Party members often assaulted and abused Jews. This was totally dismissed as the work of common street criminals and thugs.
Our government, media and even religious establishments dismiss out of control black on White crime as common street crime and never, never racially motivated, just as the Nazis who sent their thugs out on the streets to abuse Jews claimed it was just common street crime, drunk young men being drunk young men, etc.
That HQ is why our Judges, instigated by the anti White racist non profits worth billions of dollars with cold war Russia behind it all, created the Hispainic race as a separate class entitled to all sorts of aristocratic privileges denied to Whites.
You might wonder why with the cold war ended the anti White program continues. There are various reasons, mostly that people have to make a living and there are literally millions of people with billions of dollars in government, academia, education, the media and even religion who make a living out of anti White activism.
All anti White activism is funded first and foremost by government, then education including the public schools from kindergarten to PhD level and the billions of dollars diverted from taxes to tax deductible non profits such as SPLC and ADL which have about 2 billion dollars they can use for the anti-White program.
Change your children’s surnames to a Spanish one before they start high school. They will get admitted to the best colleges, get straight As if they just go to class a few times a semester and be bombarded with job offers starting their junior year.
Upon graduation they will be guaranteed all the privileges of their aristocratic class, an easy job from which they can never be fired, regular promotions, low cost mortgages and no down payment for their homes and a variety of other special privileges.
Your White grandchildren without Spanish last names will probably end up homeless eating of garbage cans because of course, unemployed destitute Whites will be denied any sort of welfare or govt. housing.The girls might get work as prostitutes until they are 40.
Even now, Whites are de facto banned from cheap govt. housing.
Even now, Whites are de facto denied disability because they are White.
Soon food stamps and all the other welfare benefits will be denied us. We have been denied employment for 45 years, what makes anyone think that denial of welfare is far behind?
Our government, the richest people on the planet, the educational establishment and the media want us dead and gone.
Everything is going to plan.
40 — Margaret wrote at 8:12 PM on July 20:  Here is a good example of how Whites are vilified and set up for extermination on the grounds that we have committed every evil ever done on earth and deserve execution.
The sponsors are a consortium of government funded educational groups and non profit. The educators are not professors. They are the cadres who run the various hate Whitey University organizations.
It is the kind of hatred John Calvin preached against Protestants not of his sect after he took over Geneva Switzerland and began burning those Protestants he deemed heretics. Among those he burned to death was the one and only Protestant Bishop in Spain who came to Geneva for a Protestant theology conference and got on the wrong side of Calvin.
Since humans gained the ability to speak, this kind of propaganda has been used against those for whom extermination is intended. It’s whipping up a lynch mob on a national level.
July 20, 2011
Black Privilege
By Robin of Berkeley
One of my friends voluntarily attended an event recently, one that I wouldn’t go to for a million bucks (well, maybe a million bucks). It was called Erasing White Privilege.
My friend, whom I’ll call Andrea, sat in a room with other whites on one side, and people of color on the other. Then the whites sheepishly confessed any real or imagined offenses perpetuated against a person of color.
After the whites tried to atone for their guilt, the people of color got involved: yelling at them, preaching, and discharging much rage. Andrea’s rendition of the events reminded me of those anger fests that were popular in the ’70s.
Back then, people would pay to be in encounter groups, where they’d holler and smack each other with foam bats. The idea was that by releasing anger, everyone would feel better.
But guess what the research eventually found? By raging at another person (whether he deserves it or not), our anger doesn’t dissipate; it grows. And the deleterious effects are not just emotional. Blood pressure rises and muscle tension increases, promoting hypertension and musculoskeletal pain.
But the studies don’t matter; these days it’s all about white guilt and minority rage. And the endgame isn’t reconciliation and racial healing. We’re living in a creepy age where revenge is the order of the day, where the left wants to seize power under the lofty guise of justice.
Personally, I have never had a moment of white guilt in my life. Now this is a significant statement given that I am Jewish and from New York. I feel guilty about pretty much everything!
But I feel guilty about what I do — or don’t do. If I inadvertently hurt a friend’s feelings, if I am ill-mannered to a clerk, if I disappoint my husband, I can find myself drowning in a sea of guilt and shame.
But guilt because of the color of my skin? Guilt because some white person in 1960s Selma, Alabama refused to allow a black person into his restaurant? Guilt because while my relatives were being raped and pillaged in Russia, a small minority of white people owned slaves (as did, by the way, some free slaves)? I might as well feel guilty about the train wreck that is Casey Anthony simply because she and I share the same race, gender, and sexual orientation.
The idea of collective guilt is not just absurd; it’s evil. It’s saying that all Jews were bad because some may have committed some injustice in Germany, circa 1940. It’s saying that all Israelis are responsible if someone injures a Palestinian. Or that all whites are culpable for the actions of others 50 or 150 years ago. Collective guilt is a notion that is so laser-focused on race, it is actually racist.
It’s also anti-God because no legitimate religion preaches culpability based on race or gender. According to Hinduism and Buddhism, we each reap what we sow karmically. Christians and Jews believe in individual accountability for sins on Judgment Day.
Of course, many religions have twisted things around, with liberal churches and synagogues promoting the notion of white guilt. There’s a reason for this: it’s safer to hide behind the behavior of an entire race than stand naked before God. I sure wouldn’t want to be Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn the day they arrive at the Pearly Gates (if they make it there at all).
It’s so much easier to merge with the crowd, to assume that God will be placated by über-recycling. How sobering to realize that we will one day be judged by our character and our faith — not whether we voted for Obama.
But if this age is all about guilt and confession, I have a burning question. Why isn’t everyone required to confess their political sins? If I’m supposed to sit in a room, and tearfully confess, Oprah-style, about every judgmental thought I’ve ever had, why aren’t people of color required to do the same?
Frankly, I wouldn’t mind an apology from the black kids in middle school who taunted and threatened me because of the color of my skin. I’d like a big “I’m sorry” from the gangs of black girls in high school who, enraged by forced busing, mowed me down in the hallway. And for when I went to the Arab Market in Israel as a teenager and seven different Arab men, in seven separate incidents, grabbed my private parts, I’m more than ready to hear an apology.
And I’m also waiting with bated breath for apologies from the following: the black dude in pre-Giuliani Manhattan who fondled me in a similar way; the black man in Berkeley who mugged me, leaving me with a black eye and broken nose to die (I didn’t) in the middle of the street; and the countless black men in Berkeley who have called me a “f___g white b___” when I didn’t give them spare change.
But I don’t want an apology because of white privilege or black privilege, or any such nonsense — but because it is wrong to molest, mug, or otherwise violate another human being — no exceptions! This has nothing to do with race but everything to do with about human decency and consideration.
But in Obama’s America, there’s little human decency to be found. The rules have changed, and they consist of the new three Rs: rage, revenge, and reparations. And this malignant game of Blaming Whitey will go on and on until we call it what it is (hate), walk away from the table, and refuse to play.

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9 Responses to Margaret's comment on Amren

  1. Larry says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’m going to us this quote for the SWARM.
    “Since humans gained the ability to speak, this kind of propaganda has been used against those for whom extermination is intended. It’s whipping up a lynch mob on a national level.”

  2. Jay – As always wildly entertaining stuff from you, even though it wasn’t you doing the writing.
    Could you please tell me where that comment was posted on Amren.
    In all my years of reading, I have NEVER seen a comment that long on Amren (not once, out of thousands, possibly tens of thousands of comments read).
    It’s all starting to come together now.
    ps: So what kind of new car did you get, (A), and (B), what caused your old car to die? (nothing wrong with a little gear-head diversion, even should I say especially on a race realists’ blog!).

  3. destructure says:

    This is a bit of a shameless plug but I would really like people to check this out. I wrote an article on the topic of “collective guilt” a while back that is one of the best I’ve ever seen even if I do say so myself. I give others permission to use it provided they publish it in full and credit me as the source.
    Rejecting collective guilt.

  4. Jehu says:

    This does of course point the way forward for those of us concerned with demographic hegemony in the US. One important stage after Operation Wetback II and the restoration of immigration sanity to the US is to sever White people with Spanish surnames from the ‘Hispanic/Latino/Diverse’ class. I know Garcia’s that are whiter than I am.

  5. says:

    Looking at just Mexico, the CIA World Fact book reports that Mexico is:
    30% Amerindian
    60% Mestizo
    <10% Spaniard
    Regarding mestizos, see:
    Rubén: "Racial admixture in a Mestizo population from Mexico City." American Journal of Human Biology 7 (1995).
    It shows that an average mestizo is:
    59% Amerindian
    34% white
    and 6% black African

  6. Californian says:

    I was active in conservative student politics back in the “day.” There was a slogan to the effect that, “The top is using the bottom against the middle.” It was well known that corporate foundations were subsidizing radical and anti-white groups. Why this was so was open to debate. You’d think that the corporations would be on the side of capitalism and against socialism. But per the slogan, it was a form of class warfare to demolish the then growing middle class.
    These days we have gone to the next stage with the mass migration of third worlders as cheap labor into the first world; the non-stop media agitprop; the exporting of jobs; etc, etc. Meantime, corporate leaders are positioning themselves as globalized overlords. And they have plenty of help from the left with assorted NGOs also jumping on the jet-set bandwagon. Meantime, a lot of anti-whites are smelling blood, hence flash mobs and SA farm attacks. Blacks are being used as pawns in this game.
    As usual, your average person is clueless about the forces working to destroy him or her.

  7. innereslicht says:

    As far as I see, Margaret got it wrong about the Hutu and the Tutsi (who massacred whom). Also I don’t think that official discrimination must lead to genocide. It’s mostly an attempt to counter (alleged) inofficial discrimination (networking, nepotism), but indeed when this attempt seems ineffective the screw can be turned.

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